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Stay Classy Missouri - Photo of the Day

Yelawolf - Let's Roll ft. Kid Rock

The Serf Report

Political Class vs. Citizens of this country

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Come for the BBQ & Stay for the Bullets

If ever there was an appropriate slogan for our chamber of commerce it is that.  How jacked up is it that people that live in the crappiest of crap neighborhoods can't even ride the crap bus without getting the crap shout out of them on their way to their crap job for crap pay?

The best part of this whole thing is that leaders in this town believe that light rail will be ridden in this town by non KCMO residents coming to the area for entertainment.  HA!  There was slim to no chance of that happening before and NOW, no freaking way.  More city money flushed down the toilet but liberal wannabe do gooders that could of used the money for more patrols through high crime areas. 

The one thing that few people are talking about is the lack of JOCO residents that are going to the Plaza.  As the JOCO population continues to move further south there aren't going to be people wanting to drive 35 minutes to get robbed or shot at (yes that is the perception)?  Especially when the same restaurants are now open on 135th street.  When Joco residents do cross the border is typically to go to Crown Center, Power and Light and the Truman Sports Complex.  That is until those areas start showing up in the news..

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Almost daily Link Blast

13 LINKS from sites that you probably didn't even knew existed.  

1.  Ever wanted to know the name of the "Twitter Bird" ?
2.  Home renovations that make sense and increase the property of your KCMO crack house.
3.  These 6 voices do 105 voices on the Simpsons.
4.  10 Creepiest Places On Earth, minus the Funkhouser bedroom
5.  I feel dirty for typing this... "The best of Weiner"
6.  15 Things that most women let their men get away with.
7.  Charles Barkley loves old white women.
8.  Crack Babies don't really exist.  BULLSHIT
9.  10 Ways to fake a Summer Vacation
10.  "urinals are Not just for men"  Ummm Yeah they are
11.  Waiting for 2nd date for sex is now considered out dated to women.  Nice!
12.  25 Summer Cocktails for men
13.  Idiots guide to grilling a steak.

Bar Rescue in Meth Town?

It is rare for anyone in JOCO to give a crap about meth town USA but it appears that one of my favorite shows is going to do an episode at one of Independence's crap holes.  

If rumors are correct then Jon Taffer could be headed to THIS PLACE.  Sadly, even that wont be enough of a reason for me to drive through that dump of a city.  

Shooter Jennings (The Gunslinger)

More BS from the NSA

NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails - ProPublica 

"There's no central method to search an email at this time with the way our records are set up, unfortunately," NSA Freedom of Information Act officer Cindy Blacker told me last week.
The system is “a little antiquated and archaic," she added."

SURRRRRE they can't search their own emails.  I believe them.  

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Nationwide Homeless Tunnel Problem

The Homeless Tunnel: People Who Live Under The Streets Of America | Global Research 

Kansas City doesn't have the market cornered when it comes to homeless engineering 

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How Much are you worth in Bed? and other sex quizzes

This might be one of the most unique online tests I have ever seen.  Although, a better result would be if someone else answered the questions for you.

"Have you ever wondered how much you might be worth for a night in bed? You would never become an escort, right? This quiz may make you think again.
Using the data we have compiled from dozens of online escorts, we think we have come up with a pretty accurate way of telling you just how much a night might be worth for your company. See how much you are worth:"

Take the Test Here and see

Other Online Sex Tests 

Charles Ramsey Update

Charles Ramsey Says He Is Homeless, Broke After Fame That Followed Ohio Kidnapping Rescue.

Where are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton at for Charles Ramsey?  Shouldn't they be helping this hero out or do they just help themselves? 

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Headline of the Day - Coat Hanger edition

Classy Right-Wing Pundit Erick Erickson Directs Liberals To Coat Hanger Sales Site After Texas Abortion Bill Passes | Alternet 

From the ROT IN HELL file

Charges filed in hit-and-run death of motorcyclist | Local News - KMBC Home

"Ronald J. O'Kelly, 24, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the April 7 death of Leroy "Buddy" Bronson."

