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Sunday, September 28, 2008


What a weekend so far! Keep up the good work fellas, we are counting on you to set records, ruin the lives of families, scare off business, increase the drug trade and ruin communities.

1. East side crime is starting to take its toll on KCMO's entertainment districts. How long will it be before the fine residents of JOCO abandon Westport and the P&L district? Is getting drunk in an "Urban environment" really worth risking your life over? HEelllllllllllllllll no. JOCO men will soon realize that it is not worth risking life and limb to pick up skanky Missouri chicks. And JOCO women will soon realize that it is not worth sleeping with Missouri guys to get back at their fathers.

2. This guy might have the worst aim & luck in the metro.

3. Independence keeps on being Independence. Poor kid.

4. More baby mama drama on our TV screens. Can we make it one day without an amber alert?

5. Wierd and tragic. That is the only way to describe what happened in the KCK police department this weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wire

Good weather = Good shootin in Da Hood.

1. 2 fine upstanding citizens of KCK were shot on 12th street (the garden district) last night.

2. Mans head blown off in (get this) Robin Hood lane. Like I said KC geography is easy to learn when taught by gang bangers. Who had heard of that street (besides crack heads) before that shooting?

3. Another example of why JOCO residents should avoid Missouri at all costs. This innocent BVN grad was simply driving home when these two thugs killed her. Besides, Westport is over rated.

4. Sitting on your porch in JOCO on a nice night means fighting mosquitoes.....Sitting on your front porch on a nice night in the East Side means getting your ass shot.

5. Yet Another shooting, this time at 27th and Monroe.

6. If you were an illegal living in KCMO wouldn't your first purchase be a gun? It would be mine.

7. It is good to see Grandview back on the list. I nearly forgot about them. 129th street man killed.

So much for parades and candle lighting....... right?