Saturday, August 31, 2013

Above The Law - 4 the Funk of It

Kansas Parents Read This!

KS Parent Want Sex Offender Law - KMBZ 

If you are like me then you just assumed that sex offenders couldn't live within a certain distance of
schools and parks in Kansas.  We have all heard it 100 times haven't we?  Well we/they were all wrong.

In the state of Kansas it is ok for previously convicted child rapist to live next to where your kids spend their days and walk in front of on their way to school.

The WIre - School kick off!

Keeping it Crappy all year long!

1.  Rapist start early in he KCMOSD.  14 and 15 year old students showing just how well the district turn around is going.
2.   East Side woman is lucky that the aim is bad over there.
3.  Deer shooters get caught, People shooters don't. 
4.  East Side residents are still waiting for their over priced police station.

Nicky Getz Amazing Race

MLB wives Nicky Getz, Kim DeJesus team up on The Amazing Race | News

How is it that the worst player on the Kansas City Royals has a wife like this?  I guess 1.05 million dollars a year helps.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If you have a secret service detail

Northeast News » NEKC Taste and Tour ready to tickle your taste buds 

Then be sure to tour the always safe and homely NE part of town......

SMSD Leadership Morons

Remember when the SMSD was the best district in the city?  Where common sense overruled liberal ideals that set many other districts back?  Well it is obvious that the current leadership is trying to go the PC route by "taking strongest stand possible against firearms on school property".  

That's right folks, people that want to shoot up schools, buses and sporting events will now be frightened of the No Guns on premises signs that will go up district wide.  Even though this tactic has proven to be more symbolism than substance through out the nation, the SMSD believes that it will work this time.  

Maybe they believe that since the literacy rate in JOCO is amongst the highest in the nation that suicidal murdering maniacs will READ their sign and stop.  

50 years ago today Americans Learned

50 years ago today people in America learned of the divorce between Charles & Diana.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New York in one Photo

El Pollo Rey

I finally made it to El Pollo Rey this week and I wasn't let down one bit. The chicken at this place is probably the best in the city (including Strouds) and the service was equally as good.  

Things of note

  • The Argentine area presents a sense of community that is hard to find in the metro.  
  • The number of open businesses in that area is amazing.  Kudos to the hard working people of the Argentine area for building a community full of small businesses that employ locals. 
  • You must order the whole chicken because the half wont last once you get a taste.  
  • The wings are good but nothing special 
  • The fresh tortillas were Awesome!  Half of them didn't make it home.
  • If you are afraid of going to places where english is the 2nd language then you wont like this place.  A plus to that though is that there isn't a single person from Prairie Village or Leawood there.   

Picture of the Day

Obama's Other Two Sons

WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies | Spokane/E. WA - 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Shawnee WT Acts Up

If ever there were a poster woman for WT it is this ugly hag.  Just by looking at her I can smell the menthol cigs and spilled cup of soup.

Demi Lovato nude pics

Coming Soon?????

Why The 2,776 NSA Violations Are No Big Deal

Picture of the Day - Public Service Edition

Crap to do in KC

Kansas City Irish Fest and Independence’s Santa-Cali-Gon Days! Coming Soon! « Kansas City Children's Activities: KC Kids Fun

Almost Daily Link Blast

Summer Break is officially over and we will now return to our previously interrupted programs.

1.  The 7 nasty things we do for love. 
2.  How Americans are having umm sex since 1950.
3.  Terrorist TV Launches in America 
4.  Cumulus Radio Blows
5.  Danzig thinks that Obama is a murderer 
6.  Ball State student gets free tuition by sinking basket.
7.  10 People to avoid at Amusement Parks.
8.  Batman Mugshots
9.  10 Orwellian Technologies That Exist Today - Listverse
10.  WTF is a Death Cafe you ask?
11.  Boys Knee is a breeding ground for Sea Snails
12.  Pa. woman accused of keeping disabled cousin chained to bed | Fox News

Flying Saucer Takes Over Beer Fest

KC Beer Fest ownership, brand sold to Flying Saucer, Cordish Co. - Kansas City Business Journal 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time to Catch Up

After taking a week off from this site it is time to catch back up and give some short takes on the past current events.  

Friday, August 02, 2013

Picture of the Day

Conspiracy Theory - Weekend Edition

So the NSA and Obama administration have come under fire for pissing on the constitution and all the sudden we have a weekend shutdown of our embassies etc?  A shutdown that hasn't happened for a loooooooooooong time and it is a specific threat?

You just know that they will credit their metadata harvesting as the reason they were able to "prevent" this attack.