Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Seriously, nowhere in this story is there a quote from someone saying Gas Fairy, nowhere. I would say that this story involves two dumb ass's. The guy that hit the wrong button at the gas station and the moron that wrote that headline.

Is this paper actually worst than the star??


After reading this story I plan on littering the whole way home. This local extremist group wants to tell you how to live, what to buy and what temperature your home home should be set at and yes they want to take away your bottled water. They have been trained by the opportunist ALGORE and are dead set on pushing their religion on you.

How can you trust a group that has this as the first sentence on their website" Yes, we like trees a lot; but it's community that we hug". WTF! STAY AWAY! It gets worst.... Job titles for this group include Earth Day coordinator and Heartland tree alliance coordinator. If you thought those titles were bad, the photos and bios of the people that hold these positions would be better used at a West Bottoms haunted house.

You have been warned!




It must be, because I am pretty sure that someone catches a beat down at least once a day in this neighborhood.

But if you have the time you have got to follow the link. The video reporting by the star has got to be the crappiest form of news media to ever hit the metro. They have voices made for writing, it's just too bad they don't have the talent for that either.


Good news for the people of the Metro's Sadr city, you will be getting 30 more cops! This is a step in the right direction for a city that desperately needs help.

It would of been a better step if they didn't say that they were targeting certain sex's and ethnic backgrounds. What are the chances that they are targeting the Irish when they say that?


1. 2 for 1 night at the Wax Factory in KCK.

2. I don't know what is more disturbing in this story. Is it the fact that someone is "Mushroom Hunting" or the fact that he found a dead body? I am going to go out on a limb and say that Mushroom Hunting MIGHT not be the most manly of hunts.

3. KSHB report teaches you a resourceful way to save at the pump.

4. Is this inspection REALLY necessary? That would be like the guy in story #2 calling a doctor to verify that the corpse he found is dead. This inspection is going to be a sham and will do nothing more that further empower the fools at the KCMO school board.

5. Crybaby story about the treatment of this guys dog makes news?

6. I just heard two nut job women from this group say that NO underage sex was taking place there.....OOPS!

7. South Side Chicago violent crime continues.

8. India takes class warfare to a new level.

9. Could this be the horniest teacher on the planet? This chick has now been arrested 3 times for giving private tutoring sessions on sex ed. " Ragusa had gone to the teen's house to discuss the criminal case but wound up in bed with him, police said."

10. Paula Abdul is a dumb ass. Not exactly live, late breaking news here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jeremiah Wright is unoriginal

I KNEW that I had heard that "chickens have come home to roost" line used when slamming America before. Malcom X (great movie by the way) used it when describing the assassination of JFK.


Today I witnessed a scene out of Better Off Dead except this time it involved adults. It was an argument over $2, but to listen to the guy DEMANDING his $2 from the cashier you would of thought it was over $2,000.

I pulled into the Shell Station off of Roe this afternoon to grab another 24oz Monster drink to help me combat the allergy medicine I am taking and noticed a line that wrapped around the counter. I grabbed my drink and started hearing yelling and screaming coming from the front. The first thing that came to my mind was that some idiot was complaining about gas prices and blaming the cashier for him having to pay $1.60 more than last week to fill up his tank, I was wrong.

As I got closer to the situation I noticed the man with a lottery ticket in his hand. Did he win big? No, he won a FREE TICKET but the moron thought he won an additional $2 on top of it. I asked the guy in front of me how long he had been waiting and he said almost 10 minutes. I couldn't believe that an argument over $2 could last over 2 minutes.

Just as it was about to get violent a cop walked in the door and the dude left. Hilarious.



1. Blame yourself for not pushing congress to allow for more drilling in the United States.
2. Blame yourself for making it impossible to open a new refinery due to EPA regulations and the not in my backyard syndrome. Next time you see a tree hugging save the polar bear dolphin free tuna birkenstock organic green peace moron punch him in the gut.
3. Blame yourself for allowing the government to tax the hell out of it.
4. Blame yourself for driving all over town looking for low gas prices, burning up evenmore gas in the process.
5. Blame yourself for living far from work.
6. Blame yourself for buying an SUV and not thinking of the gas mileage. These are the same idiots that got Adjustable Rate Mortgages and the same idiots that buy a huge house and cant afford furniture.
7. Blame yourself for not riding the bus, but being in favor of mass transit
8. Blame yourself for continuing to pay the high prices.
9. Blame yourself for being bamboozled by a bunch of farmers from Iowa regarding Ethanol.
10. Blame yourself before you start bitching and wasting my time.


