Monday, July 14, 2008


To say that it was an interesting news weekend in the metro would be an under statement.

1. KSHB news crew gets run over by man in wheelchair...... Right now Ash-har Quraishi( KCTV 5) is kicking himself for not thinking of it first..

2. 40 shots fired into Grandview IHOP, 4 hit.....Gang Violence is becoming more common in the Missouri burb.

3. KCK residents die trying to install TV antenna....

4. Independence continues to produce more dumped dead bodies....Their dead body output may surpass their meth output by years end.

5. Scooter takes on bus...Bus wins in Lawrence. On a side note the only thing more annoying than cyclist guy is scooter guy. These idiots are not required to have a motorcycle license and have no idea how to ride them.

6. I hate St. Louis so this is good news in my opinion even if it is bad for America.