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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

KC Douchebag of the day - KEITZMAN


I don't listen to this ass clowns show anymore so I am glad that Tony posted the latest comments from Greg Hall today regarding yet another Keitzman meltdown.  Keitzman wants to have it both ways, be hard hitting and controversial and question people etc.. but is a sensitive little girl when people are critical of him.  

Keitzmans latest social media meltdown isn't his first time exposing his thin skin when it comes to internet comments.  Back in 2001/2002 WHB ran a very popular internet message board that had thousands of posters and covered everything from sports to politics.  Most of the hosts interacted with posters but Kietzman was of course too much of a wimp to interact and had flunkies read him the posts that were critical of him.

Keitzman shut this message board down once people started talking about the so called "family mans" alleged affair with one of his employees that allegedly lead to his divorce.  If you ever ask Keitzman about this incident he gets extremely angry and defensive.  Ironic considering he blasts athletes, owners, managers and other media personalities for their indiscretions.  

Most of Kansas City knows that this guy is a douchebag so this latest rant against local fans and listeners shouldn't shock anyone.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

KC Media Twitter List

I have finished putting together the most extensive Twitter list of KC Media personalities on the internet.  This includes both current and former personalities that have called KC home at one point or another.