Monday, April 28, 2008


1. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME- Reverend Wright is stealing the democratic nomination right out of the hands of Obama, and it is hilarious. This guy has all alone ruined any chances of Obama ever becoming president.

2. DOLPHIN ON DOLPHIN CRIME - I don't know why but this story is funny.

3. Welfare checks are on the way to the middle class. Once again, if they are going to give us back some of our money it should be across the board.

4. Misguided Catholic protesters arrested.

5. The Headline "Drinking + Driving = Danger" showed once again why the JOCO papers are on the cutting edge of news reporting. Until I read that headline I had always thought it was safe. Pulitzer material for sure.

6. I have been reading The North East News for a couple of years now and nothing is more telling about the decline of that community than an article posted this week on how to spot Gang Activity. I am sure that this will be included in the welcome baskets to all that move into the area along with 50% off Coupon to Mckeys Surplus. On a related note the area will be having a neighborhood clean up on May 10th (having just been down in that area last week, I am thinking that they will need more than 1 day).

7. As if life in KCK isn't dangerous enough....

8. KCMO rings up another one.

9. Phil Kline continues to embarrass himself and the community.

10. The arson problem in Kansas City continues to go unnoticed.


With the warmer weather hitting the area (and Call of Duty 4) I have found it harder to blog on the weekends.

1. Congratulations to my brothers family on the arrival of the twins.

2. Landscaping - In the coming weeks the landscaping of my yard will begin. I am looking forward to putting our personal touch on the house but not looking forward to the damage that it will do on my all ready messed up back.

3. BBQ season started for me two weeks ago. I have been using the Weber grill the past two weeks and will fire up the smokers this weekend (I hope). While I have given up on plans to hold big BBQ's and even put together a new competition team, this year should still be fun. My new neighbors seem to be extremely interested in learning how to make good quality backyard BBQ so I am sure that they will be over frequently through out the summer.

4. With BBQ season comes motorcycle season. While getting out and riding isn't my #1 priority in life I still like to get out for a few hours every week to clear my head. I have finally picked out the new handlebars for my bike and hope to get them installed by June.

5. Call of Duty 4: As many of you know I became hooked on playing Halo 3 this winter. Well Halo as taken a back burner to Call of Duty 4. The online play of this game is more addictive than crack. If you play this game send me an email, I am always looking for more victims.

6. The Chiefs Draft: Anyone that is still upset that the Chiefs traded the walking 2 time DUI offender need to check themselves after this draft. After listening to sports radio this morning it just goes to show how ignorant most Chiefs fans are. The same callers that were calling in last week saying that the Chiefs sucked are now calling in with playoff hopes.

7. Ice Cream Trucks: The bastards that drive these things through our neighborhoods could be the scariest group of people to reside in our country. We spend every waking moment telling our kids to stay away from strangers, not to take candy from them etc... AND then comes this guy with his clown covered VAN with pictures of Ice cream on the sides driving down our streets with circus music blaring through 15 watt speakers, all to get your kid to COME TO HIS VAN! If school bus drivers and teachers aren't safe for your kids to be around anymore what about Ice Cream truck guy?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been following up on some emails sent to me regarding my post yesterday regarding Amato and wanted to add a little update. After going back to their website I discovered that there are several thing that Amato COULD be doing to earn his 18k. Their website currently shows over 50 job openings. Why the hell can't he step in and help out? Makes sense right? These are tax payer and not corporate dollars that we are talking about. Shouldn't this guy do something to earn YOUR cash?.

With over 50 openings, it shows that NOBODY wants to work there. Some of these jobs have been open since NOVEMBER OF 2007. What this tells me is that the people on the board are scaring away resources needed to help these kids out. Even with unemployment numbers on the rise, people still don't want to work there.

Another question one needs to ask(and this is a big one) is where is the money going that was suppose to be used to fill these openings? These are obviously fully funded positions, so by not filling them there is a cash surplus going some where. So, is the money going to pay off special interest groups OR are these positions being put on hold (in which case the should be removed from their website, legally) to pay off the 18k a month they are giving Amato? Are the kids going without teachers & counselors because a few people on the board had their feelings hurt by Amato.

