Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Since I get several emails a week asking me about sites that I visit for blogging, news etc.. I figured that I would just start posting a few of them each week (when I remember).  Let me know what you think of the sites I post and if there are any cool sites that you want to share.  

1.  BLIP FM.  - Great internet music site that allows you to be the DJ unlike pandora.
2.  PLAYFIRE - This like a FaceBook site for gamers.  
3.  GIST - This site is one of several sites out there that act as a social networking portal for all of your sites such as linkedin, facebook and twitter.
4.  THE DAILY BEAST - I check this site out everyday.  It is probably one of the best internet magazines out there right now.
5.  GOOGLE READER - It amazes me how many people haven't either heard or started using Google Reader.  There is nothing better out there to follow all the sites that you visit.