Wednesday, August 31, 2022

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Picture of the day - College Loan deadbeat edition


Biden F's over Harvesters and pisses on the Hungry

 Just another day of Biden's economy screwing over Americans.  While, the elitist 
college loan cash grabbers are getting even more cash from Biden, the poor and the hungry will go without due to this clown (you voted for him/them) economic policies.  

Sooooooo what if the poor can't eat, at least you will be off the hook for the financial arrangement that you made, you were able to purchase Peletons from Covid cash, and the planet will not be destroyed by humans in 1000 years.  

Of course, asking for more money from donors isn't an option either, because everyone is going broke and struggling to feed themselves.  


The Price to Screw an Olathe Woman

Approx $1200.  Personally, I think that even with Biden's economy that the price is super inflated.  The going rate used to be some menthols, Strawberry Hill, and a couple of Soft Tacos.  

Friday, August 26, 2022

Bidenomics Hits Metro - Thank a liberal

Can you imagine if Biden and his liberal douches had a sound economic plan that
let people keep their money instead of it going to the gov, the gov then deciding how much you should get, then handing out the rest of your money to other people that they deem worthy?  Say, for example, this 10k student loan forgiveness bullshit.

We all know people that ran up huge student debt and then spent that money on almost everything except school and THEN didn't even finish that degree OR are not even using that degree in their current employment situation or any employment situation they have ever had.  Yes, that was a long run-on sentence.  My college costs were covered by my time in the Marine Corps so I was frugal with what I spent on education and bailed on college once I started making good money in the private sector.  

How about you douches that accepted Covid money?  I personally didn't take a dime, but I know lots of you idiots that took the money despite having a job and money in savings.  Greedy fucks.

So now, Metro residents can look forward to the following stories mentioned in the news today (I am surprised they are even covering it)

1.  KS folks will be paying out the ass in natural gas prices this year.  Remember, we have so much gas in the US that we were exporting it cheaply.  Now this.
2.  Chiefs fans will not only face increased ticket prices, but those smoked ribs might need to be changed to smoked bologna due to food costs.

If you are smart, then you read this blog and know I am always right.  If you go back to posts made shortly after Biden took control I predicted almost every single economic struggle that we would face.  Socialism doesn't work.  

Dave Chappelle on the Jussie Smollett Incident

2Pac - Temptations cus its the Weekend

Afroman - Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags) cus it is the Weekend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

How are Liberals F'ing your life up today?

 I mean honestly, these dipshits think about how they can ruin your life more than
they do to improve their own lives.  They are always crying that the world is going to end from some man-made bullshit, or that the government isn't giving them enough and protecting them from themselves.  The paranoia in this group is next level.  Always in other people's business because that is how they create their own self-worth. 

1.  California will no longer sell new cars that run on gas.  Because these batteries are magic and do not require fossil fuels to charge them.  Also, ever seen how these batteries are made?  What it does do to the environment?  The fact that you cant ever dispose of them?  Good call 

2.  If you commit a crime, the government will implant a chip into your body.  No big brother here..

3.  The "mayor" of Chicago is now waying that ads against her have darkened her skin?  Are you shitting me? Is this woman now trying to run as a white person?  Even though she kept white folks in the media out of her office?  

4.  Home prices decline at a rate faster than in 2011.  Shoulda sold sooner.  Also, your home price is going down, but your property taxes are increasing.  Hmmm

5.  Super Woke Starbucks, isn't woke when it comes to Unions.  When the left eat each other it is so satisfying 

6.  Both Bidens have such crappy immune systems that they have both now caught Covid right after they were negative for Covid.  Maybe wearing a mask everywhere you go has weakened your imune system....  Or maybe you are just an ancient relic full of cognitive decline that is prone to sickness now.

7.  Italian man tested positive for Covid, MonkeyPox, and HIV all at the same time.  Look for him to be in the balcony of Biden's state of the union and keynote speaker at their convention in a couple of years.

8.  Liberals hate everything, including food, which is why they continue to push eating bugs on us.

9.  Biden gives handouts to leftists by canceling 10k off of their student loansA huge middle finger to those that served their country or worked to earn the money for a degree.  

10.  Bird Flu is racist as it only kills Black Vultures in Georgia

11.  Liberal Hollywood elitists are breaking water regulations cus they feel that they are too important to go without.  

Back to School Covid Scare - Courtesy of the KC STAR

 To start, I stopped paying for paywall access, the shit is always the same once you get past the freaking headline.  Case in Point...

So The Star ran a story about an issue that nobody gave 2 shits about regarding Covid today in an effort to regain the toxic dialogue from the past 2 years.  The site, hospitals being concerned about kids retruning to school and spreading Covid while the hospitals are short staffed............. 

Did the Star miss the latest liberal talking points?  I mean even the cowards on the left are sending their kids to school.  They got their marching orders from Fauci, who was wrong again and stated that kids staying home causes more damage than kids going to school.  So ummm.  WTF.  

Is there not a Whataburger opening this week?  Why the hell are they creating this bullshit panic?  These dipshits are even calling for kids to wear masks in class again, despite them being proven to not work!  

The story is full of contradictions.  Do yourself a favor, live your life and take what precautions that you have been for the past 8 months.  Do not buy into the panic.

Way Back Wednesday

 Yes, I know I missed last week (maybe the last couple) Way back Wednesday but I
assure you that the spot isn't going away. Since present time sucks, let's dive back into history where I am sure it sucked even more.

1.  Online inflation calculators that show inflation rates from the past and present.  

2.  NYC 1910 era

3.  Ever wonder why we call movies the "Silver Screen"?

4.  10 ways famous people from the past nearly died

5.  10 of the oldest companies in the world that are still working out of the same spot.  This link actually doesn't suck

6.  Sammy Hagar is still making music and discusses his new album here.

7.  Adams family reboot is coming soon to Netflix.  Preview

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher

A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime