Saturday, May 31, 2008

SICK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year I had some serious health issues that kept me sidelined for nearly 5 months. I had been doing better for almost a year, until Thursday night. My life has returned to pain & more pain. I am not sure that I can go through this crap again!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


This linked story is about how a group of PIRATES hijacked 2 boats.... WHEN THE HELL DID PIRATES MAKE A RETURN AND WHY WASN'T I NOTIFIED? Did these guys wear patches over their eyes? Was there a parrot involved in the hijacking? Did they bring back the puffy shirt? Were the phrases "avast ye maties" and "shiver me timbers" used? Where they in search of doubloons? Holy crap the possibilities!

The world is a better place with Pirates.


It is no secret that the biggest threat to this country is the Global Warming Nazis. For now on I will be separating the news stories regarding these thugs from the rest of the group in order to bring more attention to them.

1. Sun Publications continues to play the doom and gloom card. Everyone is now using high gas prices as an easy out to their personal or business problems. I fully expect Sprint to blame their crappy customer service on the price of gas in an upcoming press release.

2. Scientist have come up with a Polar Bear replacement.

3. Gas Prices not having the drastic effect on the economy that special interest groups and liberal media sources have been reporting. ECONOMY GROWS!

4. Oil companies fight back!

5. European governments are going to cut the tax on oil! "Should we really apply the same tax rate when the price of a barrel of oil has doubled in one year and tripled in three years? I don't think this is a crazy question to be asking,"


This picture may change my position on light rail. Which is worst Funkhousers Blight Rail plan or cyclist? I am now torn.


Well maybe it isn't official or scientific or credible but go to Tony's place and vote anyways damn it.


1. Murder suicide in Independence? I find it hard to believe that domestic abuse would take place in the meth capitol of the midwest.

2. 4 Arrests/4 hours in OP DUI "Crack Down". Seriously, thats it? How is this news worthy? How many drunks do they catch on a night that they don't "crack down"? If they want to crack down on drunks all that they need to do is set up a block away from Tanners on 143rd street. This isn't rocket science.

3. Republican purchases gun for 13 year old son in PR stunt. Will the Democrat running for office purchase his kid a Prius? I have no problem with the gun purchase, I do have a problem with the exploitation of the purchase and the kid.

4. They don't know if the body is from upstream.... That's funny.

5. They are setting you up for higher taxes on gas.

6. First it is Coyotes in Leawood, now it is Gators in Leavenworth.

7. Anytime a Lion attacks someone it makes the blog. Anytime that 6 lions attack someone and only leave the fingers behind.......

8. HOLY CRAP! Screw the lions...ELEPHANT kills 7 in India...

9. There is noway that this birth will take place naturally. The nose that this kid will have could jeopardize the life of the mother.



Putting "I dare you to post this on the internet" doesn't help your cause, especially when your comments make absolutely zero sense. Of course I am not going to post your comment when you say crap like that. What is the follow up? A double dog dare? Get real. The comment wasn't even controversial. .....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Mayors new light rail plan might be the worst one to date. Who plans a transit system that takes you nowhere? Seriously, what large employers does this thing run by? What a joke. The only thing that this thing is good for is blight tourism. Maybe I can set up a souvenir shop and sell shell casings and crack pipes to urban tourists. I can just hear kids saying "gee mommy, I hope that we can see a drive by". WHO THE HELL GOES TO TROOST ON A DAILY BASIS?

This city is built around Interstate access and suburban sprawl so any transit system that is proposed should run similar routes, not take you away from them. What sane person is going to drive 5 miles, park(surely not free) then walk from the parking lot to the train station, ride the train, catch a bus, get on the light rail, then catch another bus in order to get someplace?

If I were a resident of one of these towns I would want to know what numbers were used to come up with this plan. Seriously, what large employers and large population bases does this thing give you direct access to?

Here is my solution to Kansas City's transit problem.


The Global Warming wackos are about to take the war against your freedom to a whole new level and you Polar Bear lusting bastards are going to do nothing about it. What would you say if I told you that anytime that you used or purchased energy that you were going to be REQUIRED BY THE GOVERNMENT to swipe a card? Think about it.... The GOVERNMENT is going to TRACK what you purchase and if you use too much energy, thats right, YOU WILL BE TAXED (the real reason behind this).
You see the religion of global warming has nothing to do with the environment. It is nothing more than an excuse to take your money and limit your freedoms. That is what is so funny about this. There is a reason that the majority of the people that believe in this crap are liberals, because this is another method to redistribute wealth in this country. The same group of people that are against the patriot act and voter registration cards are for this because it is seen as a penalty against the wealthy. It is that simple.


