Today I drove through Crown Center because I had not seen the Mayors Christmas Tree yet and when I got there I couldn't believe my eyes, THE TREE SUCKS! I was afraid to take a picture of it because I thought the flash might catch the thing on fire. What a freaking embarrassment.


That this could possibly be staged? Would you put it past the Clinton's to stage an event like this? I mean lets look at the past 3 weeks for her. She has lost her lead and is now trailing, polls say that she has no chance of beating ANY of the Republicans in the field, the book out about her husband killing Wiley's husband, Bill's lies etc..
AND NOW THIS??????????? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

I am not buying it. I think that the Clinton's have staged this hostage event in an effort to turn the tide.


Is now backfiring in their faces. Today John Murtha said that the surge in Iraq was working and is changing his stance. Murtha if you remember was walking the line of treason with the statements he has said over the past 3 years against the war saying that the United States would never win, we were caught in a cival war, there was no al queda in Iraq etc...

This once again points to the lack of leadership and their inability to lead our country. Could you imagine if we listened to them?

Bill Walker of Kansas State

It appears that Bill Walker is not having any problems adjusting to life in Manhattan, Ks. He knows where the grocery stores are, the mall and has even decided to pick up on another Manhattan norm. Last night Bill Walker decided that he would take a piss on the basketball court. It appears that Bill has gotten use to life without working plumbing in Manhattan just as the rest of the population.


Rodney King was shot today. After he was shot he rode his bike home and called the police and when the police got there he was drunk.

Question: What do you take away from that info?

Answer: That the LAPD did teach him a lesson and he is now riding a bike drunk instead of driving a car.

Now is it simply by chance that the man that created the greatest shopping day in LA History gets shot this close to Christmas? If the shooter is white then you can bet that there will be new plasma screen tv's for everyone in the hood.


The Kansas City stars report couldn't avoid the trap of smearing the poor girls name in the article reporting her death. They even reused the quote that I mentioned below.

It seems like there are more violent crimes around the holidays than any other time of the year.

THEY LIED, ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right the MCRIB is back! 06 was suppose to be the end of this tasty bit of heaven but they couldn't keep a good sandwich down. The Mcrib is the only thing (besides drinks) that is worth a damn at McDonalds.


Quick Hits

1. El Dorado, Ks girl that went missing was a porn actress. That is the headline that is now appearing rather than simply an 18 year college student is missing. Throw a little sex into a story and suddenly everyone wants a piece of the action. Here is the most disturbing quote in regards to this story "She enjoyed it. She is a young teenage girl and she wanted to be in the movies and enjoyed movies. She needed the extra money," Nikki Watson, a close friend of Sander's at Butler Community College, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "Nobody in El Dorado knew besides her close friends."
2. Democrats fail at another attempt to misguide the American people. Ever since the surge in Iraq began to show results the democrats began the recession talk. Well today while America was getting good news on the economy the party of fear and hate started searching for another topic to try and exploit. I am going to put my money on poverty. Why is it that the democrats always hope for doom & gloom?
3. More disturbing details about "Baby Grace" were released today. The parents of this kid need to die a slow painful death.
4. How well do you know your babysitter? This story should make everyone take another look at who is watching their kids. Thank god I don't have to leave my kids with someone.
5. The Clinton News Network once again shows its liberal bias. It is no wonder why FOX News is destroying these guys in the ratings.

brandy norwood HOT ?


1. Pat Sajak comes out against idiots like Striesand, Baldwin and Glover. Anyone that listens to a celeb on how to vote or any issue facing our country is out of their mind. These people do not live the lives that we do and would rather help the people of Africa than the United States. They are like illegal aliens that come here to make their money yet send it to another country.
2. Bill Clinton lies again. I know that is hard to believe to some of you living in denial but he did. This time it was about his position on the war. The arrogance of the Clinton family never ceases to amaze me. Anytime a former president speaks out on an issue it is recorded some how right? Yet this guy thinks that you are all morons and wont connect the dots.
3. Madonna dies sheep pink. God Bless her for pissing off animal rights activist. What difference does it make if it is dyed now or later?
4 A law banning sex on public sidewalks is controversial in California? How is this a controversy?
5. We are all going to die on 2036. Have a nice day.
6. Spanking your child is going to be illegal. Once again liberal democrats telling everyone how to live their life and how to raise their children.
7. The city of Denver hates white people. They have even made a training video on how bad white people are.