If only the local media had the balls and skill to put together a real story on this corrupt group.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After reading about the usage of Amato (or lack of use) by the KCMO school district I now more than ever believe that it is time to cut them off. The people on the school board have no control on their spending habits and are nothing more than power tripping ego junkies that need to go. How do you as a publicly funded school district allow a man to make 18k a month and never do an ounce of work? I don't care if Amato has to pick up a mop, he needs to be utilized. Let me say this one more time 18k a month FOR NOTHING!

Is the KCMO school district so flush in cash that 18k a month is nothing? Do the people on the school board understand that they are wasting the money of the hard working people of their state and city? Seriously, how many times do we hear that schools are under funded? We are not talking about a corporation here this is a freaking school district.

I would tell you to contact them and complain but only 3 of the 9 member have their email addresses listed (Chicken S****).

List of Cowards with no contact info:
David Smith
Ingrid Burnett
Duane Kelly
Joel Pelofsky
Harriett Plowman
Cluade Harris

Have you ever read the backgrounds of the people on the board? Holy crap! These people DO NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE to run a school district. Have you been to the website and read what they are responsible for? They have failed in almost every area.

Legislative and Policy Making -- F

Executive --F

Appraisal --. F

Provision of Financial Resources -- F

Facilities -- F

Records -- .??

Staffing and Appraisal -- F

Public Relations -- . F

Cooperative Alliances -- F

Educational Planning and Evaluation -- F

Judicial -- . ??

Like any other addict or junkie these people that are caught up in their power addiction need to have the funding for their fix cut off.


This whole year I have been predicting that the combined forces of KCK & KCMO would compete for the #1 spot in violent crimes for 2008. I was feeling pretty good about this prediction until I read this story.

It appears that the large market team in our division is picking up steam and unless our guys put down the knives and pick back up the guns we could get embarrassed.


1. New reading comprehension workbook for KCMO school district released. See van, shoot van.

2. Do we really need a website dedicated to selling art out of the state of Kansas? Tax dollars well spent.

3. Mormons & Branson, Mo usually don't result in dead bodies.

4. Overland Park sends welcoming committee to greet Jared Allen.

5. Robocop hits the streets of Atlanta.

6. Another reason why blogs are better than newspapers. Why does a guy that is suppose to cover current, local events & politics write a piece like this? I don't know who Bob Sigman is but this article is crap. WITH ALL THE ISSUES facing our communities this ass clown writes an article about Benedict Willams?

7. The only time government really takes notice of a problem is when it effects their pocket book. Well this story about low appraisals might finally wake them up to the problem in N. JOCO. I still say that property values would double if you eliminated the 18th street expressway.


I consider myself a sports radio guru. Over the past decade I have developed personal relationships with many of the local personalities/owners/gms/sales guys and hear some pretty interesting things, so it was really no surprise to hear Steven St. John completely meltdown on the radio this morning. He is unstable and immature and is not capable of handling controversy.

His tirade over this morning over the shipping off of his Drunken bed buddy was a classic. He screamed, he called callers names, he was defensive, he used foul language and he was exposed. I kept listening, waiting for someone in management (Leabo) to yank the guy off the air, but it never happened. It get so bad at one point that I thought his cohost (Nate Bukaty) was going to cut off his mic.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about politics, race, crime, education etc... It was the trade of a Drunken Chiefs player. Classic Meltdown.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I would like to be the first to thank the state of Missouri for making this upcoming summer EVEN more interesting. It is good to see the GM (the state) providing the team (the metro) with the necessary talent to take #1 this year.

How pissed was Horner?

The late arrival of the storm last night had to make Katie furious. The past few months have been full of 40 degree/rainy days, a forecast that even she can't mess up. The one chance that she has had this season at scaring the crap out of the mindless drones that tune in for forecast (rather than making fun of her) passed her by. How will she handle it?

I WILL GUARANTEE YOU that the next time there is a chance of lightening in Wichita she will be predicting the end of the world for the metro(in her jeans of course).

Just how bad are the weather people in this town? TKC's blog had a link to a story by the New York Times in which they basically call our TV crystal ball readers, idiots.

Monday, April 21, 2008


KCK is so jacked up that the federal government is sending in funds to fight crime. Why stop there? Screw Iraq, send the surge forces into KCK. Besides, throwing money at a problem is never the solution unless it goes to hiring more police, tearing down vacant homes/buildings and better surveillance equipment for under cover work.