5 days away from the blog and little has changed. This mornings news stories will be no surprise to many of you that follow news and politics in this city.

1. Another day, another home invasion. The thing that gets me is that IF you feel the need to invade a home and rob them WHY in the hell do you pick a house in the East Side? Chances are that they have the same (or worst) crap that you have.

2. This story makes no sense. How is going to Quick Trip after an argument considered missing?

3. Since when did the property that Indian Springs mall sits on become prime Real Estate? If I worked for the KCK School district I would be pissed that they weren't looking for a better neighborhood to put the district offices in....Then again does one exist in that district?

4. Kansas City has a climate protection committee.....East side residents facing bullets & knives everyday must be happy to hear that the REAL issues are being addressed.

5. Double shooting in beautiful KCK over the weekend? Residents there must be shocked.

6. Shopping in Lenexa, Ks just got a whole lot more expensive. Sales Tax Rate is now 7.9%

7. THEY GOT IT RIGHT! He might not of committed the crime that they were investigating BUT if he works for city hall he is guilty of something.


9. Sometimes being a cop has its perks. What male(and switch hitting female) wouldn't watch this?


Thursday, May 22, 2008


The paper that lines everyones litter boxes came up with the great idea of putting together a list of places that one could go on a tank of gas. Well it turns out with the exception of the great city of Lawrence, Ks you are screwed. They should of called it "Places that suck" outside of the metro.

Who the hell wants to take their vacation in Fort Scott or Columbia, Mo? Seriously? And why did the dumb ass writer include the Village West and Independence, Mo? You mean we can drive 20 minutes on the highway on a tank of gas? Thanks for that tidbit of information. "Mountains are pretty, beaches are tempting", Yes they are and that is where people will still go despite the price of gas. If people can't afford more than a tank of gas in their vacation budget then they need to stay home.

This is just another example of the crap that is getting passed off as journalism at SUN Publications. If you are going to write a story that plays to peoples fears than at least give them real options and show that you did some research.

FYI.... You can get to Table Rock Lake, Lake of the Ozarks, Wichita, Ks, and Omaha, Nebraska all on a tank of gas (one way).


Isn't this crap hilarious? By the end of of the week we will be paying $4.00 a gallon in gas and I think it is GREAT! It is no secret that the price of gas going up is due to democrats/liberals and who is not going to be able to afford gas by the end of the month? their voting base. They have thrown the people that they supposedly "care about" under the bus in order to bow down to their global warming god. I say bring it on, I wont feel it until it hits $7 a gallon.

Do we need to pay this much for gas? Hell no. We have enough oil in this country to last nearly 200 years but the liberals will not let us get it. When gas prices go up so do the hopes of democrats so why would they let us drill? Higher gas prices mean three things to them 1. More tax dollars to spend 2. The crippling of capitalism 3. Global Warming agenda advances.

Here are some good news stories that actually tell the truth about gas prices without blaming oil companies.

1. Taxes on gas = 20% in some areas. So the higher the price the more the GOV brings in.

2. Environmental Wackos are crippling the auto industry.

3. Environmental Wackos are forcing farmers to use mules.

4. San Fransisco passes bill that taxes for pollution. THEY EVEN ADMIT THAT THIS WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. WAKE UP MORONS! GLOBAL WARMING IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN EXCUSE TO TAX THE CRAP OUT OF YOU! "It doesn't solve global warming, but it gets us thinking in the right terms," said Daniel Kammen, a renewable energy expert at the University of California, Berkeley

Remember Democrats, your party cares more for the polar bear than they do for you.


I need to do a little catching up on the blogs that I have added to the list that I have over on the right hand side. These blogs have pretty good content and are updated frequently enough to check out at least once a day.

1. Nick Sloans Blog

2. The Kansas Citian

3. Life in SOJOCO

4. KC Beer Blog



1. The Northeast part of town continues to live up to its reputation.

2. Union workers go back to work...for now but how long before their jobs are slashed and production is cut. High costs of labor for low skilled employees will only last for so long in this global economy. The funniest thing about this is that most Union workers are Democrats, and it is their party that is crippling the auto industry with all of there global warming hype.

