Monday, December 17, 2007


DA - OUT Grunhard - OUT

Shockingly Neal & Marty will still have jobs.

Entercom will never be able to compete with Union Broadcasting with moves like this. These two were the only ones that even competed (numbers wise) with 810. Screwing up sports radio is nothing new for Entercom, lets look at a nice time line.

1. Put Soren Petro in a no win situation on 980.
2. Lost the broadcasting rights for the Royals.
3. Didn't offer Petro a good enough time slot when the formed 610 which forced him to leave for 810 (where he now has the highest rated radio show in the city).
4. Didn't listen to Whitlock when he complained about Bill Maas's substance abuse problem.
5. Didn't support Whitlock's marketing and promotions even though he was TIED with Kietzman in ratings.
6. Underpaid board ops and producers at the station.
7. Put Neal & Marty in drive time. This move might be the biggest insult to sports fans in this city.