Wednesday, November 03, 2021

American Values - Trump = WIN

 For the past several years I have been telling everyone that would listen that Americans do not support the leftist agenda, they simply hate Trump.  Trump is/was cancer for the only party left that would like America to remain free and safe.  Republicans running in 2022 and 2024 should remember this as the Orange Man tries to pry his way into this victory and into running in 2024.  He already tried to claim this as a MAGA victory, despite Youngkin refusing his help... 

Virginia wasn't the only place where Americans stood up against this Marxist socialist movement.  

  • Defunding the police in Mn was shot down largely because leaders in the black community called the new form of White Wokeness something on par with the worst racism they have seen since the 60s. 
  • New Jersey, which nobody saw coming, almost went to Republicans
The hits do not stop there.  Just look at some of the dirty tricks that came up before the election by Marxist Biden voters and the epic meltdowns and lies by your favorite leftist media outlets.

And my personal favorite from last night.  MSNBC, CNN, etc.. all failed to cover the historic win by Winsome Sears.  She ran as Lt Gov under Youngkin and became the first black woman to ever win a statewide race in Virginia.  AS A REPUBLICAN!  That is right, the woke networks didn't want to cover that speech because it would once again prove wrong the narrative of Republicans being racist, and by not covering it, they became the racist.  Keep in mind that the Gov being replaced in Virginia, a Democrat, was caught in blackface with a friend dressed in a KKK costume.  Yes, he was supposed to be a SLAVE for Halloween.  He joined the dozens of Democratic leaders and celebs that were exposed for wearing blackface, for giggles.