3. Are these jackass's just looking for the right artist? Every time that light rail is reintroduced (which seems to be weekly) they show some crappy ass painting. Why can't the simply put up a grid map with the route that they plan on using and the cost? What this all comes down to is that Funkhouser is looking to put his name on a big project and will not rest until it is done.

4. Trading plasma for drugs and booze has now been replaced with trading plasma for gas money. Finally a solution to the metros drug problem!

5. Jackass father nearly kills baby due to lack of sleep in MO.

6. Why does it take 5 men to kill a man in a hospital bed?

7. schnauzer, pitbull, new york, dog fight, pet spa.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The people of Kenya have it all figured out. Wizards and Witches beware in the land of Mufasa!


This list was hard to do because I wanted to limit it to 10. These fine individuals represent the worst of what Kansas City media has to offer.

1. Kevin Kietzman - The biggest hypocrite in KC media. This guy has run down every athlete to ever make it big in the city (that didn't kiss his ass) for their lack of family values etc.. YET threw away his own marriage to go after the daughter of an advertiser. His hatred for KU is legendary yet he claims to have no bias. If he tells you the sky is blue, look out the window and double check. He covers up his lack of sports knowledge by making everything out to be a controversy and will sell his soul for ad revenue.

2. Hearnes Christopher - Covering the Kansas City "Scene" is like covering summer in the North Pole. Who can forget the story that he broke regarding...................................

3. Jeffery Flannagan - How this guy still has a job is beyond me. He makes his living off of covering angles that nobody cares about and posting sports radio arbitron ratings. There are at least 20 KC sports blogs in this city with more insight and timely takes that Flannagan provides his readers.

4. Ash-har Quraish - The Grimm Reaper of KC. He makes his living off of ruining the lives of people in the metro.

5. Katie Horner - The weather is about her and not your safety(despite what she says). The only weather person with less skill and more hype in the United States only comes out once a year and predicts the weather by looking at his shadow. Maybe Katie should try that.

6. Entercom Radio - They have all but ruined radio in Kansas city. These guys have butchered everything they have touched in the past 3 years. From 610 sports losing Jason Whitlock to the mass exodus at 980 etc... they have become a joke.

7. Mike Hedricks - This idiot gives JOCO a bad name and is completely unreadable.

8. Neal & Marty - This is the worst radio show that the KC market has ever seen. The fact that these two assclowns still have a job is baffling to everyone that listens to sports radio. People with CB radios reading box scores off of I70 would be an upgrade.

9. Devon Lucie - On the list because his name is Devon Lucie. Other than that the guy is the best at Channel 5 weather.

10. Steve Rose - This guys ego is bigger than his talent. The fact that people actually listen to what this guy has to say cracks me up.


"Inny, minny, miny, mo........Screw it I will sleep with all of them."

There aren't really words to describe the crap hole that this woman has dug herself. She is 41 years old, married and a mother YET she still found time to nail half the teenage boys in Cuba, Mo.


1. Area car dealer is now offering the "Drive By" package.

2. Could this be the most dangerous job in the Metro? Who the hell is going to knock on rentals in the East Side?

3. 13 year old kid involved in Drive By shooting SHOULD be tried as an adult. If at 13 he is doing drive bye's why give him a chance to improve his aim? This guy needs to be lost in the system forever.

4. It is always good to piss off the people that supply your oil and just bailed out your financial institutions.

5. Parents ditch their kid in their escape from thief. Nice parenting.

6. Stabbing in KCK...........If you go to a bar on Central avenue and don't get stabbed or shot then THAT would be news.

7. Ted Kennedy's CHICKkkkkkkens! Have come home, to roost!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This book is promoting 30 days of abstinence to improve your relationship which automatically ruins this guys credibility. If this were the case nobody would ever get divorced. 30 DAYS IS NOTHING! If you see this book, burn it. If you see this guy in the street, kick his ass. This man is a danger to men every where and should not be taken lightly.

Since this blog is an informative site I have come up with my own solution. This product is sure to improve any relationship problems that you might be having. Seriously, what news or troubles could your wife bring you that would make you lose out on this?

You are welcome in advance for saving your marriages!


The QUICK HITS section continues to be one of the most popular sections of this blog. Thank you for all of the emails.

