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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dealing with Hangovers

For those of you that drink to much Cisco and Thunderbird over the weekend.

1.  Top 5 Breakfasts to help you get through the morning after.
2.  CNN gives you hangover food from around the world.  
3.  25 Best Foods for hangover -
4.  Hangover cures from Serious
5.  How to deal with your sloppy drunk hungover ass.
6. (that's a business mag for all of you #ows douches) has ten quick fixes.
7.  11 solutions to ease the pain of a hangover - Mens Health

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Weekend Link Blast

Here is some of what we have been reading during this weeks snow event.  Enjoy.

1.  Cooking with beer from one of my favorite blogs "The Bachelor Guy".
2.  Flash Mob - Breast Feeding women expose their udders at mall
3.  Living near a volcano is even worst that putting a mobile home near a creek.
4.  The Chinese are buying America one piece at a time.
5.  Super Bowl Infographic covering the history of the NFL
7.  10 most amazing armless people from another one of my favorite blogs Oddee
8.  Beavis & Butthead return ths summer.
9.  23 of the funniest signs I have ever seen
10.  Maxim Super Bowl coverage - Steelers Chicks vs.  Packers Chicks.
11.  Review of the Dell Streak 7

Monday, July 14, 2008


To say that it was an interesting news weekend in the metro would be an under statement.

1. KSHB news crew gets run over by man in wheelchair...... Right now Ash-har Quraishi( KCTV 5) is kicking himself for not thinking of it first..

2. 40 shots fired into Grandview IHOP, 4 hit.....Gang Violence is becoming more common in the Missouri burb.

3. KCK residents die trying to install TV antenna....

4. Independence continues to produce more dumped dead bodies....Their dead body output may surpass their meth output by years end.

5. Scooter takes on bus...Bus wins in Lawrence. On a side note the only thing more annoying than cyclist guy is scooter guy. These idiots are not required to have a motorcycle license and have no idea how to ride them.

6. I hate St. Louis so this is good news in my opinion even if it is bad for America.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


1. Woman demonstrates what a KCMO public school education can do for you. This might be the worst escape plan in KC history.

2. Local microbreweries get kicked in the teeth by Hops shortage. Translation YOUR BEER IS GOING TO COST MORE! For some the choice is going to be hard, gas in the car or beer in the fridge.

3. Cops close the only thriving business in the West Bottoms.

4. Knocked up High School chicks want maternity leave.

5. Finally! We can see the end of inattentive waiters & waitresses that mess up your order, take forever to refill your drink and never bring your check out when you want it.

6. The FBI has time to investigate suicides????????? Give me a freaking break.

7. Yet another Father of the Year candidate. How does someone even think of doing this?

8. After this you can be that the religious Right will soon call for Weekend at Bernies to be removed from the shelves.