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Friday, February 06, 2009


A buddy of mine that works for the federalis just sent me this link. As I have stated over and over again on this blog GANGS are the biggest threat to the nation at the present time. OPEN YOUR EYES DUMB ASS'S.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


1. Woman demonstrates what a KCMO public school education can do for you. This might be the worst escape plan in KC history.

2. Local microbreweries get kicked in the teeth by Hops shortage. Translation YOUR BEER IS GOING TO COST MORE! For some the choice is going to be hard, gas in the car or beer in the fridge.

3. Cops close the only thriving business in the West Bottoms.

4. Knocked up High School chicks want maternity leave.

5. Finally! We can see the end of inattentive waiters & waitresses that mess up your order, take forever to refill your drink and never bring your check out when you want it.

6. The FBI has time to investigate suicides????????? Give me a freaking break.

7. Yet another Father of the Year candidate. How does someone even think of doing this?

8. After this you can be that the religious Right will soon call for Weekend at Bernies to be removed from the shelves.