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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Not So Daily Link Blast

Long lengthy posts about crap that nobody cares about OR 10 links to get you through the day?  180,000 hits proves that we have the right formula. 

1.  Movie Cliches that give you douche bags hope.
2.  10 pieces of worthless exercise equipment 
Charlie Sheen manages to piss off "Warlocks"
4.  The 12 biggest Malls in the world.
5.  60 Disgusting Guinness Book of World Record pictures for you to enjoy after lunch.
6.  Why the Ipad 2 is better than the one you currently have
7.  Do you know any Mass Murderers?
8.  Some of the most disgusting stuff your slob of a neighbor might have in their house.
9.  The KC metro area has no real street vendor presence other than Hookers and Dealers in the East Side.  So here are 7 awesome Hot Dog stands for your viewing pleasure.
10.  The History of the Space Shuttle

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Crap

9 links that are worth checking out

1.  TSA pervs caught with their hands on the goods.  25 pics
2.  If you have a Bacon lover on your Christmas list then here is your guide.
3.  Americas best restroom competition winners.  - Yes it is a real competition
4.  50 Iphone apps that you must have
5.  10 Bing Games that you can play at work....Free
6.  19 most Dangerous Roads in the world
7.  Remember those plastic army men you played with as a kid?
8.  If historical events had facebook statuses -  This is freaking funny
9.    Passive Aggressive notes online

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010


Here are a couple more sites for you remedial internet users to checkout. 

1.  KOYOTE SOFT - Great freeware site for music, videos etc...

2,  WEB URBANIST - You can read this site for hours and hours.

3.  CRIMEREPORTS - This site is good to see what is going on where you live now and where you might move/visit.

4.BOOK OF ODDS - What are the odds of............. just about everything you do in life is covered.

5.  DELICIOUS - Great social networking system through bookmarks.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Here are a few more sites for you to check out on this cold miserable night.  

1.  DROP BOX - Nice and easy way to store files used on multiple computers. 
2.  DOCSTOC - Great place to find ready made documents, templates erc..
 3.  VETERANS HISTORY PROJECT - The name of this site/project says it all.
4.  EVENTFUL - Great site to find out whats going on in this city and places you plan on visiting.
5.USERSCRIPTS.ORG - Best site on the night to find Greasemonkey scripts.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Since I get several emails a week asking me about sites that I visit for blogging, news etc.. I figured that I would just start posting a few of them each week (when I remember).  Let me know what you think of the sites I post and if there are any cool sites that you want to share.  

1.  BLIP FM.  - Great internet music site that allows you to be the DJ unlike pandora.
2.  PLAYFIRE - This like a FaceBook site for gamers.  
3.  GIST - This site is one of several sites out there that act as a social networking portal for all of your sites such as linkedin, facebook and twitter.
4.  THE DAILY BEAST - I check this site out everyday.  It is probably one of the best internet magazines out there right now.
5.  GOOGLE READER - It amazes me how many people haven't either heard or started using Google Reader.  There is nothing better out there to follow all the sites that you visit.