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Thursday, August 05, 2021

Bulletproof Vests needed NOW!

The need for a vest mandate has never been more evident than today.  If you are going into a club, grocery

store, gas station, concert, or out to eat, then you should wear a vest in KCMO.  The transmission of bullets can not be prevented by simply social distancing (in many cases, the further away you are, the worst off you are).  Many people transmitting bullets are hiding behind masks, so if you see someone in a mask, be concerned.  Bullets do not care what ethnicity, gender, or affiliation you claim.  

3. 2-year-olds are not immune to bullets, there should be no age restriction for this mandate.

This is a snapshot of why Bulletproof Vests should be mandated by the Mayor of KCMO. I realize that he is a bullet denier and is taking money away from first responders that are trying to tackle this epidemic facing our hometown but if enough of us demand a mandate then maybe we can prevent the spread!