Monday, July 14, 2008


Ever since moving into SOJOCO I have noticed that life out here is a bit different than the rest of JOCO. I am thinking about calling National Geographic and having them do a documentry based on suburb life in the SOJOCO( I am not kidding). There are things that go on out here that need to be documented and studied that are beyond my grasp and therefore need an expert analysis.

1. Play Dates- What the hell are these things? What ever happened to kids simply playing together? Now it is a big production requiring an invite AND they have to be with the right kids, your children can be social outcasts by the age 6 if you are not careful.

2. Where do you live? - This question is asked all the time when out and about in SOJOCO. This is a status test, because you can't answer Overland Park or Leawood, no no, they want a specific subdivision to see if you are worthy enough to associate with them.

3. HOA - These things are more restrictive and full of backstabbing than the Stalin regime. We got lucky and missed the civil war in our development but the drama is still there under the surface.

4. Mom Identifiers - Mothers in SOJOCO feel that the must call themselves "working mom" or "stay at home mom" as if that is their only identification in life. Do these women have no self esteem? Do they live to do what there husbands and kids demand? Get your own identity ladies and stop kissing the ass's of your husbands. MOM isn't your only label.

5. Live through their kids - I think that some of these parents were losers in High School and are trying to be what they weren't through their kids. I have witnessed people with no athletic ability whatsoever scream at their 9 year old for not putting enough break on the curve ball. I have heard about parents holding kids back a year in order for them to be the biggest kid on the team. Parents have even move their kids out of an one elementary school and into another because their was a kid that was better than them at their position.

6. OBX Stickers - If you have one of these on the back of your ride OR a similar sticker with your "subdivision" in initials you need to go F yourself. I don't care where you live or where you vacation.

7. Kids Cars - The site of a 16 year old in a 60k Lexus makes me want to puke. Whatever happened to getting a job and earning money for your own car? Some parents are passing off these cars to their kids for "good grades" or because they don't have TIME to work. THEY ARE IN HIGHSCHOOL, THEY CAN FIND THE TIME.

8. Retail - Who the hell can afford to shop at the stores that are going up in SOJOCO? Are people putting all this crap on credit cards? I would have to cash in my 401k just to buy a T-Shirt at some of these stores.

9. Restaurants are all the same - These place have no identity other than a sign out front. Where the hell are the locals? How about a nice Mom & Pop place with a unique menu?

10. 119TH STREET - This seems to be the great divide. If you ask anyone is SOJOCO if they have been some place on the other side of 119th street they look at you as if you are speaking a foreign language. It is almost as if 119th street is some man made river with no bridge. Of course the same can be said for people that live in NKC (never go south of the river) and Lees Summit(Grandview Triangle)