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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

610 sports the umm what channel?

610 sports loses again further cementing their place as the radio version of MSNBC (ratings wise).   Kudos to 810 for grabbing the Chiefs shows.
We were unable to reach 610 or Nick Wrights nose for comment.
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Monday, April 13, 2009


When replacing crappy radio show hosts you do not replace them with even crappier radio show hosts. The program director at 610 Sports has to be on 810's payroll. I only hope that the Royals and Jayhawks get wise and cancel their contracts with this embarrassment of a radio station so that I will never need to go down the dial.

The most embarrassing move has got to be putting the worst sports talk host in the metro (besides Neal Jones) Nick Wright up against Soren Petro. Anyone that has tuned into Wrights attempts at sports talk know what a freaking disaster it is. He is so pathetic that they pulled him off of the Royals post game show.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night Milton Bradley (who the Royals tried to trade for last year) lost his temper again. This time his target was not an umpire or another player but Ryan Lefebvre the TV play by play man for the Royals. How he heard the comments that were made on TV about the game he was playing in is beyond me but this guy needs to be disciplined.

While the NFL is taking dramatic steps to clean up its image what exactly has MLB done?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Kevin Kietzman take on the Jayhawks

If you needed more proof that Kevin Kietzman is the biggest idiot Kansas State homer in the world you needn't read anymore than the following.

1. Couldn't believe that KU celebrated going to the Final 4
2. KU fans realize they have no shot at winning
3. KU is not much better than Davidson
4. KU is the Underdog in the tournament. "That's the only way I know how to approach it". Really Kevin, when the hell have you ever been able to cheer for your team in College Hoops.
5. Russell Robinson looked like a deer in the headlights.
6. The only way that Kansas can win is by playing the perfect game. They aren't good enough to beat these other teams otherwise.
7. Kansas is not on the same level with Carolina historically.
8. KU fans should hate North Carolina & Roy Williams
9. Tyler Hansborough is not any good.
10. Bill Self's Legacy is on the line. This is it. (Setting KU up for a fall)
11. Roy Williams is a drama queen (which means he wouldn't appear on his show)
12. If you want to mention Carolina & Kansas in the same breath they have to win this game.
13. You can not believe anything that Roy Williams says.
14. Roy Williams has a "knack" for recruiter white players.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have been saying it since before the college basketball season started. There is noway in hell that Kansas State can been taken seriously as a college basketball program. It was funny seeing the HS coach and his one & done players get manhandled by a real basketball team on Saturday.
I am sure that the good folks in Manhattan are already working on a collectible DVD about their epic rise to #3 in the Big 12, the retirement of Beasley's jersey, . Now they can get back to being a um, uh "football school"? I am sure that Ron Prince will not let them down.

Fitting how this photo taken of him pissing down his leg would resemble what his attitude did in the tournament.

Monday, December 17, 2007


DA - OUT Grunhard - OUT

Shockingly Neal & Marty will still have jobs.

Entercom will never be able to compete with Union Broadcasting with moves like this. These two were the only ones that even competed (numbers wise) with 810. Screwing up sports radio is nothing new for Entercom, lets look at a nice time line.

1. Put Soren Petro in a no win situation on 980.
2. Lost the broadcasting rights for the Royals.
3. Didn't offer Petro a good enough time slot when the formed 610 which forced him to leave for 810 (where he now has the highest rated radio show in the city).
4. Didn't listen to Whitlock when he complained about Bill Maas's substance abuse problem.
5. Didn't support Whitlock's marketing and promotions even though he was TIED with Kietzman in ratings.
6. Underpaid board ops and producers at the station.
7. Put Neal & Marty in drive time. This move might be the biggest insult to sports fans in this city.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Today I flipped the channel during Stump the Chumps on Petros show to get a national take on the KU game tomorrow. I was expecting to hear Jim Rome or one of his fill ins but instead heard what could be the worst radio personality in Kansas City, Nick Wright. 610 had this kid hosting their midday show? The same kid that can't read a news update with out stuttering and mispronouncing any word over 2 syllables. The same, guy, that, talks, with, commas, between, every, word.

This moron use to frequent my message board consistently begging for show ideas and takes on sports news. He was run out of there for being a hack and yet 610 (who is only beating out the latino channels since Whitlock left) offered him a job. I would much rather listen to Neal Smith do play by play than listen to this. Does anyone at Entercom have a clue?