1 little, 2 little, 3 little liberals

Liberals have struck again!

It is now RACIST to sing the "10little indian boy" song.




1. Booze seems to be the only way to get through holidays for some people. While picking up A SINGLE bottle of wine this weekend I couldn't help notice the amount of beer and booze being picked up by men 35-65. I asked the guy in front of me in line what all the beer was for and he said that half of it was for his family and the other half was for him to deal with his family.

2. There should be a rule against canned or jarred food being used at Thanksgiving. My Sister in law asked for canned cranberries instead of the homemade ones that my Brother in law made last Thursday. I had never heard of anyone wanting something canned over fresh until that moment.

3. Johnson County will never have severe weather again. Since moving back into town 5 years ago I have watched every T-Storm and Snow Storm go North/South of our county. Do we have some sorta bubble over us? Nothing ruins living in the midwest more than lack of storms. Then again we do have Katie Horner around to make a sprinkle or snow flake into the storm of the century.

4. The only thing clients hate losing at more than golf is Halo. Today one of my clients decided that we would swing by his house after lunch to drop off some leftovers for his wife. When we walked in he threw the food to his wife and an xbox controller at me and said 1 game. Well 1 game turned into 3 and 3 to 5 and he still hadn't beaten me. I told him that we should prob get him back to his office and he said "not until I beat you". If he didn't get an email about a meeting I am sure that we would still be there with him winless.

5. Some people should not be allowed to hang Christmas lights. While the city is full of homes with great displays there are others that are absolutely terrible. The absolute worst are the lights that look like icicles hanging from the gutter(with nothing else).

6. Wanna be fans: This past Saturdays game brought out a hoard of wanna be fans that suddenly cared about college football. These people were the main smack talkers last week yet their knowledge for the team, players, history etc... was nil. I had an MU "fan" tell me that there was no way that Jayhawks would win, so I asked him which match ups favored MU and there was no response. I am sure that there were plenty of KU "fans" out there as well that had no clue about the game but since it was the big thing last week they didn't want to feel left out.

7. If I am going to live in this crime, why here and not a Big City? The reason people live here and think it is a great place to raise kids is because of the low crime and low cost of living. Well with the crime wave that seems to be spreading in the Metro why stay? If it was my decision alone I would not be in this city and would live either in the country or a Major city. This area has no culture, history, winning sports teams etc... it feels like we are all just going through the motions here.

8. Why are people so interested in the lives of celebrities? Celeb blogs, "news programs", magazines etc... all talking about how these people have ran a stop sign, got drunk, had marriage problems etc... I am pretty sure that the same stuff is happening either in your house or your neighborhood, yet if a WT singer like Britney Spears does it people think it is news worthy. Generally the people that pay the most attention to crap like this have even more problems than the celebs but will be ultra critical of them. I am not talking about the casual observer here. I am talking about the person that this stuff is more important than actual news.

9. The War on Christmas is a joke. If you are a Democrat/Liberal you should be ashamed of what your party has done to the Christmas season. It is a sad day when you can't have Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, carolers etc... because it might hurt ONE PERSONS FEELINGS or ONE GROUPS. The blame all goes to the liberals in America, nobody else, just them. Your liberal school districts, your special interest groups, your ACLU are all trying to make this country into some blank slate where nobody can say or do anything. Next time you decide to cry about what Christmas has become look at your voter registration card and see which party you belong to before you bring it up.


The Big 12 announced its awards today for the 2007 season and the Jayhawks were well represented.

Big 12 coach of the year:
Mark Mangino
AP coach of the year: Mark Mangino
Big 12 Special Teams: Marcus Herford
Big 12 D Lineman of the year: James McClinton

First Team Big 12 Honors
1. Anthony Collins OL
2. James McClinton DL
3. Joe Mortensen LB
4. Aqib Talib CB


1. UPDATE: Tree Man is cured! This guy might be the most hideous living object ever. The link provided will take you to photos, enjoy, after you eat.
2. California has gone Ecco crazy. I don't care how much you treat it there is no way I would drink this water. I drank enough Natural Light growing up.
3. Man kills Girlfriend in Houston mall that works at lingerie store.
4. Gatorade inventor, dead. Let's just hope it wasn't dehydration.
5. Streisand (why she is famous I have no clue) throws her support to Hillary. This is shocking, what's next? Lesbians backing her?
6. The United Nations wants to dip back into our pockets but this time it is to help the poor countries tackle GLOBAL WARMING! ARE THESE PEOPLE NUTS????? The United Nations needs to go away. It is no wonder that the United States is the only Super Power left, just look at the "leaders" of these other nations. 86 BILLION DOLLARS
7. It appears that the leader of the red cross was ringing the wrong bells.


