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Friday, August 23, 2013

Prairie Village Finally Gets Something Right!

26 Douchebag cyclist finally get ticketed for breaking traffic rules and then they cry and bitch about it.  Typical behavior of this crowd.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cycling In The East Side

I don't know if the shooters or the cyclist is to blame for this one. Let's look at things from the shooters point of view for just one minute. Here he is chillin on his corner ducking bullets and knives all day trying to make a dishonest buck and along comes Mr. Cyclist. Now the shooter is use to shooting in crowds, in moving cars and getting shot back at so what is he suppose to do when this guy comes rolling through his hood with no weapon or defense. This is the layup of shootings he almost has to take the shot.

The cyclist is a dumb ass. Who the hell rolls through the East Side on a freaking Schwinn? If you are in anything other than an Armored personal carrier your life is at risk. This guy obviously is from the neighborhood and should of known better. I mean seriously who the hell rides a bike at 12:30am in the first place?

I am going to have to give the shooters a pass on this one. It is clear that the cyclist showed poor decision making and should therefore face the consequences of his actions. "Detectives were unclear as to why the victim was shot". Case Solved.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


1. Homeless in KCMO take murder to a new level. So far this year we have had shootings, stabbings, drownings and burnings but this could be the first "Chain Battle" of the year. While 18th & Vine is getting a new parking lot & Ollie Gates is getting his new tax free zone, these two guys were fighting over where to set up their box on Trolley Trail.

2. I can't believe that the local news even covered this story. The guy is still alive and nobody got hurt....must of been a slow day. Showdown on Troost.

3. This is straight out of the movie Deliverance. I always wondered why they were called the Packers.

4. The battle of two evils. The KCMO School Board vs. The teachers union. Regardless of who wins this battle the kids will still are the ones that get the loss.

5. Anytime cyclist get injured they make the blog. This time a power line fell(prob a trap set by angry motorist) on this hobbyist. There are no power lines on trails...

6. What does Jesse want to do with Obamas nuts once he cuts them off?

7. Apparently using the term "black hole" is now racist. If you use this term in the future you are at risk of being black listed.....

8. He died for the Polar bear.

9. Which wife is his emergency contact?

Monday, June 16, 2008


It appears that KC motorist have decided to fight back against the swarm of cyclist that are flooding the city streets like locust in a wheat field (locust are less annoying). Keep in mind while reading the story that Mike Hedricks is a self admitted "cyclist" and completely bias in his coverage of this.
"Indeed, we are seeing that. And not just the recreational cyclists in their skin-tight spandex. With gas prices soaring, there has been an uptick in the number of people walking and biking for trips to the store and work."
I Call BS on this. WHEN THE HELL HAVE YOU SEEN SOMEONE ON A BIKE ON THEIR WAY TO WORK???????? When you do see these people during rush hour they ARE in their spandex in a group of 3-4 taking up a whole lane (against the law by the way). This guy is a freaking hack.

Friday, June 06, 2008


1. Has anything good come from Independence since Truman(and even some would question that)? 2 men shot, one while sleeping.

2. Governor Aide gives new meaning to "show me" state.

3. Pittsburg, Ks is home to at least one dumb ass.

4. A light rail compromise? How is this newsworthy? This idea has been kicked around for nearly a decade. I will give the mayor some credit for at least having an original crappy idea.

5. The City of Olathe looks to increase revenue.

6. NOTE TO CYCLIST: I warned you 3 weeks ago about riding your bike during rush hour in JOCO. GET OFF THE ROAD AND FIND A FREAKING TRAIL!

7. Anyone that has driven through 37th and Main will see no surprise in this shooting. While downtown has gotten a face lift, midtown has gotten worst.

8. Be sure to wear clean underwear when flying this summer.

9. Giraffe meat coming soon to a deli near you?

10. Student+Professor+Cocaine+Professors House= Dead Student....She must of really wanted that A.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


This picture may change my position on light rail. Which is worst Funkhousers Blight Rail plan or cyclist? I am now torn.

Friday, May 09, 2008

BIKE WEEK????????????

It has just come to my attention(thanks tony) that next week is going to be the most dangerous week for motorists of the year. Next week there will be armies of ultra thin people draped in spandex and retarded helmets taking up traffic lanes meant for cars. Next week the streets will be filled with "that guy", the guy that thinks that climbing a hill at 3mph is manly, taking up a traffic lane that is 6 feet wide with a bike that is 6 inches wide is their right, that wearing yellow bracelets will put them in the tour de france and the same ahole that picks rush hour to "train". Next week is BIKE WEEK!

If they want to have a week, no problem, make it the 3rd week of December. Do we really need to start off spring with a week that reminds us how annoying these people are?

This week will be a war of good vs. evil. Celebrate bike week with getting up behind one of these morons and riding your horn as they climb that hill. Cut them off at intersections. Screw the turn signal, let them look for your arm as you signal right and turn left. Slow down while in front of them to drink your coffee. Give them maps that show them where the BIKE TRAILS ARE! The metro has spent $$$$$$$$$ to give these jerkoffs a place to safely ride, USE THEM. The key here is to be creative and have fun with it and to remind these people that there is no such thing as THE TOUR DE JOCO.