1. Never trust a dairy farmer! Anyone that can live amongst that odor is capable of anything.

2. Coyote fur coming soon to Leawood Macys?

3. The Broadway Bridge is now dual purpose. I am not sure that the fall is high enough to kill you, luckily the filth and sewage in the MO is bad enough to finish you off.

4. Mammy canned. Who didn't see that coming?

5. So you have 10 people hanging outside of a house after midnight in KCMO's gangland..........

6. Pregnant man seen outside gardening.....yes I said that.

7. I thought New Yorkers were tough? Take a Tylenol and get back to work!

8. Why is a story about a photog getting speared with a Javelin funny to me?

9. Kangaroos slaughtered to save Lizard? Why do people think that every species deserves saving? This is what happens when liberalism hits the outback.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Saturday night my wife and I went to the P&L district for dinner before my sisters graduation. We set out to try something new but due to time constraints we ate at the first place that could seat us right away, Famous Daves. The food and atmosphere were great.......but I will never go back. Little did I know that what while we didn't have to wait an hour for a table the service would be so poor that it would of been faster to wait some where else.

I have never had worst service at a restaurant in the Metro . This place was so poorly run that I thought for sure that the manager must sit on the KCMO school board and the waiter was the police chief. It was so bad that it was funny. I thought for sure that we were on Punk'd.

This is an avoid at all cost place until management changes.

"How is your commitment level in your marriage this morning?’

This is too good to be true. What do you think was going through Hillary's mind while she sat through this sermon? Funny that Bill wasn't there by her side.....


1. Sebelius would rather "save" a polar bear thousands of miles away than provide power to her state.

2. While other city employees have been fired and have to find real jobs, the city council of KCMO is preparing to move into new offices (with plasma tv's). This is yet another example of liberal double talk.

3. A party isn't a party until someone gets killed, in the East Side of town.

4. I thought the only people that would be jumping to their deaths from an Entercom tower are those at 610 Sports. I guess I was wrong.

5. The "Rocket Team". Someone tell me that Turner High School DOESN'T have a rocket TEAM. This has got to be a typo.

6. More arson in KC?

7. Sad story about an Overland Park grandpa that died to save his grandkid at Lake of the Ozarks.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


QUICK HITS - Afternoon Edition

1. President Bush finally takes a stand against liberal foreign policy and Borat Obama.

2. California courts continue to destroy the constitution.

3. Sonic employees spit in food. Don't you just assume that if you eat fast food that something like this has happened to your food?

4. Starbucks goes topless. Calm down, there is no fear of seeing coffee house chick with her shirt off.

5. Werewolves do exist? Holy crap!

6. Man dies sitting in car. Must of died of shock when he saw a golf ball store on SW BLVD.

7. Tougher laws for trash pick up in KCMO. Just what a city full of trash needs.

8. Poor aim = longer life in KCMO for one family.

9. Another example of why Hood Life will never get better. This guy gets shot NOT ONCE BUT TWICE in the leg yet wont cooperate with the police. When this guy does get killed I don't want to hear sympathy for him.

10. YOU CAN GET A MASTERS DEGREE IN TUBA PERFORMANCE AT UMKC?????? Talk about pissing away your money. I am sure that his lack of this diploma will prevent him from earning that big Tuba playing money.

11. Is Ollie Gates the real muscle in KC Politics? Just the idea of a black heritage district is a freaking joke but to then give the area a tax exemption is a slap in the face! Isn't this the part of the city that consumes the MOST tax dollars? Holy crap! AND isn't a joke to think that by making stuff 8 cents cheaper per dollar that the hell hole area of KCMO is going to suddenly turn itself around? This is nothing more than Ollie Gates taking advantage of Funkhousers problems with the black community. THIS IS NOT REAL HELP, THIS IS SMOKE & MIRRORS! Whats next, Asian, Hispanic, White, Middle Eastern etc... tax free zones. Mayor Funkhouser is a joke!

A LAW AGAINST________?

This afternoon I was thumbing through one of the best blogs in the Metro (crimescenekc) and came across a post that said something about 20 states not having laws against bestiality. There are two ways to look at this.

1. What is wrong with those 20 states?
2. Why does there even need to be a law that says you can't screw animals? Isn't it common sense that if it has 4 legs it should be off limits (unless it is some circus chick from Turkey)?

The way you look at it says a lot about who you are and what we have become as a society.


1. 9 year old girl ate her twin while in the womb???????

