Friday, December 28, 2012

Worst of Kansas City 2012

These aren't opinions, these are facts.

1.  Biggest Local Hypocrite - Dana Wrights stance on guns (especially after Newtown) yet having a gun show run several commercials during her show during that exact time frame
2.  Biggest Athlete disappointment - Eric Hosmers flop this year is worst than any crap that the Chiefs had this year.
3.  Worst Radio Station - 710.  Does anyone listen to this channel?  They use to have the nutjob show on at night and now they don't even have that.
4.  Biggest Douche Bag neighborhood - Lionsgate.
5.  Worst Radio Show Host - The guy that comes on before Rush on 980.  I listened to the show the first week and haven't bothered listening since.  Nothing more than a bad Conan O'Brien wannabe hipster.
6.  Worst Johnson County City - Prairie Village.  The uptight snobs have taken douche bag elitism to a level never seen before.  Oh, and lets not forget their closing of the Christmas House on Falmouth.  Assholes. Worst Metro City - Independence.  This place might be the biggest eyesore in the Midwest
7.  Worst Parents - Baby Lisa's WT parents.
8.  Biggest Joke of a Person in KC - Kyle James and his wannabe gangsta rapping self.  Malibus Most wanted is more gangster than this silver spoon daddies boy.
9.  Worst Local Politician - Todd Akin.  This guy was probably the worst candidate in the history of candidates.
10.  Worst Local Church - International House of Prayer.  This cult is dangerous.
11.  Dumbest thing said on Radio - "When did this city get so violent?" Dana Wright KMBZ .
12.  Worst Media decision - Paywall by KC STAR.  - There were several good candidates for this one but the Star charging  $109 a YEAR takes the cake.
13.  Worst Retail Blight.  95th and Metcalf. Kmart, Metcalf South and abandoned towers....
14.  Biggest Government blunder - KS DMV and then considering charging us all a $2 fee to make up for their mistakes.
15.  Worst JOCO Celebration - Old Settlers days - When you can't tell the carnies from the residents you might have a problem.
16.  Worst School in Joco - SM West wins this one.  Remember the kid with the knife?  Have you seen their test scores?
17.  Biggest Threat to Freedom in KC - Phil Cosby and the American Family Association.  If you ever had any doubts about the extremism of the religious right then statue gate should of eliminated them

Monday, December 24, 2012

Fire Fighters Murdered in NY

4 firefighters shot, killing 2, gunman found dead at scene of Western NY blaze | Fox News

I hope this asshole burned to death.  As always, please go and support the Leary Firefighter Foundation so that they can assist these families or go to the Webster County Fire Department.

Almost Christmas Link Blast

This is my 2nd to last post of the year.  Next post will be my "Worst of Kansas City" list.  

1.  NORAD vs. GOOGLE - Santa Tracker showdown
2.  Irish Christmas Traditions - Yes we do exist outside of March.
3.  10 Funny as hell Letters to Santa.
4.  Give the Gift of Sex for Christmas
5.  The Story behind the Elf on the Shelf.Mou
6.  Timeline of Top selling Christmas Gifts.
7. - No it's not a strip club
8.  The Ultimate Christmas Tree - Overland Park, Ks.
9.  It's not Christmas without Mr. Hanky.
10.  Emmet Otter is a Christmas classic.
11.  Amazing Christmas Lights
12.  Sexy and I know it Christmas Lights AWEOME
13.  Rocky Mountain Christmas House.
14.  Disney's Christmas celebration has over 200k in lights.

Mickey Mouse - Christmas (Santa Workshop) and Decorations - MUST Watch

The Wire - Not a creature was stirring except for

Dealers, Gangsters, Pimps, HO's, Jackers, Robbers, Arsonist, WT....

porky pig's blue Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama Lies, people die

1.  Piers Morgan goes Douche Bag over guns.  This guy is a joke and never has any facts to back any of his points.  No wonder CNN Blows more than a Kardashian.
2.  Hillary Clinton uses Headache to get out of Benghazi incompetence hearing which puts the blame on HER.
3.  GM is alive???  Another Obama and Union Thug lie
4.  The Federal Post Office finds yet another way to steal tax payer money.
5.  Obama Profits off the Massacre of First Graders.
6.  Kids would still be alive in the Wealthy paid more in taxes?  Well, our King thinks so.
7.  Another Murder by an OBAMA Fast & Furious Gun.  How many has he tallied up so far?
8.  Minorities wonder why the antigun crowd doesn't care if they are slaughtered.  Simple answer, Liberals are racist and are destroying the black community.  Abortion clinics, guns, booze, drugs, welfare, failed schools etc.. Thank your local or national liberal politician for that.