KCK is having a public meeting tonight on how to revitalize their community. This is a chance for those of you residing in Satan's playground to tell the leaders THAT YOU ELECTED to clean up your town. Like most communities full of crime their are innocent civilians (good people) that are stuck and looking for help, if you don't go and speak up then don't complain.

When I turn on the news tonight I expect to see overflow crowds, T -Shirts with catchy slogans like "up with hope & down with dope" and maybe a few pissed off midgets. IF NOT, then don't come in here and complain that this blog treats your city poorly.


Today the sports radio chat is full of people complaining that the Chiefs can't sign J Allen. This is the same guy that threatened the lives of other motorist not once, but twice because he decided to get behind the wheel after getting bombed. Why the hell do you morons want this guy to represent our team and city? He is ONE more offense away from getting a season threatening suspension.

Stop crying and deal with the fact that he is going to go. We sucked with him, we will suck without him.

Lets hope that this is one prediction of TKC's that will actually come true.


Anyone else sick of hearing about an earthquake that happened 2 states away? If you say you felt your house shake YOU ARE LYING! Wake me up when the streets are opening up, bridges are falling & people are dead..... Wait we already have that going on without the over hyped earthquake.

Get over yourselves people.


RDM & TKC made an excellent (funny) observation regarding a recent blog post I made. Have I been to hard on the crap holes of KCK & KCMO? There is a good chance of that. He also pointed out that we the people of JOCO have problems too. After spending the morning talking to sources, digging up articles on line & talking to local police officials I have decided to put JOCO on notice.

1. Man excluded from block party due to length of grass.

2. Noise from kids playing causes disturbance at local BBQ.

3. Chamois scratches SUV!

4. High Def TV outage causes problems for locals in Leawood.

5. Maid Service threatened due to immigration crack down.

6. Over flow of high school grads out of JOCO a good thing?

7. Families fight over proper temp to serve wine at weekend dinner party!

8. SUV emissions by JOCO residents cause environmental risk for the urban core.

9. JOCO man walks into East Side gas station and uses debit card!

10 White driver pulled over on Prospect by KCMO police complains about racial profiling.

11. Yet another violent incident involving a putter at local Golf Course.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Take the weekend off and all hell breaks loose. People in KCK & KCMO have got to hate Spring-Fall. While those of us living Americas Dream in the burbs chase off the occasional bee those in KCK & KCMO spend their time ducking knives, bullets, arson, car jackings, rape and the always popular home invasion.
Here are the weekend highlights.

1. Someone stumble on this poor dead bastard left to rot in the street.

2. This one tops it all off. KCK bartender killed.

3. Walking home at 6:30pm is suppose to be safe right? Not in KCMO.

4. Man avoids ticket by killing himself.

5. Putting a Sonic on Cleaver Blvd. was not exactly a smart business move.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I just stumbled across this little gem over on Fox News. While this stuff is hilarious, it is further proof that we are a society with wayyyyyyyy too many laws.


I was away from the computer, tv & radio for most of the day yesterday so I missed this little gem of a story. Anyways, I just came across a headline on KSHB's website this morning that was a little misleading to me, "Authorities hope to reduce startling statistics". I clicked on the link expecting to see them FINALLY discuss the violent crime that has been spiraling out of control in the metro and instead read a piece of crap discussion regarding cyclists, pedestrians & automobile accidents.


I spoke with a friend in the KCMO police department last week and he told me that morale was low. I can only imagine what this PR stunt is doing for morale amongst the brave men & women that try to protect our streets.

What the hell is next, A BIKE RODEO!


Beware of this man. He is currently meeting with the socialist James Brady to push more anti gun legislation. We all know how effective gun legislation is right? All that you have to do is look at the streets of Kansas City and see all of the "legally purchased" weapons being used in the murders...........Exactly.

These socialist are missing the target on where the blame should go. How about the parents that raised the little psycho and the GOVERNMENT run agencies (state run mental health agencies, the state run university etc...) that turned the other cheek to this kids mental history. There is a reason that the state of Virginia just got done shelling out 11 million dollars, they dropped the ball.

Instead of going after gun rights they should be seeking to toughen admission standards into universities. Education is not an entitlement beyond grade 12.


In a season full of lofty stats and over achievers there is one man that has stood out so far in the 2008 Criminal Season. Not only did this guy stay in line with the knife trend BUT he pulled off the always tough triple stabbing. The always insightful reporters at the KC Red Star noted that an Argument was the cause of the stabbing........ Who would of come to that conclusion if it weren't for the brilliant reporting of Mike Rice? I hear a Pulitzer is in the works...

