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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


842 vehicles stopped with only 7 alcohol related arrests!  Are you freaking kidding me????  What a freaking waste of department resources and personal freedom of 835 people.

842 - Vehicles entered the Check Lane
50 - Drivers tested for DUI
2 - Drivers arrested for DUI
3 - Transporting Open Container (Alcohol)
2 - Minor in Possession (Alcohol)
1 - Other traffic violations

In the meantime the North Part of your city is turning into a drug infested crap hole.  

Friday, December 05, 2008


First of all let me state that I am not sure if this woman is a native of JOCO or a transplant. The 79th street area is part of NOJOCO so anyhthing is possible. BUT just because you live in wannabe JOCO that is no excuse to drink and drive your kids to school and tarnish the good name of our county. Take a cue from the women of SOJOCO and deal with your depression by trying to act like you are still in a sorority, live through your kids, get a boob job, nail some guy you met at Nick & Jakes, get 5000 friends on facebook or my personal favorite sell Pampered Chef products.

This woman should be forced to move into the DMZ part of JOCO, Roeland Park.

Friday, January 04, 2008


1. Why is it news if someone eats pizza? If anything the fact that the liberal, tree hugging, green peace, africa before America bastard ate there is enough of a reason for me not to eat there. The fact that all of the news channels and the newspaper have this as NEWS proves how our country has become a bunch of morons.

2. OP police are on top of things. It seems as if they had inside information that people would be drinking on New Years Eve. How did they figure that out?

3. Handicapped people think they they are immune from vandals. Can't they just be happy that they get the good parking? Why is this guy shocked?

4. What is the deal with the aim of our killers? With shooting like this it is no wonder that our murder rate went down.

5. A man from Belton got his 5th DUI. Is this news? Doesn't half of Belton have 5 DUI's?

6. While the rest of the world is fighting terrorist the Swiss are protecting us from speeding Skiers.

7. I am not even going to have a Mother of the Year competition this year. Britney wins and it is only January 4th. The rest will have to slug it out for 2nd place.

8. Dick thinks that Hillary can make a comeback. Lesbians every where mourn.