The picture to the right is that of the latest victim of the Obama Gun Running Operation. 

Coddled Ass Clowns

What happens when you become a nation of emotional uneducated insecure coddled douche bags? You are looking at it.  

When you close down state run mental hospitals you end up with a society full of barely functioning psychopaths walking the streets among us.  When you coddle a bunch of kids and tell them that nothing is their fault, there are no winners or losers, competition is evil, you don't punish them and you fill them full of pills to control them you end up with a bunch of functioning psychopaths among us.  Oh yeah, these people vote too.

Now you have a government exploiting the slaughtering of innocent children and teachers so that they can RAISE CAMPAIGN CASH, take guns away, raise taxes etc...  Is this real compassion? Is blaming innocent people for the actions of a psychopath the answer?  Making citizens of this country feel guilty and bad about themselves is going to fix a culture of crap?  Why can't we for the first time BLAME THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  The guilty parties here are the mother for not securing her weapons and the psycho son.  Not you, not me and not the guy next door.

I feel terrible about the mass murder that took place in Conn. last Friday.  When you have kids in that age bracket it hits home and you get angry and you want to do all you can to protect them from this happening again.  I however had hatred and rage towards the shooter and those that enabled him to commit this crime.  My first thought wasn't to attack gun owners, mine was to attack the man that did this.  Yet some of you douche bags immediately went after an inanimate object that is worthless without a user.  Cowards.  Are you afraid to discuss mental illness or living conditions or poor parenting etc...?  Are you afraid of putting a label on a psycho?  I guess it isn't politically correct to do that right?

Amazing how this stuff never happened back when we weren't afraid to talk about people that way or handle it how we saw fit.  Now we blame bullying, depression, unfair economic conditions, lack of prayer in school, front door security, spending bills in congress, video games, music, tv, movies, radio shows  AND NOT THE FUCKING SHOOTER.

Making a clip smaller (they will just use multiple clips), limiting the legal purchase of firearms (these are almost always stolen firearms), limiting ammunition (it's not that hard to make a bullet) etc.. will not end this problem.  No, it will just send all this underground where we have NO control of it whatsoever.  Drugs are illegal right?  Possession, distribution and use all illegal and yet we have an even worst drug problem then we did before the "war on drugs".  All that we did was make it controlled buy violent criminals just like we did with prohibition.

Now picture that with guns.  Sounds wonderful doesn't it???

Monday, December 17, 2012

Merrill Wheel of Blame

Our friend and greatly missed radio personality had a great segment today on KOGO

Christmas Carol Bullying

Parents Say Christmas Carols are Form of Bullying | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes 

What a bunch of Douche Bags.  

Hayden Panettiere - Esquire ummm yeah

Star Charges For Online Viewing?


What a joke.  Who the hell is going to pay for this crap when there are 50 other sources of FREE local news on the internet?  The Star just became irrelevant 

$109 for a year of reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

EVERLAST "The Stone In My Hand"

Almost Daily Link Blast

I scrapped all scheduled posts this weekend because it didn't feel right being sarcastic when bodies of 1st graders were laying motionless in a classroom in Ct.  

BUT back to business. 

1.  Rick Ross is as real as Santa Clause. 
2.  Cosmo provides a service for women and reviews ummm Sex toys...
3.  5 Must Make Cocktails this Christmas
4.  Pick up your Hipster Starter Kit today
5.  12 Awesome Coke Vending Machines
6.  How to get Free Stuff
7.  Internet Porn Makes you Forgetful
8.  25 Ugliest Buildings in the world
9.   SWAT online has the gear you need to survive in 2013
10.  10 Epic Tech Gadget Failures


Suspect in standoff is dead after fatal shooting of two Topeka officers - 

The only thing wrong with this story is that the suspect didn't suffer a long drawn out death.  

RIP Officers: Cpl. David Gogian and Officer Jeff Atherly 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Tragedy - Speechless

CBS News: 27 Dead, Including 18 Children, In Elementary School Shooting In Newtown, Conn. « CBS New York 

I am home watching the news right now as they report that 18 Kindergarten kids were slaughtered by 2 psychopaths wearing ski masks in Connecticut.  Being the parent of two kids in elementary school I cant even imagine what these parents are going through.  