To the local community. KCK has a chance to become more than just the west village. I couldn't think of a better place for JOCO and KCMO to rid themselves of there garbage. Just as long as I don't have to see it on my way to the race track development (or JOCO NW as I like to call it).

My proposed site would run between 5th and 27th street between Parallel and Quindero. It would be close to an EPA office and right along side the Fairfax Industrial area. This is a no brainer.


What I have been saying all along, Hillary is unelectable. The tide has turned on poor Hill and she is loosing support faster than spandex on Rosie O'Donnell.

She might not even get her parties nomination. The fall of this arrogant woman/family is/has been fun to watch. Imagine the tantrum that she will throw. How long do you think she will stay married to Bubba if she loses?


1. One more thing has become unsafe in KCK, going to church. At least the criminal gets points for originality. If ever there was any doubt that this guy was going to hell it has been eliminated. #22 in the nation and rising!
2. Criminals in JOCO could take a tip from the professional criminals in KCK. Who still robs liquor stores? This is the most unoriginal crime of the week. It is clear that the criminals in JOCO still have a lot to learn from their peers in KCK & KCMO.
3. KCK Educator enlightens us all to his journey down the scenic Parallel Parkway. He blames boredom on the assault and mugging that he encountered. BOREDOM! When was the last time you brought up mugging someone because you were bored? This guy is a TEACHER in that district. Hey jackass how about putting the blame where it belongs.
4. Cops & Donuts team up? What an unlikely combination.


The race for PARENT OF THE YEAR is heating up and some new contestants are looking to make a late push for the award. As you can see (below) the creative ways to murder, assault and harm their children.

1. Houston couple kill child(baby Grace) and stuff her in a plastic storage bin.
2. Detroit couple BBQ one child and hide corpse in attic and abuse the other one.




For those of you that question some of the posts on this blog let me validate yet another projection that I have made. I just came across this story in which a woman aborted her child to SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

As you will recall I said that Environmental Idiots would start killing themselves to save the environment. This woman however decided that she was worth sparing and killed someone else.


Why would you want to root for MU to win on Saturday? Do not believe the talk about us needing MU to win in order for KU to go to a BCS BOWL, it is false. There are plenty of scenarios that could play out in order for KU to still make it to a Fiesta Bowl.

Cheering for your rival to win the National Title or even the Big 12 title doesn't make any sense at all.

Still a great season.

Congratulations to MU and good luck representing the North next week.

The last thing I want to hear from KU fans is that the season is over. There is still a major bowl game sitting out there waiting. 1 loss doesn't end a season.


As usual no particular order.

1. That KU had the foresight to move this Saturdays game to Arrowhead Stadium. Ty Pennington couldn't create the makeover that Missouri will undergo by having 40,000 Kansans cross the State Line. You are welcome Missouri.
2. The Sprint Center & Power & Light District. Finally a reason to go downtown.
3. That the Mayor of Kansas City had the backbone to stand up to the La Raza Race Baiters.
4. Dayton Moore is the GM of the Royals.
5. The Chiefs will have an early pick in next years draft.
6. Channel 9 news switched to HD.
7. That every year we put up the Mayors "Christmas" tree, sticking it in the face of all the PC bastards around this town.
8. That thanks to the service of those brave enough to serve that you can eat your turkey, watch football and travel by air in peace.
9. For KCK/KCMO for giving the criminals of the metro a suitable workplace for them to perform their job. They created such a nice work environment that our criminals reached #18 & #25 as most dangerous cities in the United States.
10. For the University of Kansas for providing the Metro with teams that are competitive.