2. Holy Crap those are big bugs!

3. Ever thought about putting your wife on EBAY? It seems that the going price for blond wives on the site is a million dollars.............

4. Does anyone get upset nowadays when a gas station gets robbed?

5. Have a friend/enemy that works for a local government agency? Find out how much they make with this nice little link.

6. Polar Bear is now endangered!!!!! I for one will be sad if I can't look out my front window and see a Polar Bear anymore. What a joke.

7. No more GE Appliances.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You silly KCMO bastards crack my ass up. Seriously, one month you are bitching about cutting city jobs and not being able to hire additional police officers and THIS WEEK you are talking about raising taxes to fund museums that are rarely visited. This is almost as funny as light rail...I said almost.

Call me crazy but isn't crime a far more serious problem than museum funding? If you want to increase taxes wouldn't it be a better idea to use that money to hire additional officers and buy some Humvee's for the officers patrolling the East Side?

Does Kansas City really need a Museum? What is so historical about this town? We slaughtered some Indians, had crooked politicians and at one point in town had a cattle industry that was thriving. Do we really need to fund a museum that is full of crap that other than being old has no historical significance?

The following museums can be found in the metro area.

Arabia Steam Boat
Negro League Baseball
Toy & miniature
American Royal
Kemper Art
Union Station
Garment District Museum
Thomas Hart Benton
Hair Museum
Doll Museum
Alexander Majors
Strawberry Hill
Missouri Frontier
Harry Truman
Mahaffee farmstead
Jackson County Jail Museum
AND THAT IS JUST A SMALL SAMPLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an idea, combine your resources and make one museum that is actually worth a damn. It is no wonder all of the Museums suck, all the crap is spread out at different "museums" . All of these places complain that they are under funded and attendance is poor. NO CRAP! Who has time to go to all of these places to see nonhistorical old crap?

KCMO needs to give these jackass's the finger and get more cops.


This show is actually funnier in Japanese.


1. Kansas City Teens enable our city to make yet another Top 10 list.

2. Bomb squad responds to suspicious package found at 40th and whatever.

3. City Union Mission gives local homeless a new place to watch a big screen TV and surf the net for porn. Thats the motivation and assistance they need to get back to work.

4. Gunshots in Grandview

5. Ike Turner instilled some work ethic in Tina.

6. Wyco starts recycling next month. I just wonder how they are going to fit KCK in that little green bin.

7. Ghetto reality show hitting FOX. This has potential!

8. Obama - wear gets a new addition.


Monday, May 12, 2008


1. See what happens when people start reading the articles? Carrie Underwood could fix this!

2. The best ticket ever handed out.

3. The liberal media starts the campaign for Obama off by attacking people that live in rural America. John McCain has no clue as to what he is in for.

4. 53 illegals detained against their will..... not by border patrol or Minutemen, by their own.

5. Natural selection at its finest.

6. More layoffs at Sprint. They need to change their name from Sprint to Limp.


After months of research and tracking crime stats I have finally been able to put a finger on the reason that violent crime has spiked in the Metro (minus JOCO of course). I believe that the lack of McGruff the Crime dog ads which for years served as a reminder to our youth to not kill, stab, shoot, rape, car jack, extort, kidnap etc... is at fault. What else could it be? Surely it isn't ineffective policing tactics, liberal social programs, the desire to be Hood Rich, the early release of violent offenders due to prison overcrowding or drug wars. Blame TV! Blame McGruff!

1. KCK pulls the Hat Trick! That's right, THREE people gunned down on Central Avenue. Those crazy kids in KCK never let me down.

2. Out and about at 2am on Wabash. Did you expect another outcome?

3. Freemont lowers its carbon footprint by stabbing and not shooting. Al Gore is pleased.

4. I for one was shocked to learn that this gentleman had a criminal past. If you read liberal blogs you would of thought that cops just randomly shoot people.

5. I have never understood why a fine company like Quick Trip would open up a store in KCMO. Maybe after this they will stick to the burbs where their rollers of food are appreciated.

Friday, May 09, 2008


1. WITCHES & BITCHES. No I am not talking about some crappy art exhibit at the crossroads. Code Pink is back to protesting the Marines and they brought back up!

2. Do you make more than your stay at home mom wife?

4. Liberals think that a war over oil is a bad idea but how about a war over food? We could kill two birds with one stone if we act now!