Enjoy this criminal while you can because he is currently being recruited by Compton, Detroit & D.C.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The tricks and ploys by the religious followers of the "Global Warming" hoax are killing poor people. They have made it so damn expensive to exist on this planet that only the wealthy will be able to afford food. HAHAHHAHA. HAHAHAHA. Seriously, this is funny.

A few links for your reading delight.

Thank you liberals. The tactics that you are utilizing to push your Green agenda if continued will be equal to that of a locust swarm.


1. American Traitor.

2. Once again liberalism hits schools. In order to protect the one weak kid of the group, tag has been eliminated from recess.

3. Are shell casings and crack pipes recyclable? If not then this KCK program is a waste of time.

4. If ever there was any doubt about how F***** Up KCK was, this should eliminate all doubts. THEY ARE NOW DOING DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS ON BIKES! Once again our local criminals fight off high gas prices to provide us with our daily dose of violent crimes.

5. Maybe she wasn't house broken?

Monday, April 14, 2008


On a daily basis there are groups of people in this country that are dead set on taking away your freedoms. It is safe to say that if you do anything in this country by choice, there is somebody out there that doesn't want you to do it. These groups of people are relentless. There is no limit to the tactics that they will try and lies that they will create to take away your freedom and civil liberty. Yet we stand back and do nothing as lawyers turn this country into 1950's Russia. Think I am kidding? Here is a short list of things off the top of my head.

1. Smoking
2. The type of car you drive
3. The amount of money that you earn that you are allowed to keep.
4. Guns
5. The air you breathe
6. What you are allowed to watch on TV
7. What you can and can not say on the radio
8. How your food is prepared
9. How much money you can contribute to a campaign
10. Taking away your property by the government (eminent domain)
11. Who you can hire
12. How you educate your children
13. Where & how you practice religion
14. The type of holiday decorations you can display
15. The counting of your vote
16. Where you get your medical care: THIS IS COMING SOON.
17. How long you can serve in office
18. How to run your business
19. What crops you can & can't grow
20. When & where you can talk on your phone.
21. What you can put on your lawn to kill bugs
22. How products are dispensed
23. How products are packaged
24. Where products are sold
25. What books can be read at school
26. What you can do with your music & movies
27. What you can say to someone
28. That you have to wear your seatbelt
29. Motorcycle helmet laws

It took me 3 minutes to come up with this list. I am am sure that if I were to "try" I could come up with close to 100. Now to the real reason for this post. I just read this story on the KC Red Stars front page. A BOTTLED WATER BAN is coming...Holy crap! I can't believe that our society is so easily fooled.

Don't go and blame government for this crap, look in the mirror first. You are allowing this to happen by empowering these ass clowns to tell you how to live. Are you incapable of surviving without Daddy (the government) there to tell you how to wipe your ass? Are you really that pathetic? GROW UP! Make your own decisions and let others make theirs. Disagreeing with someones choice is one thing, but passing laws that restrict that persons choice is another.


It is not a nice day. Why is everyone saying that today? Don't fall for the bait & switch. The normal temp for this time of year is some where in the upper sixties, right now it is 45 degrees. The next time someone tells you that it is nice outside put up the middle finger and let them know that you will not be bamboozled.


1. The more this guy talks the worst it gets for Obama in the general election. Idiots like this do more damage to whatever "cause" they are pimping than good.

2. To cut back on the "Carbon print" that China created in slaughtering monks they are closing factories for 3 months.

3. A state full of gang bangers & former hippies doesn't understand how they have had an increase in STD's.... That would be like Japan wondering why it never wins gold in basketball at the summer Olympics.

4. Gang Bangers in Compton show off their new antiaircraft weapons.

5. Israel gives the finger to Carter. Now if only America would too.

6. Traffic to Independence, Mo meth houses should see a spike in sales due to the reopening of a bridge ahead of schedule. Was there any doubt that this would get done early?? Who the hell would want to stay in Independence any longer than needed.

7. I TOLD YOU! Kansas City is in the middle of an Arson craze that needs to be stopped before more firefighters get injured. This time another vacant home in KCK gets torched.


9. Due to the cold weather Gang Bangers in the metro choose to kill people from the comfort of their heated cars. Improvise, overcome, adapt.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Where else in the metro can you find a dead body when pulling into work? Where else in the metro can this happen at a place of education. This poor bastard found one while pulling into the Learning Center on Cleavland today.