Anyone that hits a biker (especially when drunk) deserves to rot in hell.  Is it that hard to pay attention to the road?  We aren't talking about people on roller skates, these are freaking Motorcycles.  Nothing pisses me off more then seeing someone in a car behind me with their heads down and my motorcycle in front of them.

What happens when MO enters JO

Overland Park man killed in drive-by shooting | Local News - KMBC Home

See what happens when people from Missouri enter the great state of Kansas and more specifically, Gods country (Joco).  Sadly, there wont be any moments of silence at concerts for him, nor will there be a foundation set up in his name because the shooter wasn't identified as a white male.  Because to some, that is the only time a death means something.

George Zimmerman and Obama - Picture of the day

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Remember When

Remember when threats of looting were true and not a reason to exploit a situation that you had no skin in?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A City that Cried Wolf

A verdict has been reached and guess what THE PLAZA IS STILL STANDING.  Yes, that's right, the race baiters in this town once again exploited the youth to gain some attention towards themselves. And they wonder why NOBODY believes them at all.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Levin vs Bought and Paid for Judge Debra Nelson

Cyclist Douches Be Warned

Just the Facts - A Blog by Chief John Douglass: Everybody Has to Follow the Rules 
Nothing is more irritating than a "cyclist" taking up a whole lane while going 40 mph UNDER the
speed limit. How many wrecks do these wanna be Lance Armstrongs cause each year?  

Where do Hipster Douche Bags come from you ask....

Picture of the day - Zimmerman Judge Edition

Shooter Jennings - "Outlaw You"

Rioting Rules - Repost

Just in time for your Zimmerman riot preparation 

1. Remember the Fundamentals1. Wear a mask when looting - Don't be the dumb ass on the news carrying a TV out of a Best Buy without a mask.

2. If you loot Dollar General, Dollar Tree or Dollar Store then you are too stupid to live.

3. Looting fast food joints is never a good idea. The street value of a Big Mac isn't all that high.

4. If you are driving a semi truck DONT STOP AT RED LIGHTS. You might get Reginald Denny'd

5. Wear hats and gloves. It is cold and flu season and you don't want to be the one guy out of 1000 that leaves a finger print.

6. Avoid wearing gang colors - You are there to lootriot and you don't need to the distraction of Crip Dancing.

7. Move your crap out tonight. Chances are good that you will be torching your own neighborhood.

8. Don't post pictures of you burning crap down or looting on Facebook or Instagram. This should be a no brainer but....

9. Do not check in on Foursquare at a place you are about to loot. There isn't a special badge for that (I think).

10. Rob a bum of his shopping cart so you can carry more shit.

11. If caught, tell them that your dad is the Mayor.

12. If your dad is the mayor, throw up gang signs and act like a bad ass

13. Use a task list and stay organized. You want to make the most of your experience.

14. If you want to be on TV then act and speak like a complete fool. The media will find you instantly.

15. Use a high arc when throwing your rocks. You don't want to be the guy that looks all over for the perfect rock to throw and throw it right at the riot shields.

16. Goggles are great against water cannons.

17. Rioting in the burbs isn't cool. Hipsters love "the city"

18. Use the bathroom before you leave. It is rude to piss or crap in the streets when rioting.

19. The early bird gets the worm. Don't wait for the official results to come in. If you feel that Zimmerman is going to walk hen you should be in position now.


Report: Napolitano to Resign | The Weekly Standard

One of the most corrupt politicians/law enforcement officers in American history is finally calling it quits.  I guess her work on destroying the lives of law enforcement officers and wiping her ass with our constitution is finally done.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Liberals Screw Over The poor AGAIN

D.C. Council approves ‘living wage’ bill over Wal-Mart ultimatum - The Washington Post

You have to love how the liberals just F'd the people of D.C. in the rear with no KY on this one.

1.  You lose 1800 jobs from a blighted community
2.  The residents of that community will not receive the savings that Box Stores can bring.  If you read through the stories on this you will find that residents have been begging for Wal Mart to open a store in their hood.
3.  The City can count on ZERO new proposals from other companies to open stores in that area.

