Thursday, February 28, 2008


It goes in this blog. What a great story about a Marine beating the odds and making the most of his situation.


1. GOING GREEN KILLS ANIMALS. The epic battle of PETA vs Tree Huggers is finally coming to our area. I am siding with PETA on this, animals are real and global warming is a myth.

2. When you have a fire at your house do you call a plumber? Then why is the "Task Force" (so over used) to fix the KCMO school district headed by a Mayor, a Reverend and a bunch of race baiters?
"The Rev. Wallace Hartsfield, who will be a co-chairman; state Sen. Yvonne Wilson; David Oliver of the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City; businessman Ajamu Webster, teachers’ union president Judy Morgan; district parent Daisy Price; Freda Mendez Smith of MANA de Kansas City; NAACP board member Carl Evans; the Rev. Anyanwu Cox of the Black Agenda Group; Susan Stanton, interim president of the United Way of Greater Kansas City; and Central High School senior Ricky Hicks."

3. BREAKING NEWS! ARE YOU READY! SIT DOWN! There was a shooting in KCMO last night. THAT IS ALL.

4. UPDATE: Last night I posted that a man with a knife was holding off a swat team armed with assault weapons. Well it gets even better. The man stabbed himself THEN gave himself up. I don't know which side looks worst in this.

5. Alcoholics in Penn. get an early Christmas present. If this takes off look for it to be used in Kansas City's East Side. Dream with me for just one minute. Imagine it is 6am on a lovely spring morning on Prospect. The bird is chirping, the gang bangers are just getting in from a good night of jacking and drive by shootings, a pack of stray dogs are fighting with the homeless for the scraps in a local dumpster and the drug dealers are up splitting up their package. When all of the sudden here comes a convoy of commerce cruising in from the South. Mobile Liquor Stores, payday loan shops, gun stores, the Korean grocer and even a mobile church all coming to set up shop next to a vacant building. 5pm rolls around and they get behind the wheel and take off. This is freaking brilliant!

6. Who ever cased out this robbery is a dumb ass.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


FOX 4 is proud to celebrate Black History month. The have a commercial stating this......Seriously, that is all the commercial says.


I just got done reading this story and it made no sense at all. How does a guy with a KNIFE "hold off" a swat team with guns? Is this guy some circus performer with incredible knife throwing skills?

I guess if a woman can rob a bank with a box of chocolates then anything is possible.


I have been saying it for months. Street gangs in the United States are nothing more and nothing less than terrorist. Seriously what is the difference between what goes on here and over in Israel? It sickens me that we continue to let this go on with little or no effort to stop it. Sure this incident happened in LA but let us not kid ourselves into believing that this could never happen in our metro area.

Everyday the headlines in the papers and the first 10 minutes of the 10pm news are filled with homicides, shootings, drive by shootings & drug busts. The thing that they leave out is "gang related". It is almost as if there is an unwritten rule in our area that this subject is taboo. Ignoring and not reporting on a problem doesn't make it go away.

Is it going to take a sick act like the one that took place in LA before we open our eyes? Hell I doubt that even kids getting lit up like christmas trees isn't enough to drag the media and blogger attention away from the trivial crap that almost every in this town covers.

I AM THE PARENT OF A 6 YEAR OLD (god I am old)

Yesterday was my daughters 6th birthday and it is hard to believe that she hasn't always been in my life and for a moment I thought she wasn't going to be. When she was born we had a bit of a scare. After she got weighted, measured and cleaned up the nurse took her into the room to be with my wife and 3 minutes later she started turning purple. They rushed her out of the room and put her on monitors and a machine to help her breathe. I felt completely helpless but had to remain calm for my wife who couldn't leave her room. I will never forget sitting by her with her little fingers gripping my pinkie wishing that I could do something. By the end of the day she was doing better and she has been as close to perfection as one can get ever since.

The thoughts of her struggling haunted me for months and years afterwards and it made it hard for me to bond with her. In the back of my head I always had the extreme high I felt when she was born followed immediately by the fear of losing her and I didn't want to feel that way again. It wasn't until the birth of my 2nd child that I was able to let my guard down and allow myself to bond with the oldest. Now we are best buddies and she is truly a daddy's girl.


Emmanuelle Chriqui PICS

THE TRUTH - Paul Pierce

Natalie Portman is Hot


1. All of my flights on Southwest Airlines confirms what these two girls are saying.

2. Kids get a lesson in the food chain by python.

3. KCMO school district has an "early college campus" opening? Finally something to challenge Union Station for poor turnout. What's next, a Nordstroms on Prospect?