5. Hindus get beef removed from British Airlines.

6. Selfish Union workers are effecting the lives of others.

7. When a car is broke into in JOCO it is news worthy! I dig the fact that this story will get just as much air play as this murder in the East Side.

8. The most creative burglars in Metro history were sentenced today. The metro will miss these bastards. With these idiots off the streets all that we are left with are 7-11 robberies.

9. KCMO releases last years police report. In a down year there was still one person killed every 4th day. I have a feeling that this years report is going to be a little different.

BIKE WEEK????????????

It has just come to my attention(thanks tony) that next week is going to be the most dangerous week for motorists of the year. Next week there will be armies of ultra thin people draped in spandex and retarded helmets taking up traffic lanes meant for cars. Next week the streets will be filled with "that guy", the guy that thinks that climbing a hill at 3mph is manly, taking up a traffic lane that is 6 feet wide with a bike that is 6 inches wide is their right, that wearing yellow bracelets will put them in the tour de france and the same ahole that picks rush hour to "train". Next week is BIKE WEEK!

If they want to have a week, no problem, make it the 3rd week of December. Do we really need to start off spring with a week that reminds us how annoying these people are?

This week will be a war of good vs. evil. Celebrate bike week with getting up behind one of these morons and riding your horn as they climb that hill. Cut them off at intersections. Screw the turn signal, let them look for your arm as you signal right and turn left. Slow down while in front of them to drink your coffee. Give them maps that show them where the BIKE TRAILS ARE! The metro has spent $$$$$$$$$ to give these jerkoffs a place to safely ride, USE THEM. The key here is to be creative and have fun with it and to remind these people that there is no such thing as THE TOUR DE JOCO.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


1. Financial Gap? On one hand Overland Park is going to spend $13,000,000 on artificial turf for a kids soccer stadium. On the other side of the tracks, there is an estimated 2,000 teens homeless in the Metro. Do people really care about the homeless when the weather is nice?

2. If you own stock in Google, Intel, Clearwire etc... SELL, SELL, SELL. Everything Sprint touches turns to crap so why wouldn't this venture?

3. KCK man plots against JOCO resident. This should put KCK on notice, JOCO is watching you!

4. The strike isn't even a week old and these guys are already feeling the pain? To quote Charles Brown..."Good Grief". Their leadership is doing a great job of taking care of them.

5. Opportunistic Bastard: SO now the Cyclone is a result of Global Warming????? Haven't these things been happening for 1000's of years? What's next, Earthquakes?

6. Global Warming causes Volcano to erupt in Chile.

7. Teacher called wizard and fired for performing a magic trick.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This show might have a bigger following now that it is over than it did while it was up and running. I came across this great link for a character break down today that covers all 5 seasons.


The headline reads "school district needs significant improvements". WELL NO CRAP! Everyone knows that. The thing that everyone wants to know is what the hell are you going to do to improve it? After reading the article all that I could find was that the school district will have to file quarterly reports and put on a good dog and pony show for inspectors....

Are these the same people that are looking for Bin Laden? How the hell do 2oo people inspect the school district and think that they are on the path to accreditation?

This crap is hilarious.


Your company is:
1. Getting its ass kicked financially
2. Losing out on market share to Asian manufactures.
3. Shipping jobs to Canada & Mexico
4. Has closed plants in other cities
5. Is being forced by the government to meet ridiculous EPA standards.


You union lemmings deserve what you get after this latest stunt. I am all for stuff being made in America by American workers but these crybaby union workers deserve to be either replaced by a robot or have their plant closed and reopened in Mexico. Better yet, BRING IN THE SCABS. I am sure that they could do the same job that you do, only cheaper and more efficient.
Ask yourselves the following questions

1. What value do you bring to GM besides complacency and a sense of entitlement?

2. How do you give GM a competitive advantage?

3. Do rising employment costs help you beat Honda or Toyota?

4. Are the members of your Union that are close to retirement making decisions that benefit those of the whole group or just themselves? Seems to me that the Senior members are only looking out for themselves on this one.

5. Where exactly are you going to find work other than at the Fairfax plant? It's not like there are a lot of options for you out there.

6. When was the last time that you heard about a GM car lasting longer than a Honda or Toyota?

7. Do you have benefits? Do you have a retirement plan? Do you have people that have worked there for over 30 years? Do you get a check every week? Consider yourself lucky.

