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Thursday, March 22, 2012


The number one question on the mind of 10 year old's in California is, where they can get free condoms.  BUT fear not, there is a program in place to help little bobby protect himself from cooties coochies.  
Does your 10 year old worry about what the other kids will think of him walking around with condoms in his pocket?  He needn't worry because they did the research and came up with the following.

"If you think that having a condom on hand makes you look desperate for sex, check out these stats that show most teens think they look smart when they carry condoms.
  • 38 percent think guys look “smart and prepared.”
  • Only 7 percent think guys look like they are trying to look cool.
  • 54 percent think girls look “prepared for anything, and smart, too!”
  • Only 10 percent think girls look like sluts when they have a condom."
Thats right folks only 10% think your little girl is a slut for carrying around 10 free condoms, lube and a pamphlet on sex positions and the keys to a good hook up.  

I bet you are saying wow, there is no way that they can top that deal.  THINK AGAIN. offers its customers free pick up & delivery!
Access to the morning after pill
Tips on spotting clinics that try to trick you out of having that cool abortion that all your friends are having

Don't even worry about asking your parents, we tell you how cool it is not to ask and how the state of California gives you rights that your parents cant take away.  HOW COOL IS THAT.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


Let me state for the record that I took Nancy Raegans words to heart and have always said no to drugs. Having said that, I have also been in support of the legalization of the product for the past 10 years. Think about it. The government says it is ok to drink and smoke (both of which are addictive and could kill people) yet they say no to weed? This doesn't make sense.

Republicans crack me up. They pretend to be for limited government UNLESS it is something that they want to restrict. Conservatives, don't fall for this trap. If you don't want the government telling you which doctor you should use and which medicine to take why let them tell you this as well?