4. KCK drug market faces setback.

5. This could be the only thing that the mayor of kcmo hasn't been accused of doing.


That is the question that students faced at Schlagle yesterday. It appears that instead of teaching kids history, math, english & science the "educators" at the before mentioned place of learning feel that skin color should be the focus this week.

Seriously, this is freaking funny. KCK is the best!

If I was one of these kids being split up by the color of my skin compared to a freaking sack I would be pissed.

Brown bags lead to brown signs on the side of the road begging for change.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


If the job market in the metro is a toilet then it is about to have the biggest turd it has ever seen chip the porcelain.


1. Chaos will strike the homosexual community at 5:30pm.

2. 7 year old crack dealer takes Jersey by storm.

3. Just when you think you have gotten in all of the candidates for the 2008 Mother of the Year award............. This chicks 16 month old tests positive for cocaine.

4. Hollywood nails the casting description for the people of West Virginia. Finally a career path for K State Grads.

5. KCMO shows once again why they are considered the Varsity squad. Murder number 17 today puts them 8 ahead of the pace they were on for last year. Could this be a record year?

6. Catholic Church is against the Science City body exhibit, saying it isn't suitable for kids.......If I was the PR rep for Science City I would shoot a reply back "Are Catholic Priest suitable for kids".

7. Bad aim to blame for this poor attempt at murder in KCMO. Swope just isn't what it use to be back in the 90's.

8. KCK will now be producing some of the funniest reality shows ever. Good god these tapes are going to be funny.

Monday, February 25, 2008


My theory of cold weather preventing crimes in the hood held up once again. Today was a balmy 48 degrees and guess who made it back into the headlines?
1. Man shot in his car while cruising scenic Parallel Parkway.

2. Death of infant under investigation off of N. 33rd street.

3. Remember the days when murderers had some work ethic? If you killed someone you took the corpse into the woods or dumped them into the river. Now they are just dropping bodies in manhole covers in KCK.
UPDATE: It turns out they were animal bones. Still pretty damn lazy.

I for one would like to welcome you back to the headlines. This place just isn't the same without you.

evangeline lilly PICS


These movies represent some of my absolute favorite movies. These are in absolutely no order.
1. Menace 2 Society
2. Paid N Full
3. Belly
4. Boyz N da Hood
5. American Me
6. Colors
7. Goodfellas
8. The Godfather
9. The Departed
10. Casino
11. Scarface
12. Donnie Brasco
13. Carlitos way
14. Reservoir Dogs
15. Pulp Fiction


Here are some quick scores in todays news.

Team Score
John Deere..................1
Monk...........................0 FINAL

Flight attendant.........1
Passenger....................o FINAL

Circus Lion.................1
9 year old....................0 FINAL

ICE AGE.......................1
Global Warming .........0 FINAL

GYNO.......................... 300
PATIENTS.................... 0 FINAL


There are two things that signal the end of Winter.

1. Spring training for baseball
2. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

This year the people at SI have offered everyone a video sneak peak. There are over 50 videos available to view for those of you looking to buy some new swim wear for your wife or girlfriend?


If the fat dancing hippo dude is still alive I might of found him a new gig. It is in MLB & in Florida. There is no pay BUT he gets free tickets to games.


Being that it is almost the end of Black History month I was starting to feel guilty for not participating in any celebrations. I watched a little BET, caught the NBA all star game, ate at Gates and watched a rerun of Flava of love but I still didn't feel like I had done enough. That is all about to change.

The same people that brought you the MLK day celebration in JOCO are also going to rid you of your joco "white guilt" for black history month. Where would the rest of JOCO be in regards to multicultural events if it weren't for these good people?
Items on the agenda.
1. Food Tasting
2. Teen Summit
3. Historical displays & Books

Doesn't that sound like a good time? I will see you all there and remember when you think diversity, think BLUE VALLEY.


I don't really have a whole lot to add to this story. In short a man dies eating cake....... Yes you read that correct. We are a society full of highly intelligent people. No need for an autopsy, stupidity is the cause of death.

Thinning of the herd continues.


I have bit my tongue much of this basketball season but that is about to stop. I can no longer sit back and hope that Bill Self can turn this team of around. If it was going to happen, it would of already.

Never before have I seen a KU team show no heart, no effort and most importantly no freaking CLUE.