1. Is Obama trying to lose? This guy is saying some of the most ignorant crap I have ever come out of a socialist mouth.

2. YOU JUST KNEW THIS WAS COMING! High fuel costs are hurting the children...The liberal play book holds true once again. Anyone that buys into this "story" is a moron. School districts despite what they want you to believe are flush with cash. The problem is they are also full of corruption. Read the budgets that these districts are working with.

3. They should of named this Colorado kid "Lucky".

4. Got Church?

5. The act of throwing chickens at someone while pissed off will forever be known as "Going Wal Mart".

6. So they are actually college students working for tuition money.....

7. Native Americans heard the same thing last time someone called a Pilgrim came to America.

8. Bill CLinton hates Hillary.


These crappy stories/story lines need to leave. They are boring, uninteresting & over reported.

1. Kline vs. Morrison - These guys are JOCO's version of Harry & Lloyd. I will let you decide which one is dumb & which one is dumber.
2. Light Rail - This includes the words Chastain & Bi State.
3. Downtown Parking - It isn't like parking in the burbs, the end.
4. Forty Degree Days - How hard has it been to be a weather person in the metro this year. First they blow every snow prediction and then for the past 3 months they say the same thing. 40 degrees and rain.
5. St. Joe - Don't they have their own TV station? Why the hell do we have to hear about that crap hole town?
6. Small Market - Built in excuse for all the wrongs in KC athletics.
7. Gas Prices - Complaining about it isn't going to lower them.
9. The Zoo - One new story a year is all that I need to hear.
10. Smoking bans...................

Thursday, April 10, 2008


4:30 PM TODAY.


I am thinking of trading in the Harley for a vehicle that I might actually get to use. I just don't if I should buy new or used.


1. Due to the lack of visitors & animals, the Kansas City Zoo should be the safest zoo on the planet. The only interesting creatures at the zoo are the wanna be zoologist that roam the paths in their safari gear. If you have seen these people you understand why the animals are afraid to get close to the fences.

2. Have you seen this dudes truck? I have seen it several times this past week and nearly puked. Who the hell wants to see a picture of an aborted baby while driving their car? Apparently the Olathe police department didn't.

3. Let me help out the Mayor of KCMO on this one. He is forced to lay people off due to the irresponsible spending habits of Cleaver & Barnes, the payoffs to religious leaders/special interest groups and the fact that other than downtown wannabes that live in lofts NOBODY WANTS TO MOVE THERE. Your schools suck, your crime is high, your politics are a joke, the infrastructure is ancient and the majority of your women are ugly. (North Kansas City is of course exempt from all of the above statements. The people that live up in North Kansas City are like Israel. They are good people in a good community but under constant attack by its neighbors). YOU DO NOT HAVE A TAX BASE WORTH A DAMN.
Who the hell guaranteed these people jobs for life anyways? Why do we cry over city employees but don't care if Block lays off twice that number? Simple.... It is "government". The dependent class that makes up the majority of KCMO is frightened that some of the free crap that "daddy" has been providing is going bye bye. Good, cut them off.

4. KCK is now attempting to go smoke free.....These cities must think that smoke is more dangerous than bullets. They keep pushing laws limiting the freedoms of citizens that obey the laws and little time trying to solve their crime problems.

5. If they really wanted to improve the bridge they would make it so you couldn't see the blight that is Paseo(what was once the most scenic road in the city).

Wednesday, April 09, 2008



1. People are terrible with gossip. How many times have you heard, "I am not suppose to tell you this but......"? or the "You can't say that you mentioned my name"? I love these statements. It usually means that you can never trust that person with what you have or will tell them and eliminates them from your "circle of trust". Most of the time people do this to further their own cause but it typically backfires in the end. The best are those that are sent in to "gather information". They are the easiest to spot and the least trustworthy.

2. Kevin Kietzman is a jack ass - This is not new but needs to be mentioned again today.

3. In a Tub made its way back into the lunch rotation again today. My stomach can only handle that place once every 3 months but it is always worth the wait. Needless to say I am paying the price now for what I ate 3 hours ago.

4. The courtesy flush. This pact amongst guys seems to be a thing of the past.

5. MU & Kansas State fans are the biggest crybabies in the world. Most of your teams suck, deal with it. Nobody wants to hear you complain that KU fan wont stop talking about winning the title. Especially since you are the same idiots that bought Bucknell shirts and wouldn't stop talking about another team (not yours, let me repeat, not yours) beating us in the first round. You should be pissed at your AD for running such a crappy athletic department.

