Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Not So Daily Link Blast

Long lengthy posts about crap that nobody cares about OR 10 links to get you through the day?  180,000 hits proves that we have the right formula. 

1.  Movie Cliches that give you douche bags hope.
2.  10 pieces of worthless exercise equipment 
Charlie Sheen manages to piss off "Warlocks"
4.  The 12 biggest Malls in the world.
5.  60 Disgusting Guinness Book of World Record pictures for you to enjoy after lunch.
6.  Why the Ipad 2 is better than the one you currently have
7.  Do you know any Mass Murderers?
8.  Some of the most disgusting stuff your slob of a neighbor might have in their house.
9.  The KC metro area has no real street vendor presence other than Hookers and Dealers in the East Side.  So here are 7 awesome Hot Dog stands for your viewing pleasure.
10.  The History of the Space Shuttle