Tuesday, June 15, 2021

East Side Religious Leaders are a JOKE

So in KCMO a group of leaders that have failed their community for over 3

decades decided to CALL FOR a cease-fire.  21 days without violence is what they are seeking.  Yet for some reason it was ignored within 10 hours of the start...  Could it be that the people that are supposedly labeled as leaders in this community really have zero credibility?  Uh yeah.

One minute these folks are blaming cops for all the violence and the other they are blaming each other.  Take the cops off the streets and ask for a cease-fire and all the murders will go away right?  COME ON!  I hate to say it but it is time for people to stop looking at religious folks as leaders east of Troost and find another talent pool.  

And why is it that every time there is an issue inside a black community that they run to religious leaders?  What other race do they do this with?  Is it lazy journalism or some sort of liberal racism.  Minister this and Reverend that, blah blah blah. This isn't 1957!