Darrell Arthur, Brandon Rush & Mario Chalmers are nowhere near ready for the NBA

The only players that play with any emotion are Jackson & Robinson. The two players that were suppose to be after thoughts when compared to the spoiled brats mentioned above.

If they come out ranked in the top 10 this week it will be a joke. This team should be ranked 15th in the country.


1. KCMO cops suck at car chases. This is nothing new but it is good to see that they ran into each other rather than hitting an innocent passer by.

2. KCMO woman gets death penalty for traffic warrants. If only they were this tough on violent criminals.

3. Bill & Hillary continue to crack me up this election. The one time fierce and deadly duo that form Clinton Inc are starting to resemble Fredo more than Sonny. Their latest attempt on Osama Obama are hilarious.

4. I wonder if Hillary shed a tear after she did this to a 12 year old rape victim. She has such a warm heart.

5. Jason Whitlock is more dangerous that Bin Laden? Maybe if you are standing between him and a buffet.

6. Why can't my cat follow the lead of these animals?


Friday, February 22, 2008


1. If I haven't said it before I will say it now. Home Buying Sucks. People that find this stuff exciting and fun are complete loons. The paperwork, hidden additional cost and slowness of the process can only be compared to hearing Hillary Clinton read me the Koran while naked as I sit in a tub of battery acid getting my fingernails pulled. It takes all of the fun out of the deal.

2. Winter sucks. I actually looked forward to winter this year because it had been so hot all summer. This crap that we are going through now is unbearable.

3. Along the lines of "Winter Sucks" is you bastards can't drive a lick in this town. I have said it before but this weather has just reminded me of how terrible the drivers in this city are. If you feel the need to go 5mph THEN WALK!

4. If anyone has any neon bar signs they are looking to dump EMAIL ME.

5. If it is a crappy neon bar sign don't email me.

6. For those of you that are concerned Skeletor (our cat) is still alive. I think she was one of the original 2 cats that got on the arc with Noah's posse.

7. I type everything in lists. I do this because many of you are like me you want it quick and to the point with a link to the main topic for further reading if you choose.

8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but stop copying my crap!

9. I am going to be one broke ass Uncle. There are kids falling out of the sky all around me. The month of May is going to be more expensive than freaking Christmas due to all of the new arrivals.

10. My dog has terrible gas. The past few weeks have been brutal inside the house. Our little wiener dog has been dropping more bombs than a terrorist with CP.

11. Note to self: When your daughter invites you to a tea party you better freaking go. Last Sunday I got caught up watching the race and completely forgot about the Tea Party that my oldest was putting together. Well last night she used that fact to guilt me.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I take shots at the east side on a daily basis there is no getting around that. That area makes Afghanistan looks like JOCO in comparison.

Saying that I was delighted to read this story this morning. This man is a true hero.


Common sense right? Then why is it that all I have heard today is that the kids in JOCO are in school today but the kids in Missouri aren't.


Earlier this week I posted a link to a story about a man that ate his landlords dog. BUT After reading this story I am not sure which dog is worst off.

"He also can be found on an Internet Web site where people show photos and tell stories about sex with animals, Capt. Darrell Haynes said."




Wednesday, February 20, 2008


When will the racism end?


Does anyone ever wonder what would happen to this city if we DID get hit with a major storm? If this were to happen in November or December chances are that you would be prepared but not now. We have been hearing tales of "The Perfect Storm" for 4 months now with little or no results. Starting yesterday the cycle started all over again. Fakie, the gay dudes are all hyping yet another winter storm that is suppose to hit us Thursday & Saturday and I don't believe a word they are saying.

Just wait until Tornado season when our group of carnival performers end up causing someone their life because NOBODY BELIEVES THE WEATHER PEOPLE ON TV.


1. This is another instance of something bad happening at a store that I could give a crap about. If this were to happen at a Hen House or Price Chopper it would be news but who gives a crap about Sun Fresh? Oh yeah, this dude got shot.

2. The two master minds who orchestrated the great Subway heist and Family Dollar robbery are finally in custody. Rumor has it that they were plotting out a robbery of a Hot Dog cart when caught.

3. KCK 7 year old representing his hood. With the news that the murder rate was down last year it appears that the a new recruitment effort has begun. After seeing Omar shot and killed by a 10 year old on "The Wire" last night, this hits home.

4. This headline has created a burn into my monitor that will not go away; "KC police seek murder suspect".

5. DOG, It's whats for dinner!

6. Sex Ed canceled in South Carolina!!!!!