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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Over the past few weeks as more and more people have been bookmarking this site I have been getting several requests for a BBQ top ten list that ranks them in order. So here they go, this time in order along with the most over rated/ worst BBQ in town.

1. Gates - There isn't even a close 2nd. Items to order: Short ends, fries, beans.
2. Oklahoma Joes - Best Pork & Fries in town. Items to order: Pulled pork, fries, beans, coleslaw. They also make a pretty decent chili
3. Bryants - Best meat in town - sauce is different Items to order: Burnt ends & Fries. Beans are just ok
4. LC's - Legend
5. Woodyard BBQ - Nothing is bad here and it is CHEAP
6. Jack Stack - Getting a little to fancy for a BBQ place but still the best sausage and beans in town.
7. Quicks BBQ - Legend
8. B.B.'s Lawnside - Great food, terrible location
9. Famous Dave's - It is sad that a National chain beats out many of our local places
10. ADAMS RIB - This is a new joint(2009) off of 87th street. AWESOME food.

On the bubble
Filling station BBQ, Johnny's Hickory house, KC Masterpiece, Wyandotte, Stonewall, Danny Edwards, Smoke stack, Stillwell Station

1. Smokehouse - Terrible sauce that drowns out the flavor of the meat.
2. Big Bubbas - I went back to give these guys a 3rd chance and was completely underwhelmed. If you are in Olathe GO TO Johnny's BBQ, it is your only safe bet besides Oklahoma Joes.
3. Rosedale - The meat there is terrible but they have incredible fries
4. Smokin Joes - Another Olathe crap house but once again they have incredible fries.
5. 135th street BBQ - This might be the worst on the list.
6. Haywards - I have had deli meat that tasted more like BBQ than this place.
7. Brobecks - Getting better but not quite there. Another 6 months and the smokers will be up to the challenge.

The above mentioned 7 places are a complete waste of money when you compare them to the other choices out there.