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Thursday, November 04, 2021

KC STAR LIES for SMSD regarding Thanksgiving & Holiday meals

 SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES????????????????????????????????????????????????

Wow!  So one of the wealthiest school districts in the metro area isn't capable of acquiring the ingredients for what they consider turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin freaking pie!  This meal is not made up of the freshest of ingredients and the prep techniques aren't exactly those that one would find on the Food Network so this coverup is complete BS and the Star is once again laying down political cover for elitist Marxist hacks wanting to do away with anything/everything that is American.  

Why else would they be canceling the meal and at the same time state that they are looking for better ways to include all cultures into their holiday meals?????????????  

I am not here to argue whether or not the pilgrims killed native Americans.  Yes, they did.  500 years ago!  Guess what! Everyone was killing everyone 500 years ago!  Humans aren't exactly peaceful.  Wars, conquering, etc.. are part of EVERY CULTURE on the planet.   Being woke, you must say that you are sorry for winning wars and make amends for shit that took place in a time period LONG before most people can even trace their family trees back to.  

How about this!  If you can trace your family trees back to the freaking Mayflower, then you should be forced to skip Thanksgiving.  The government can send in the FBI to your homes and make sure that you order Pizza that Thursday. 

Most of us look at the day as nothing more than a day to be thankful that we are alive and somewhat free Americans.  I seriously doubt that there is anyone that looks at it as some great victory feast!  Maybe some Qannon wackos, but that is it.  Are we next going to apologize to the British for defeating them and becoming a country?  The French?  The Spanish?  Even though all of them conquered other countries etc...  Do you honestly believe that native American tribes didn't conquer each other?  If you do then you know absolutely nothing about history.  

So way to go, and take a stand by taking Turkey away from kids and then lying to parents about it being a supply chain issue.  Such bravery!  Such heroic actions!  Something I am sure that they will celebrate as they sit at home on Thanksgiving and celebrate with a Turkey dinner because you know, they are all kinda hypocrites.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be thankful Southern Johnson County

This month has been full of people on Facebook posting about how thankful they are for all the obvious crap.  Like we didn't know that you were thankful for your family etc..  Come on, nobody wants to read that crap.  

The good people of Southern Johnson County have a lot of reasons to be thankful for as a group.  Here are 17 to get you started.

1.  We aren't subsidizing 2 laughing stock pro sports teams.
2.  Our Eastside is Leawood.  Yeah I know the people in Leawood are douche bag wannabe frat guys and sorority girls BUT they don't shoot at us from the golf carts.
3.  Mobile homes are used by construction crews instead of primary housing for residents.
4.  Heritage Park > Swope Park
5.  Pools > Bacteria filled fountains
6.  It would take us over a decade to equal the number of murders that KCMO has in one year.
7.  Fairway, Merriam, Mission, Roeland Park serve as a great DMZ.
8.  "I'm Kyle James Bitch!" has never been said in our area by Kyle James.
9.  Overland Park Mayor never has to duck behind bushes at Town Center Plaza due to gunshots.
10.  We know that Toy Trains belong under the Christmas Tree not our streets.
11.  Not a single street named Cleaver (let alone 2).
12.  We don't take gondola rides on a creek filled with our feces.
13.  All of our Hipsters now live in KCMO and nowhere near us.
14.  Our hookers work out of hotels and not alleys
15.  The jackass's of Prairie Village  don't have quick highway access to our part of town.
16.  Working for food is what we do and not a sign that we hold.
17.  5.9% is our unemployment rate not our graduation rate

Picture of the Day

Sunday, November 27, 2011

THE WIRE - Happy Holidays

1.  16 year old Deja Davis doesn't get the chance to celebrate Christmas like other kids. Why?  Because she lives in East KCMO.  2 Murdered 
2.  Barney and Andy had their uniforms and weapons stolen in Olathe.  Silly coppers. 
3.  Deer Hunter stabbed, not by deer.  
4.  Wouldn't a suspicious death in KCMO be one someone dies of natural causes instead of gun shots?
5.  A game of Pilgrams and Indians broke out on Thanksgiving night between robbers and cops.  
6.  Mother Killed in...............East KCMO

Friday, November 21, 2008


With all the negativity on the news lately it might be hard for some of you to find reasons to be thankful. When that happens just remember that you are a JOCOIAN and you are blessed to live in a county full of growth, inclusiveness and prosperity.

It could be worst

1. Knowing that your dinner was purchased by you and not by elementary school kids from a different state and county.

2. That your county doesn't fall under the protection of Omega "Racist" Man

3. Public Schools aren't a nationwide joke

4. We have a neighboring county that will continue to flip the bill on our entertainment venues.

5. Oklahoma Joes BBQ is better than Gates or Bryants

6. We can typically live in the county that we work in.

7. We watch "A Christmas Carol" and feel bad for Tiny Tim. KCMO kids are envious of all that Tiny Tim has.

8. We don't have a single street named after a corrupt politician let alone 2.

9. We have no idea who the spouse of the Mayor of Overland Park is.

10. Our shopping district isn't built by an open Septic Tank.

11. We were smart enough to vote against BiState.

12. Our police departments don't have to order crime scene tape and chalk by the pallet.

13. It isn't NEWS if a grocery store opens in our county.

14. We can laugh everytime someone says that KCMO has "culture" and diversity and that is why they live there. The reason we laugh is becuase we know that the people saying that live in the most segregated city in the midwest and couldn't tell you how to get to the Art Museum.

15. Our kids play with Super Soakers in the summer ,not AK47's.

16. Take your kid to work day doesn't involve standing on a corner.

17. Parks Board nominations don't make national news.

18. We don't have two arenas without anchor tenants.

19. They aren't called they Overland Park Royals and the Leawood Chiefs.

20. The number 117 isn't associated with the number of murders and high school grads we have.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


As usual no particular order.

1. That KU had the foresight to move this Saturdays game to Arrowhead Stadium. Ty Pennington couldn't create the makeover that Missouri will undergo by having 40,000 Kansans cross the State Line. You are welcome Missouri.
2. The Sprint Center & Power & Light District. Finally a reason to go downtown.
3. That the Mayor of Kansas City had the backbone to stand up to the La Raza Race Baiters.
4. Dayton Moore is the GM of the Royals.
5. The Chiefs will have an early pick in next years draft.
6. Channel 9 news switched to HD.
7. That every year we put up the Mayors "Christmas" tree, sticking it in the face of all the PC bastards around this town.
8. That thanks to the service of those brave enough to serve that you can eat your turkey, watch football and travel by air in peace.
9. For KCK/KCMO for giving the criminals of the metro a suitable workplace for them to perform their job. They created such a nice work environment that our criminals reached #18 & #25 as most dangerous cities in the United States.
10. For the University of Kansas for providing the Metro with teams that are competitive.