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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

JOCO Sherriff's Office issues Bullshit Response

 The Spin from our officials (from Facebook)

There have been many questions and false assumptions regarding an active fraud
investigation by the Sheriff's Office. To address these concerns, please read this statement from the Office of the Sheriff:


       Since the fall of 2021, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has received more than 200 tips alleging fraud in our local elections. These allegations range from citizens who claim to be witnesses of fraudulent activity to those who claim to be victims. 

       The Sheriff’s Office is committed to upholding the integrity of all local elections to ensure they are open and fair. Any organization that has turned this investigation into a divisive issue or tried to make their own conclusions is working against the public’s best interest.  Nobody really knew about it until the Sherriff opened his mouth in Vegas, so is he to blame?

       It is the Sheriff’s Office’s statutory obligation to investigate any criminal claim that comes to our office and submit our findings to the District Attorney’s Office. To not follow through with an investigation would be a dereliction of duty. Trust me, they do not investigate all criminal claims.

       Releasing copies of these allegations prematurely, or specific details of any investigation while it’s active, would immediately compromise the integrity of the investigation and lose the trust of the citizens who bring allegations of criminal misconduct to our office. How about discussing them at a conference?

       Anyone who suggests Sheriff Calvin Hayden initiated this investigation or wants to interfere with elections is woefully misinformed. This investigation began like any other investigation: with a tip of criminal wrongdoing.  I believe that this is a self-inflicted wound, stop trying to blame the reaction of the people to the actions taken by the Sherriff for getting caught running his mouth when he shouldn't have.  

       This is a non-partisan issue. Our citizens want to have, and deserve to have, confidence in their local elections. Our citizens want to have confidence in our current government officials as well as in elections. Discussing this investigation with a partisan special interest group  is what made it suddenly a partisan issue FOR BOTH SIDES


       For the public's information: As with *any active investigation*, the Sheriff's Office cannot conduct any interviews, or it risks compromising the investigation.  No, they can only lecture on it in Vegas to special interest groups and then cry about being questioned about the investigation by citizens.  The actions of the Sherriff compromised the investigation 


Wow!  Have you ever read such a bullshit statement in your life?  They are actually lecturing us on how wrong it is to discuss an open investigation and to basically keep our mouths closed DESPITE the fact that this was a non-story, NOBODY was discussing it until the Sherriff himself spoke about it to a special interest group in Vegas!

Not only is the Sherriff terrible at PR but so is the freaking PR department.  

Then again, when you have an office that will not take any accountability for its actions, what choice do the PR people have?  Did we actually believe a Judicial leader in JOCO to say, "my bad, sorry"?  In the past 20 years have we ever heard a Judge, court employee, officer, sheriff, deputy or anyone apologize for any wrongdoing?  Yeah, no.  

It is time that we have an audit to investigate the people that spend every minute of their lives investigating us, scheming against us, wasting our tax dollars, padding their cushy pensions, and doing a favor for "friends" by leaking information about pending cases or investigations, judges pulling strings for employees in personal cases, etc..  

Corruption has come to light and they do not know what to do.  They seem to be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately don't they?  For people that are supposed to be ethical.  

Monday, July 18, 2022

JOCO Election investigation? JOCO Corruption in Judicial has no limits.

This is the first I have heard of an investigation into JOCO election tampering from 2020, how about you?????  

How about the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers Association which paid for him to fly out to a conference?

And what about this quote from the man investigating a freaking election

According to The Star, Hayden said, "So I didn’t know anything about elections. We’re cops,” Hayden said, according to The Star. “So we’ve been educating ourselves about elections. I’ve sent my detectives through, I’ve got a cyber guy, sent him through, to start evaluating what’s going on with the machines.”

HOLY SHIT!  So an elected official that doesn't know how elections works is putting together a team of people that do not know how elections work in order to find out if there MIGHT have been something wrong? An election that was certified.  

Shouldn't this have taken place before certification?  What evidence of tampering is there?  Why are we being kept in the dark?  Is this some conspiracy theory crap?


Is a JOCO official getting a free trip to Vegas and decided to talk out of his ass to justify his expenses? And creating a shit storm back home that extremist groups will latch on to.

Also, shouldn't the public be made aware of the free trips our Judiciary arm of the government is taking?  

I have been saying for over 3 years now that a complete and independent audit needs to take place in the Sheriff's office and Court House. The place is full of kickbacks, secret handshakes, financial malpractice, employee corruption, and best of all (for them) there is nooooo oversite taking place.  No checks or balances.  

They circle their wagons extremely quickly the minute any wrongdoing is brought up and follow up with threats that only they can make... So tread lightly when investigating.  

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Yet another JOCO Court Decision Pisses off community

 The hits keep coming from the most corrupt organization in all of JOCO.  This
time they let this drag-racing asshole off with a plea deal that greatly reduces his prison sentence.  NONE of the victim's families wanted this to happen, yet it once again did.

Do yourself a favor and unelect all of these judges this November and let them know that you are paying attention to their negligence and corruption.  You just know that Judge Neil Foth probably golfs with this spineless douche.  They have all the same character traits.  

Tuesday, June 07, 2022


 Since we are now almost officially at the 6-month mark it is time to
remind all JOCO residents with a brain to unelect this man that not only didn't get the job based on merit(his daddy was a judge) but might actually be a scumbag and more than just a little creepy.  Not only was he caught interfering in cases that didn't pertain to him on the behalf of a direct report (and then covered it up) but he also let a school shooter loose on PROBATION! Not to mention the bad toupee 

His family court is full of insiders and kickbacks where your case is nothing more than a cash grab for his close-knit group of attorneys.  I mean how else does the head of the JOCO Bar association just happen to grab his employee's case on a PRO BONO basis???  I am sure that all of that is above board...  If only the KS Courts had some sort of impartial oversite committee to look into all of it. 