8. Have you met an employed Steel Worker in the US? Pretty rare huh?

9. Where do your union dues go? Are you going to be able to pay ALL of your bills while on Strike?

10. Are you incapable of thinking for yourself? Why do you need a "union chief" to tell you what to do, when to work etc.... I guarantee that the leaders of your Union won't miss a house payment while you are on strike

A job is not an entitlement. They don't have to bring your ass's back.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Is it safe to say that if you live in KCMO that your life is going to be hell this summer? Seriously, buy some kevlar, get a Desert Eagle and get bullet proof glass because it is only going to get worst.

1. Crime pays - The guy that shot this dude on College today escaped in a Lexus. I wonder what type of gas millage he gets going from murder to murder? Evading the police has got to be bad for the environment.

Screw it, there are too many to list. Carjackings, murder, shooting and shooting. Basically a Number 3 meal super sized with a side of child abandonment. The menu never changes, only the quantities. I am getting carpal tunnel from this crap.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


1. Who the hell watches the Kentucky derby? This is the only uninteresting sport involving midgets there is in the world. The fact that they call them Jockeys instead of midgets baffles me as well.

2. How many burglars case out neighborhood garage sales? These guys get to case out every house in the neighborhood with no questions asked, bad idea.

3. Delusions of Grandeur - Han Solo said it best.

4. Credibility - Those without any are always the first to advise (unsolicited). See also Glasshouses.

5. Replacements & Stand Ins - Can not be trusted.

6. I would much rather get 17 MPG than drive a Geo metro powered by a 9volt battery.

7. Ignorance Island - The population there keeps increasing.

8. How does some place have the best Tacos? The ingredients are all basically the same. Every time this debate comes up the person I am arguing with brings up the salsa. Doesn't that just mean they have the best Salsa?

9. Kansas City Hip Hop = Italian food in Alaska

10. Those that bitch about their situation in life rarely are brave enough to do anything about it and usually end up making it worst by rationalizing their decisions (or lack there of).

11. I have no idea how to cut up a watermelon without butchering it.

12. Thank god you can buy precut watermelon.

13. There is no such thing as making "enough" money.

14. Why couldn't my neighbors trampoline of been destroyed in the storm?

15. Did Katie Horner purposely use blood red on her weather map last week? Wouldn't surprise me.

16. When are they going to rebroadcast the episode of The Office from last week? And why does a channel with another station for weather have to interrupt our TV Viewing? Can't they run a banner along the bottom of the screen saying TUNE INTO CHANNEL 1345?

17. On St. Patrick's Day people always claim to be part Irish. On May 5th do people claim to be Mexican?

18. I hate it when I order a Diet Coke at a restaurant and they ask me if Diet Pepsi is ok. If I wanted Pepsi, wouldn't I of ordered Pepsi? If I order steak are you going to bring me chicken?

19. I have become even more leery of charities that tell you to send in money instead of goods and services. I heard the spokesperson for the local Salvation Army office telling people that all they needed was money. Aren't these groups the same ass clowns that were full of scandal during Katrina fund raising? I trust them almost as much as I trust Ice Cream Truck Dude.

20. Today I was told that I wasn't religious but spiritual by a local religious leader. I have no clue what that means.

21. Right after I was told that I was hit up for a donation.


1. Face Off in the East Side.

2. Kansas finally passes a Photo ID bill to vote. It has baffled me for years that people get carded for booze and smokes but not to cast a vote.

3. East Side killers have no ethics. Mother killed in front of kids.

4. The area around Swope park is a wonderful place to take the family on the weekends.

5. Soon to be out of business Newsweek picks up its anti America campaign. They wonder why nobody buys their crap.

6. Kansas woman adopts crack babies so she can win title.

7. Is there anything lower than stealing from tornado victims?

8. Yahoo commits corporate suicide.

Friday, May 02, 2008


1. Everyone in the metro knows that if you want to open up something for kids, Indian Springs is the place. That place has always been known as "kid friendly", so the closing of the Museum for Children is certainly a shock to us all. KCK kids will now focus there time on collecting shell casings and serving as lookouts for drug dealers until JOCO Wonderscope saves the day.

2. Standard & Poor agrees, Sprint is junk.

3. Affirmative action strikes again. There is noway in hell that Claire Hukstable is a better mom than June Cleaver or Maggie Seaver.