Is there more to the story than his?  Is here a hidden agenda (like lower property values) by the liberals in D.C.  There has to be.

Photo of he right is of the other DC that nobody talks about.

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Government has ALL of your info

When you look at this slide and then go to this link you might start asking yourself what country you live in.  This isn't the America that I know

IHOP vs. Gay people of Uganda

Foiled in the United States, Anti-Gay Evangelicals Spread Hate in Africa | Mother Jones 

And another local cult of psycho's is making international headlines.  

Almost Daily LInk Blast

Because you don't know what is interesting. 

1.  Orgasm Infographic - Crap you should know but probably don't
2.  The Art of Punk - Dead Kennedy's 
3.  Kathleen Parker has fantasies about Sara Palin getting knocked up and is jealous of her womb.
4.  If Obesity is now a disease then Christina finally found her cure.
5.  What does your grill say about you?  If you live in Prairie Village then it probably says that you are a pansy.
6.  Do Skinny Husbands ever have Fat wives on TV?
7.  New app lets you get paid to be a Snitch.
8. 7 Awesome resignation letters
9.  Teen Gets Jailed, Registered as Sex Offender for Having Sex with a Female While 'Pretending' to Be a Boy | Alternet
10.  10 most shocking things that the FBI has done since 9.11
11.  FISA court is a sham
12.  Blue Eyed kids are smarter than brown eyed ones.
13.  The dictator wants his minions to spy on other minions.  Sound familiar?
14.  Ice Cube isn't a big fan of Dwight Howard going to Houston
15.  10 kids games that got banned by liberals.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Ernest Evans Guest Post

Ernest Asked me to share this with my readers

Dear Mr. Abouhalkah: 
 First, to set the record straight:  I think that there need to be some significantly increased restrictions on the sale of guns. Second, the Mayor is "dodging the blame" when he says he can do nothing about crime as long as the GOP-controlled legislature in Missouri will not pass such additionaly restrictions on guns.  The Mayor, the Police Board, the Star  and the community leaders can do a great deal to fight crime.  First, the Mayor:  Make a speech saying as long as he is mayor and a member of the Police Board any KCPD officer accused of racist misconduct will get due process. Second, the Police Board:  Issue a public statement telling the men and women of the KCPD that if accused of racist misconduct  they will get due process.  Third, the Star:  Run the op-ed of mine that has been sitting on the Editorial Board's desk for five years:  The one that says:  "It is just as wrong to deny due process to a white police officer in 2008 accused of racism as it was to deny due process to a black man in 1908 accused of raping a white woman."  Fourth, the community leaders:  Say that they will stop threatening convention boycotts to get their way on controversial issues of police misconduct. The crime wave in KCMO that has been going on for the past five years is exclusively in the black neighborhoods and was sparked by the mishandling of the Salva tragedy by the city's political class--due to that mishandling, out of sheer self-survival the cops stopped doing their job in the black neighborhoods of the city.  Mr. Mayor, wake up and smell the coffee. Our city's crime disaster is not going to be solved by the Missouri state legislature.  Take care and God bless.  Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans

Picture of the Day

George Zimmerman is going to be RIch

CNN Broadcasts Zimmerman Social Security Number 

How does a news organization that has been around for over 20 years do something like this on accident?  They Don't.  This was done on purpose by some douche bag at CNN.

Hood Report

News stories that you seldom hear from the land of Joco

  1. Psycho woman with gasoline decides to turn bus into her own smoker.
  2. Crappy building collapses in KCK.  Best part is that 15 people were evacuated from a building that has been empty for 6 years.  
  3. Joco has door to door girl scout cookie sales.  East Side has door to door dead people.
  4. "This is crazy. They burnt these people from head to toe. From every part of their bodies you can possibly think, private parts and all. This is crazy,"  - Grandview Representing 

Support Firefighters Families

'Perfect storm' wildfire raging in Arizona claims 19 men in elite unit - U.S. News 

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