There isn't a hell hot enough for this coward.

People suck

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The New ESPN Racist

Rob Parker Hates RGIII because of his race

Rob Parker, a contributor for ESPN’s “First Take” morning show, questioned Griffin’s standing as a black man, asking whether the quarterback was a “cornball brother,” and later saying that the black quarterback is “not one of us.”

What a douche bag.  ESPN needs to get rid of his ass NOW

Picture of the Day

Google Porn Search

Google updates image search algorithm, makes it harder to find porn - TechSpot 

And suddenly Bing became the most popular browser among Catholic Priest and School Teachers. 

Iphone 5 Suckers

This is exactly why I switched to my Samsung Note from my Iphone.  Who has the money to keep up with Apple and their 2 new phones each year?  Sure they say that the apps etc... work with all the phones BUT we all know that the performance is terrible.  New apps are built for the processing speed and screen resolution of the new phones and Ipads.

AND if you purchased an Iphone 5 recently then you really got screwed.  Yup, they lowered the price of a phone that hasn't even been out for 3 months.  Enjoy!

I will stick with Apple when it comes to Tablets (the Ipad 3 is amazing) but skip them on the phones for awhile.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kansas City Missouri "Schools"

Police arrest teen in assault on vice principal | Local News - KMBC Home 

Here is the money quote of this story

"It's getting pretty rough. It's like the gangs are taking over. The school tries to do what it can, but as soon as they leave school, it's a whole other world," he said.
"The whole front of the building is trashed. They don't keep it up," said neighbor Joe Wax. "There's no discipline. Kids are always hanging out the window, cursing at people."

Let's face it.  Joe Clark would drop his baseball bat and pick up an uzi if he had to go to a KCMO school

Art F's over History

KC Art Institute to demolish historic Donaldson House on Oak Street next week - 

Did the Art Institute get new leadership recently?  I never really heard  anything bad about them until the past two weeks.  Anyone that donates money to these tools after these past few weeks is seriously not paying attention.

Hoffa Calls for War

You would of thought that the idiot would of learned a lesson from his past family members

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Obama's War Has Started

What a bunch of pansy ass WT. Picking on a guy when they out number him 2000 to 1. Another reason to avoid buying union products

Unions make sense? Maybe in 1903

The country becomes stronger once these corrupt unions lose their hold on society.

I am truly enjoying watching the idiots stand in the snow and protest a bill allowing people freedom to make a choice.  Organized labor is nothing more than a way to blackmail corporations and hide lazy inept workers.  Their actions do nothing more than bankrupt city, state and federal governments and force jobs overseas.

Union leaders are nothing more than corrupt televangelist.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

N. Joco Residents are doomed

Plans to build another outer loop highway are on the way and people in Joco that own property inside of 435 should be worried.  If this plan becomes reality then you can kiss your property value good bye and witness the Bannistering of everything North of College Blvd and East of Renner.  

Joco leaders lack any and all concern for the damage that sprawl causes to areas that are currently thriving and other parts of the county that are struggling that are currently inside the loop.  Roeland Park, Fairway, Merriam and parts of Shawnee are all ready crap holes, can you imagine how bad those areas will be if this takes place?

Ed Eilert and the rest of the old ass elitist in this town could careless about the future of this county.  They won't be alive to see Northern Joco turn into a crap hole.  No they will just enjoy the power that they will have if this project gets the  go ahead.

They will have fun seizing property from citizens and determining the price of the land that they jack from private citizens. Eilert and his buddies have a long history of power grabbing and influence peddling.  Ever hear of the Mall of the Suburbs?  Remember how much they purchased that piece of crap bowling alley that NOBODY wanted to buy......

Thursday, December 06, 2012

We are Middle Class Fools

We once lived in a country full of War Heroes, Pioneers, Settlers and mob bosses but it looks like that has all been replaced by a bunch of self serving leftist douche bags and elitist scum.  These douche bags go against everything that this country was founded on.

They use their freedom of speech to control your freedom of speech and religion.  If they see you happy and successful they want to ruin it and will claim that your happiness makes them sad.  This is no longer just a small portion of our country, it is HALF.

They piss on you and your happiness as they reach into your wallet and take your money.  