4. First the surge and now the economy. Liberals have got to be pissed that America is doing well.

5. Further proof that liberal news organizations have no credibility or ratings.

6. Kansas has always been superior to Missouri. The sooner that the people that live in Missouri realize this the sooner they can fix their crap state.

7. Al Franken might disagree with people that say bloggers have no power or credibility. Poor Al. I still say that 99% of the blogs on the internet are crap.

8. Injustice in Arizona!!! ASU Cheerleaders get canned for promoting cheer squad! This is outrageous! I would like to thank these girls for their effort.

9. 911 hates white women. LETS LOOT!!!!!!!

10. When the hell will this war end??? Civil War claims another victim.

11. Teacher fired for looking good in a Bikini.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

DO WE NEED A DAY FOR THIS? National scrabooking day.

I just learned that Saturday is national scrapbooking day...This has to be some sorta joke. Those of you with wives that are involved in this addiction understand that too them everyday is scapbooking day. They attend crops (shop), they hangout (shop) at the stores, the go to message boards, they go to websites, they blog about it, they get packages in the mail, they do swaps (not what you think), they take up rooms of your house and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND both time and money on what could be the most expensive hobby on the planet.

Think about the cost (both hidden and obvious) involved in putting photos in an album.

1. Cameras - You are looking at over $2000 divided up amongst 2 cameras, lenses, bags, memory cards etc... This is not a one time cost, scapbookers must have the latest and greatest in photo technology
2. Photo Developing - This isn't cheap and it never ends.
3. Paper - You wouldn't think that paper could that expensive, well you are wrong. Single sheets of paper can cost as much as $1 per sheet.
4. Postage - My house has turned into a freight hub for Fed Ex & UPS. If a stamp is almost 50 cents I can only imagine what the cost of a fed ex package is.
5. Machines - Believe it or not scrapbooking requires $200 plus machines.
6. Computers & Printers - Yes I used the plural form of both words
7. Computer software - Must have $200 worth of Adobe products
8. Stamps, stickers, glue, scissors.....
9. The actual book
10. Storage - You must buy a house that includes a scraproom which means an additional 20k on your house cost, storage bins, book shelves etc...$$$$$
11. Crops - These things will cost you $$ & freedom
12. Overnight Crops - A bunch of women in there Pajamas sharing one shower should be exciting...
Guess where your tax rebate check is going.

If you will look at the entry level costs that I put together above you need to keep in mind that these same people are usually the first to complain about the cost of gas going up 10 cents. The cost of one piece of scrapbook paper could cover the price increase on 10 gallons of gas. These same people have a large contingent of eco warriors. Never mind the fact that half of the rain forest is sitting on a storage shelf in their scrap room, the chemicals used to develop their film and used in their glue. I am sure someone is going to make a fortune off of GREEN Scapbooking supplies.

Yes scrapbookers are hypocrites as well as big spenders.

So do these people really need a day? No. How about a day without scrapbooking?

What does your wife have planned on Saturday? BE AFRAID.


1. NJ liberals want to tax fast food & call it a SIN. Amazing what is and isn't considered a sin in Jersey.

2. 25th and Troost (where even the tulips die) site of latest slicing/dicing.

3. The hidden ghetto finally makes the news (and it is about time). It turns out that a stabbing took place at the Charter House apartment complex in Lenexa last night. Anyone familiar with that area (97th & Monrovia) will not be shocked by this event because they know that Charter House is nothing more than a Housing project in the middle of JOCO. Prostitution, Drug deals, gang activity and yes even violent crimes take place in this place on a daily basis.

4. The groundwork is being set for the greatest cover up in history. As more and more information comes out against the global warming hoax you knew a response was coming. Today scientist have come out and said that temps should hold for the next 10 years and might even COOL off. So lets follow the time line here. 1. The Ice Age was coming...2. Global warming is going to kill us all...3. Temps are to hold for the next 10 years.... You patrons of the Eco Church crack me up. WHICH IS IT? Lets not forget the f'd up hurricane predictions over the past 2 years as well. Al Gore is nothing more than David Koresh with more money and a bigger audience you lemmings are just as ignorant as the idiots that burned to their deaths.


6. People that hang out in coffee houses suck, so this is good news. Once Starbucks closes they will have to figure out different ways of imitating Ross & Rachel.

7. When a democrat talks about switching teams it typically means something entirely different....