1. What is the difference between the people of Waco and these people? If they truly believe this than they should fall on the sword in order to save the planet. Do you need any further proof that environmentalism has become a cult religion? I am going to make it my Holiday duty to litter as much as possible after reading this garbage.
2. These environmental types are genius. For every polar bear they save they are killing 100 birds.
3. This is truly bad news for liberals every where. BAGHDAD IS SAFE! Keep in mind that the liberals said the surge wouldn't work. Keep in mind that you aren't hearing this in the main stream media. Keep in mind the people that wanted us to lose for political gain. Hell Baghdad is probably a lot safer that sections of the KC metro. When do we get to hear these people admit they were wrong??????????????????????
4. So much for class warfare. How are they going to spin this? They have become the party of the rich by keeping poor people poor and forcing the middle class into poverty. Of course those of us with half a brain have known this for years but when the beloved communist paper the NY Times reports it, well that is just icing on the cake.
5. Got hairball? Anorexics everywhere have finally found something they can eat and lose weight.
6. Taiwan retailers know how to give good customer service. Let us just hope that Wal Mart doesn't start doing this.
7. Further proof that metro drivers rank amongst the nations worst. HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THE LAKE!



Today I flipped the channel during Stump the Chumps on Petros show to get a national take on the KU game tomorrow. I was expecting to hear Jim Rome or one of his fill ins but instead heard what could be the worst radio personality in Kansas City, Nick Wright. 610 had this kid hosting their midday show? The same kid that can't read a news update with out stuttering and mispronouncing any word over 2 syllables. The same, guy, that, talks, with, commas, between, every, word.

This moron use to frequent my message board consistently begging for show ideas and takes on sports news. He was run out of there for being a hack and yet 610 (who is only beating out the latino channels since Whitlock left) offered him a job. I would much rather listen to Neal Smith do play by play than listen to this. Does anyone at Entercom have a clue?


A LOSS TO GEORGE MASON. Congrats to the wildcats for getting that first loss out of the way. Frank Martin is going to prove that coaching does matter in the NCAA. K State sold its soul to the devil by hiring this guy in order to keep "the recruiting class" and just like the Huggins hiring this too will backfire.



1. Yet another holiday has been affected by guilty white person syndrome. Seattle "educators" believe that Thanksgiving should be a time of mourning because of the Native Americans. I can't believe how jacked up our country has become with this PC garbage. I tried contacting a local native american for a response but they were too busy robbing the white man at a black jack table.

2. Goats make ultimate sacrifice for mans beer.

3. Arm on the back of Chinese woman is to be removed. Her job as toy tester in China will be there waiting for her when she gets back.

4. Finally a protest that I can get behind. I hope that this is a long lasting protest that spreads to other countries.

5. Missouri football team to be questioned in Arizona Crime.

6. Resourceful homeless man should be an example to others.



The emails have been flowing all week at work, home, text messages, message boards and even in the grocery store check out. Here are some of the better ones I have received over the past 4 days.
A KU fan was driving home from a national taxidermy convention in St. Louis. He got kind of tired and hungry, and decided to pull over to a quaint little bar in Columbia to get a bite to eat.

He stepped inside, and immediately could feel the whole place's eyes on him. It was clear these people didn't take to kindly to outsiders. They were rather rough, country hillbilly looking folk. Just the same, he stepped up to the bar and sat down.
The redneck looking-guy behind the bar eyed the KU fan suspiciously. "What are you doin' here?" he snarled. The KU fan said simply, "I'd like something to eat."

"Who are you?" growled the hillbilly. "Well," said the KU fan, "I'm heading back to Kansas--I just attended the taxidermy convention over the weekend."

All of the eyes in the place were still on him. "Taxidermy? What the hell is that?"

"Well, I clean and mount dead animals."

Immediately the KU fan could sense the tension in the bar start to ease. "Don't worry about it Jimbo," the hillbilly called back into the kitchen. "He's one of us."
Q: What do you call a beautiful woman on the arm of an MU fan?

A: A tattoo
What's the difference between a room full of Mizzou fans and a litter of puppies?
The puppies will stop whining eventually.

A guy walks into a bar in Columbia, sits down at the bar and tells the bartender he has a great Missouri joke. The bartender states, "before you tell that joke, the two guys working the door played football at MU, the other bartender played basketball at MU, and the three guys at the other end of the bar were born and raised here in Columbia. Now I ask you, are you sure you want to tell that joke?" The guy replies, "hell no, I don't want to explain it seven times."

Pink·el [pink - ehl], noun, verb, - ed, - ing

- noun

1. An unexpected sub-par team performance in NCAA football, usually resulting in a untimely and inopportune loss. The game usually features questionable coaching decisions and lack of adjustments.