Half of the people in America hate what it stands for, it's traditions, symbols and freedoms granted to us under the constitution.  They are jealous of us and our normal happy middle class life.

Leftist claim to be after the rich but when do you ever hear about the rich getting screwed by this group?  Never.  It's always us.  The wealthy have enough cash to handle anything thrown at them and enough ways to hide money that it never gets taken from them.

47% of the country hates our constitution and 2% are above the constitution.

The top 2% and bottom 47%  don't give a crap about the normal everyday family guy.  Think about it.

The bottom 47% live off of our tax dollars and the top 2% live off of the profits me make them.  All legislation that goes through congress is in favor of one of those two groups getting more power or money from us.

Why do you think that they pass laws and regulations that increase our retirement age and strip us from our retirement finances? Because they need us working 24/7.  They need our money.  Everyone needs the labor or wages of the middle class except of course the middle class (according to them).

And what do we get in return?  Crappy schools, bad infrastructure, corrupt elections, over regulation of our lives, spied on by our government, robbed of health care, foreclosed houses and the restriction of our speech etc...  Sounds good doesn't it?

God forbid someone wanted to say "Merry Christmas", put up a Christmas tree, drink a large coke, eat meat or drive the car you want.  Hell no. Those actions would destroy the world right?   One more large coke and the world as we know it is over.

Tell me again how we are a free people and I will laugh in your face at your ignorance.  Wake up lemmings.  We are getting F'd with no Vaseline.  We aren't even getting a kiss on the cheek or thank you when they are done because they are too busy thinking of new ways to F you.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Collapse of Civilization

Anyone else look at the headlines today and wonder how the hell we are still up and running?  We are not generation X or Y etc.. no, we are generation RIP. Freedoms being robbed, slaughters and executions taking place in public, rape mobs etc.. WTF people?

What happened to people that wanted to enjoy life, raise a family, travel and give back?  How would a Zombie Apocalypse be any worst than this?  

2.  Executions and AK-47's overtaking Detroit.
6.  Government using cameras to issue false tickets to raise money.
7.  Freedom to eat while driving is a thing of the past
8.  Government refuses to set record straight with the families of those that were murdered and raped in Benghazi 
10.  You are being watched by Big Brother more than you think.

For each criminal action there is an action taken to take away freedom from the rest of society.  Government must protect your feelings at all costs right?

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cold Blooded Belcher

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher spent night with other woman before murder-suicide -

People that defended this Murderer, felt sorry for him or try to blame guns for this crime are eating their words today.  This drunk cheating bastard isn't deserving of a single fuck given about him.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Whitlock Agenda - "gun culture"

Grandstanding and tragedy poaching at its finest

Jason Whitlock takes this opportunity to slam the 2nd amendment instead of the mentality of a murderer.  The mention of a "gun culture" is ignorant and distracts from the real issues that took place yesterday.  WTF is a gun culture?  

  • Is Belchers gun ownership the reason their was a dispute between the two?
  • Is Belchers gun ownership the reason he handled conflicts violently?
  • Is Belchers gun ownership the reason he couldn't hand his inner demons correctly?

The answer is NO.  It is easy to blame gun ownership instead of blaming the way he was raised, coached, taught, chemically made up etc.. Do we blame Ford for drunk drivers?  Banks for robbery?  Gates BBQ for Whitlocks fatness?

Personal responsibility has to come in to play at some point doesn't it?

And lets not forget that Whitlocks favorite music label is the local label, Strange Music.  It's not a big secret that the label is made up of Blood gang member and received its initial funding from the gang.

Update From New York Post
"It didn’t help that he was drinking every day and taking painkillers while dealing with the effects of debilitating head injuries, the friend said."

But I am sure that the fact that he owned a gun was the reason he drank all the time and abused prescription drugs...

Saturday, December 01, 2012

In a KC Minute

Death is around every corner and nobody is immune to it.  

100 murders, neighborhoods that are war zones, kids sleeping in bath tubs to avoid drive by shootings, growing gang membership and your daily mystery body found in a park.  Those things are only worth 60 secs on TV and 2 paragraphs on page 5 of the local paper.   

Football player MURDERS his girlfriend and kills himself and the whole city takes note.  Lets face it, if this was done by anyone else NONE of you would give 2 shits about the story.  

This city is developing a whole culture of murder, what makes this guy immune to it?  His job?

The KC Bloggregator

 The KC Bloggregator 

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