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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008


1. Hillary makes a move to capture the "black vote" and gives up on latino vote.

2. Idiot in Venezuela makes another empty threat. How this guy is still alive is beyond me.

3. Pelosi can't put down the crack pipe. The surge was a bust? Remember liberals this is YOUR leader.

4. Bush catches contact buzz from Pelosis pipe. It doesn't matter how much or who tries to polish a turd, in the end it is still a turd.

5. Bill Clinton understands black people. Well at least he is trying to claim to once again. Hasn't the grand wizard done enough damage to his wifes campaign?

6. Peg leg representing herself in court. Apparently she couldn't find a female lawyer with one leg.

7. Congress continues to waste tax payer money by going after MLB. This might be one of the biggest jokes ever in American politics. Don't these idiots have other problems to worry about? God forbid they take on Social Security, Medicare, immigration or the 3 TRILLION DOLLAR BUDGET! I give up. You would think that Roger Clemens was Bin Laden.

8. When all else fails, blame video games. You wouldn't want to blame the VA for not having the proper programs/funding to ensure our soldiers can adjust properly when they come home.