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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


It just keeps getting worst. I told you last week that when you saw those protesters down at the plaza that this is what they were thinking. There is no way possible that a truce can survive. It is time that we get the hell out of Israels way and let them do whatever it takes to make them safe from these groups of hate.


This story is yet another story demonstrating the muslims will not rest until Jewish people are wiped off the face of the Earth. Are the World Leaders and ignorant protesters hoping for another holocaust? The answer of course is yes. Why else would they be tolerant towards these people?

Let Israel finally end this crap and turn the loose to kill as many of these terrorists that they can. We should be applauding them not protesting them or attacking them int the streets.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


It is important that we as a nation support the country and the troops of our great ally in the Mideast as the ground war begins. Let us remember who they are fighting, HAMAS, a freaking terrorist organization backed by Iran and Syria. There will be those in the media (socialist leftist) that will try to make a case to defend these terrorist, don't fall for it.

Remember when you see people protesting Israel and supporting Hamas they are supporting global terrorism.

Monday, March 31, 2008


1. How bad is this guys life? 1. He lives in KCK. 2. He is a criminal 3. He is a dumb criminal

2. Missing a dog? In unrelated news

3. Another father of the year candidate. This jackass kills his kids then calls the front desk of the hotel he was staying at to tell them.

4. Another crappy peace plan is being worked on in Israel this week and both sides report that they are "ready to take steps towards peace". This headline should of been easy to write because it has been written 1000 times in the past. Israel needs to give up on negotiating with these people and attack. We are delaying the inevitable and I am sick of seeing Israel being forced to cater to these extremist groups.

5. The biggest waste of $300,000,000 that you will ever see is about to take place.

6. Has the United States exaggerated its kill count in Iraq?

7. Get a Job you lazy bastards!!!!!!!!!! Let me guess, you are holding out for management positions?

8. Over the past 4 months Bill Clinton has lost any & all power he had in the Democratic Party. What makes him think that people will listen to him?