Jim Tressel pulled a Pinkel when he lost at home against an underdog Illinois team, severely hurting the Buckeye's national championship hopes.

tr.v. pinkel - ed, pinel - ing

1. The completion or ongoing action of a Pinkel.

Mike Gundy stood stoically on the sideline as he Pinkeled away the game to Troy University.

Word History: The word Pinkel started as slang during the 2003 NCAA football season, when a talented Missouri football team traveled to Lawrence, KS and was upset by an unheralded squad that had finished 2-10 the previous season. Missouri went on to finish the season at 8-5, a 3 game improvement, but some questions lingered about Coach Pinkel's ability to match up with his border rival.
The word became an accepted part of the English vernacular during the 2004 season when Pinkel's Tigers, a pre-season Big 12 North favorite, lost in embarrassing fashion to Troy University, a program that just recently attained Division 1 status. Noted football analyst Lee Corso noted Pinkel's lack of adjustments and extreme "deer in headlights" look during the game. The word was applicable throughout the season and every season thereafter. The most egregious Pinkel by the Tigers during 2004 was against the rival Jayhawks, 3-7 at the time and starting their 4th string QB. They came to Columbia and upset a Missouri team still fighting for an opportunity to represent the Big 12 North in the conference championship game.
2005 and 2006 featured examples that cemented the word's meaning.

In 2005, the Tigers lost for the third straight season to the Jayhawks, during a period where the Kansas squad was mired in its worst offensive slump during the Mark Mangino era. The loss once again kept the Tigers from representing the Big 12 North in the Big 12 title game. In 2006, after a 6-0 start, coach Pinkel proceeded to lose a game after a generous pay raise. He also pulled possibly his greatest Pinkel, losing to an Iowa State squad spiraling out of control playing for a lame duck coach. The Big 12 denied Pinkel's request that the game be counted as a "moral victory" due to a controversial holding call near the end of the 4th quarter.
2007 has seen a lack of a Pinkel, as the Missouri coach fights to render the meaning of the word empty. He will get an opportunity in the season's most meaningful game, a match up against an 11-0 Jayhawk squad on a neutral field.


The border war is finally getting the national coverage that it has deserved. For decades this game has been underrated by the press, until now. Here are some articles out on the net today concerning this game and your team. Enjoy.

If I missed anything let me and others know, post a comment with a link.





Today's announcement wasn't as painful to listen to as it would of been if he hadn't of been gone for the past couple of years. It is still sad to see a class act like him have to give up on his dream. Class act, that is something that you will never hear anyone besides Larry Johnsons mother say about him. Larry Johnson is the antiHolmes. All the good and unselfishness that Priest has given to the Chiefs has been canceled out by Larry Johnsons wanna be East Coast mentality.

I wish Priest Holmes the best of luck in his future endeavors and hope to god that some of his influence will rub off on the wannabe gangster Johnson.


2007 has been a terrible year for racial profiling & police abuse regarding African Americans in the Kansas City area. Two pregnant Black women (Sophia Salva & Yvette Hayes) were forced on the ground by different police agencies for no justifiable reason. One woman lost her baby and both women have filed lawsuits. Another KCK Black family has filed a lawsuit against the KCK Police Department for abuse after the police crashed into their home and called them the N-word. Finally, even a well known anti crime community activist (Ron McMillan) was abused at the hands of local police.

Lawsuits are not the only way the Black community plans on dealing with these injustices. There is a national movement to take the Black out of Black Friday.

Local activists will tie into this national boycott by asking local African Americans not to shop at JCPenny during Black Friday & over the holiday weekend. JCPenny is the corporation that originally racially profiled Yvette Hayes and set into motion the chain of events that lead the pregnant woman to end up face down on the ground on the side of the highway. Futhermore, the company has made no attempt to reach out to the Black community to explain or to defend the charges Miss Hayes has made against them.

Activist, Alonzo Washington, activist, Ron McMillan (National Coalition of Jena 6) & a member of American Friends are leading the boycott in Kansas City.

I am sure that Penny's is terrified about this. Remember how successful the last one of these was? Yeah me neither.





K State crybabies

It amazes me how many K State football fans (something that didn't exist 12 years ago) are jumping on the MU Football program bandwagon. This is almost as big of a game for them as it is for KU or MU. I have several friends that played football back in the mid 90's for Snyder and they are embarrassed by the way that their fans are acting. They feel that the more that K State fans jump on the MU bandwagon the better it makes KU's success, they are right.