6. I was invited to play in a weekly golf league today. Weekly golf league guy is the same as softball guy and there is no way I am going down that path.

7. My Hate for Roy Williams is over. If anything I feel sorry for him now. Carolina fans have been attacking this guy all week.

8. My hate for T Bone Pickens has just started as for my hate for the wannabe program in the armpit of Oklahoma.

9. 610 sports is absolutely terrible. Their coverage of the Royals & Jayhawks is a joke. How does a station that called itself "The football Channel" for so many years suddenly become the baseball channel?

10. 45 degrees on Saturday & Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap this sucks.


1. Socialism in Kansas City moves forward. Basically what the government is saying is that you are too stupid to avoid places that allow smoking. You are morons that need to be protected.

2. Miami County is officially on the board. What are the odds that this murder was the result of an incestuous love triangle?

3. KCK's recent streak of murders is more impressive than the Royals start to the season. Look for the thugs on 8th to seek revenge and add another murder today.

4. Why would your rob a gas station for what is in the store when the stuff in the pumps is worth more? At least this guy actually went to Overland Park instead of robbing some broke ass East side station.

5. 36 year old Springfield man rapes a 7 year old. Kill this ****** now!

6. Have you ever seen someone Jimmy Carter's age drive, count change, look for something or attempt to cook? Sad isn't it? Do we really want him talking to Hamas?

7. Florida woman raped while her 1 year old watched in Wal Mart parking lot.

Monday, April 07, 2008

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I stumbled onto RDM's blog a couple of days ago and have made it a point to check it out everyday since then. Tonight he has a Live Blog post going during the KU game.
You need to check it out.

The distinguished gentlemen - Emanuel Cleaver

I love the fact that this guy is so predictable. After a few years in congress he has finally got his money lined up on that end so that he can leave his money making gig at the church, but not entirely. Any good shakedown artists knows that you teach the scam to someone else but make a percentage off the top. Religion and Government are the ultimate pyramid schemes and Cleaver has his hands in both.


Criminals function better in warm weather, I have been saying this since the day this blog opened. They are like bears that must get their kill counts up in the warm months so that they can rest come winter. The long cold winter that we have all gone through has driven this group of people into a murder frenzy that the Metro police departments have no answer for. What I find even more amazing is the lack of discussion regarding violent crime in the city. Lets all face the facts here KCK & KCMO are killing fields. There have been more bodies dropped in the Metro area than in Iraq as of late and the leaders of this city want to talk about SMOKING, LIGHT RAIL, CONVENTION HOTELS, PARKING & THE MAYOR. WELL KISS MY ASS FELLAS. THIS CITY IS GOING TO HELL.

Here are the latest victims of yet another MURDER. This murderer had a Kill one get one free coupon.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


The speculation that guns had replaced knives as the weapon of choice among KC Metro criminals is now over. If you are going to do something, do it right.

1. KCK - Not one, not two but THREE people shot on Sunday night. And people say that KCK residents have no ambition.

2. Grandview has seen a major increase in violence this year. This time gun shots fly at the VFW hall.

Welcome back to the 21st Century fellas.




Saturday, April 05, 2008


It was good to see Roy up to his old tricks. Anytime the name Kansas & Roy Williams are mentioned in the final 4, he will lose.



Most of us already know that it sucks to be a liberal. They are dirty, smell, lazy, dependent and ignorant. Ohh and they party and most of their "belief system" is starting to crash down all around them. Here are a few examples.

1. What global warming???? Temps haven't risen in nearly 8 years.

2. Behind every great hoax there is someone trying to make money.

3. Liberal energy plans are making it tough for their base, "the poor" to afford food. Planet before people.

4. Hillbillies from Arkansas profiting off of liberal stupidity.

5. If only I could set up a charity in my name, donate to it, keep the money and the count it as a write off. THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER!!!!!!!

6. Is she an even bigger liar than Bill? The hits just keep coming.

7. Even more good news out of Iraq. You won't hear about this in the news. Instead you will hear a tale of poor Umbaka whose goat blew up after eating a roadside bomb intended for US troops.

8. Hate radio on Air America finally gets some attention.


Here is yet another example of religious groups taking things to the extreme. This time the lives of 52 girls were ruined due to extremist beliefs. I guess they should just be thankful that they weren't offered Kool Aid to drink.