This ultrawoke Sebelius appointee should be Example #1 of people paying attention to the judges that they elect in JOCO.  Let them know that they are accountable for their actions and rulings.  

Will there be an October surprise on this blog... I mean why else would you sit on screenshots :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

DOES JOCO Take Shootings at Schools Seriously? NOT Neil Foth

 The answer is NO.  Well at least not from one judge, Neil Foth.  It wasn't even a
year ago that a man was convicted for firing rounds toward a Shawnee Mission school, causing parents to shield their kids off of Roe in Mission, KS.  Instead of taking this violent act seriously, the judge that oversaw the case granted the man 3 freaking years of probation.  THAT IS IT!  

Keep in mind that this judge is one of the biggest leftists in the state of Kansas.  So this isn't some ultraright wing gun nut simply diminishing the seriousness of the crime. It is a morally bankrupt human not taking the safety of children in the county that he is a judge in seriously.  

Does it take a bullet hitting a child to get the attention of this Judge?

Does the shooter have to actually step onto school property for the Judge to take child safety, school safety, and violence seriously?

We always sit back and wonder after a child is killed at a school and wonder how this happens? Was this person in the system before?  People like this should be locked away forever.  Where did the system fail us?

Ummm, well, we can all start in JOCO by ridding ourselves of Neil Foth in November.  It is too late to turn around his many years of failing the community BUT MAYBE we can prevent more shooters from being released on freaking probation.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Crooked Ass JOCO Courts Facing a Shit Storm

 So while I was away I had this story emailed to me and I couldn't help but smile.  Do you mean to tell

me that the most corrupt organization in all of JOCO is now under investigation for missing funds?  Imagine if they audited the following

  • PTO Usage $$$
  • Travel Expenses $$$
  • Employee Revues $$$$
  • Hiring policies/promotions $$$
  • Personal information security $$$
  • Case assignment $$$
  • Conflicts of interest between employees and attorneys $$$$
  • Information Security
  • Amount of work being done while people are working remotely during Covid $$$
  • Information Systems and Public Records tampering (changelogs)
Keep in mind, it was only a few years ago that THIS BLOG mentioned financial issues inside the courts among many other things and the COURT threatened to throw me in jail for 72 hours by tying it to my divorce case unless I removed all previous posts regarding the court.  The posts that this blog made at that time reached the Chief Justice of Ks courts, Senators, and County commissioners.  I had several of these people/offices reach out to me about some of these allegations and they did what they could to finally get my case moved away from conflicts of interest inside the courthouse.  

Maybe now, this corrupt place will be fully audited and investigated and those that are at fault will face the consequences of their actions.  Records, emails, screenshots, on the record statements, files.......  

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

JOCO SHEEP care little about Justice


Just look at the approval ratings for the judges listed above.  There is no way in hell that a poll would ever look like this unless it was filled with corrupt data or a pool of respondents that are apoplectic.  This poll goes against almost every conversation I have had regarding this subject, especially once they do a little digging into the corrupt nature of the people that occupy the JOCO courthouse.  

Many of these people are nothing more than folks that were given their job because of who their parents were.  Several of them are put there simply to appease donors.  Most of them are incompetent.  Yet, JOCO residents simply elect people that were appointed to their job without knowing a single thing about them.  

Example, would you want a family court judge that uses personal favors to move his divorce case into a neighboring county? Would you want this man who had an ugly divorce of his own to oversee your own?  Probably not.  But you keep him in office.  

Friday, April 09, 2021

Judge Neil Foth's Troubles Ignored by KS Supreme Court

 To say that the KS Court system is one big country club full of secrets, coverups and lies is an understatement.  I had this story emailed to me today by some good
people inside the government after reading my previous statements about the man and I of course couldn't believe what I was reading.

1.  There is proof that Judge Neil Foth tampered with a case that was not assigned to him to push actions for an employee of his.

2.  He knows of leaks of private and personal information coming from inside the courthouse to parties outside of the courthouse.  The information leaked is stored on closed systems and is not part of the JOCO Public Court Files that is accessible to the public through their website.

3.  Information leaked contains private information about the mental health cases of people residing inside Overland Park.  This information was then spread throughout several neighborhoods inside the city about this person.  HIPPA is obviously not carefully followed by Judge Foth who despite knowing of such leaks, did nothing to remedy the situation.  I myself was presented with such information and could not believe that this was all simply a few keystrokes away from people that were not directly assigned to the case.  When I brought this up, it was ignored.

4.  Private lawsuit information that was once again kept on a separate system from the public was also leaked out of his office.  At stake was a matter involving several hundreds of thousands and involved up to 9 people.  Their private information was pulled, leaked, and distributed without a single notification to any of the parties involved.  

If you dig further, there is more but those are some of the more serious highlights.  So, how is it that this man not only gets to keep his job without a proper investigation but he gets to keep his role in EDUCATING JUDGES????????  Come on Kansas, you are supposed to be better than this.  Our judicial system is supposed to be better than this.  

Johnson County residents should be able to have their personal information kept secret and not leaked, sold, tampered with.  The courts are supposed to be above that.  We put a lot of trust into not only judges, but paralegals, admins, guards, etc. in our courts do we not?  Do they not get a taxpayer-funded paycheck?

Just know this.  If you have any personal/private information, active/inactive cases inside the JOCO courthouse either private or public, that information is being passed around more than a Kansas Divorce attorney at a Judicial luncheon.