K State fans are new to cheering for athletics so they have no real loyalty. Most K State fans didn't even know they had a football team until the early 90's. Then on the day they were to honor the man that turned around (for a few years) their football program, they couldn't even fill up the stadium. This is why K State can never be a real rival, they don't get it. When would you ever catch a KU fan cheering for an MU or K State victory? When would you catch a KU fan acting as if K State or MU was their team? You wouldn't.
K State fans need to sit this one out and develop your own historic rivalries instead of jumping on ours. You are just embarrassing yourselves.


These are as usual in no order.

1. Corner Cocktail 83rd & Wornall - Dive bar with a great Bacon Cheddar Burger.
2. LC's
3. Max's Autodiner - Wornall Road
4. Westport Flea Market
5. Fred P. Otts
6. Johnny's
7. Fuddruckers
8. Culvers
9. Red Robin
10. McCoys Public House - Westport

KCI Racetrack???????


Motorcycle membership: 15k up front with a 2k kicker every year.




1. Looking for something to buy great grandpa for Christmas this holiday season? Well I have you covered. I imagine demand for this item to be pretty high, so if they are sold out go ahead and get a Shar Pei calender. Great Grandpa will never know the difference.
2. A man called "tree man" has been refused entrance into the United States for treatment of his bark like skin disease. You can expect this guy to be in Arizona by weeks end with a Drivers License, Social Security Card, Job and welfare check as soon as he discovers the Mexican Immigration system.
3. At least it wasn't an alter boy?
4. Ric Flair is supporting Huckabee. When it comes to making my presidential decision every year I typically hold out for Ric Flairs choice. WHOOOOOOOOOOoo!
5. When you are at a club late at night in KCMO stuff like this typically happens. There is at least one story a week of something like this happening. #18 (in danger) and climbing!


Don Imus is set to return in 2 weeks. This is good news for race baiters and professional protesters across the country looking for something to do this holiday season.


1. Environmental wackos want you to start drinking milk, from rats. Gaylord Focker has no comment regarding his prior rat milking experience.
2. 6 year old student frightens educators with stick figure drawings? The real question here is why is a 6 year old still drawing stick figures? They should fire the kids art teacher.
3. When the liberals in this country limit our ability to drill for oil you get idiots like Hugo Chavez and alphabet from Iran making these types of threats.
4. Poor Hillary. She is a candidate with no real home and it looking more and more like the White House will not be her home as well.
5. Finally a home for Katie Horner. These people get rocked by a cyclone at least once a year and to this date they still don't know what to do. Katie can fix that.
6. Pelosi knows what it takes for businesses to be successful and speaking English is not one of them?



TAKE A BOW Kansas City Kansas

The area has been full of excitement with the local college football & basketball success that has happened this year. All of the area teams are ranked in the top #25 in at least one sport this rarely happens. Today news came out that KCK has achieved a top #25 ranking as well.

TOP 25 MOST DANGEROUS CITIES TO LIVE IN (UNITED STATES).The report looked at 378 cities with at least 75,000 people based on per-capita rates for homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and auto theft.

This might catch some of the residents by surprise because they have been smoke & mirrored by the Village West (look for them to try and join Douglas county soon). Some others might claim that Wyco just suffers from bad PR (whatever that means). Well the reason that they might suffer from bad PR is because the stats back it up. The former Iraqi Information Minister wouldn't take this PR gig.

If you don't want the stigma that goes along with such an honor then clean it up (as some in this story have complained). As long as KCK continues to hold this distinction/honor people will continue to use it as a quick little destination spot to visit and then leave. With high property taxes, dangerous schools and high crime it is going to make it tougher and tougher for this community to compete with North Kansas City, Lee Summit, JOCO, Raymore etc.... KCK has good residents and neighborhoods but not nearly enough. KCK continues to fall behind the rest of the state in wages earned, people living below poverty (18% compared to 11%) and graduation rate. Keep in mind that those numbers are the mere state of ks numbers.

The solution? Lower taxes and increase patrols by KCK officers. The city spend far to much money taking care of those that refuse to take care of themselves. If you cut them off they will go away. If you arrest them, they will go away. If you continue to ignore and make excuses it will still the same.