Monday, March 31, 2008

Kevin Kietzman take on the Jayhawks

If you needed more proof that Kevin Kietzman is the biggest idiot Kansas State homer in the world you needn't read anymore than the following.

1. Couldn't believe that KU celebrated going to the Final 4
2. KU fans realize they have no shot at winning
3. KU is not much better than Davidson
4. KU is the Underdog in the tournament. "That's the only way I know how to approach it". Really Kevin, when the hell have you ever been able to cheer for your team in College Hoops.
5. Russell Robinson looked like a deer in the headlights.
6. The only way that Kansas can win is by playing the perfect game. They aren't good enough to beat these other teams otherwise.
7. Kansas is not on the same level with Carolina historically.
8. KU fans should hate North Carolina & Roy Williams
9. Tyler Hansborough is not any good.
10. Bill Self's Legacy is on the line. This is it. (Setting KU up for a fall)
11. Roy Williams is a drama queen (which means he wouldn't appear on his show)
12. If you want to mention Carolina & Kansas in the same breath they have to win this game.
13. You can not believe anything that Roy Williams says.
14. Roy Williams has a "knack" for recruiter white players.


1. My daughters are now proud rodent owners. Friday night we went out and got the girls some new pets. We ended up getting the youngest 2 gerbils & the oldest a Guinea pig.

2. Winter will never end. This is the most depressing weather I have ever seen in the metro. Nothing sucks the life out of you more than knowing that everyday that you wake up there is going to be crappy weather. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

3. Road Construction is on its way back. The weather isn't going to slow down the closing of lanes and bridges in the metro. I still don't know why they just don't build it right the first time.

4. Why isn't Metro Sports in HD? You would think that the channel owned by the cable company would be. I guess they can't even get that right.

5. Stillwell Station is the best unknown BBQ Joint in the Metro. If you haven't been to the gas station for BBQ then you are missing out. 199th and Metcalf & yes there are tables inside to eat at. Try the rib tips & Pork.

6. What is pathetic? Pathetic is when you don't have a team in the race (and never have) and you talk trash about another team. MU & K State fans who haven't seen a good basketball season in decades this applies to you. Stay on the sidelines where you belong.

7. The tax deadline is approaching. I refuse to pay my taxes before the deadline. Why should I? I don't get a refund. Over the years I have found myself despising those that do get money back from the government. If anything those that get refunds should be the ones cutting the check at the end of the year. They are the ones that didn't put in their fair share.

8. The fact that the Royals are opening up in Detroit has taken away from my opening day excitement. I did hear rumors that 88 of the Royals televised games will be in HD. Watching baseball in HD is better than being there.

9. Most blogs suck. Have you ever hit the next blog button at the top of blogger? Holy crap there are some turds out there.

10. Malcom X. I dig this movie. It was on MOJOHD all weekend and I watched it twice. Weird for a conservative Republican to watch, I know but the man was very interesting.

11. Have you read _____ book? I don't think I have read a book from cover to cover in over 15 years(besides what I read to my kids). I think people read just to say that they did. Don't you think that if the book was any good that a movie would be made about it? The only exceptions to that rule are books that contain information to improve my earning power.

12. Backyard living area. I have decided to shelve the patio idea until next year and start from scratch. This means new deck & patio. I have been researching these outdoor living areas and have decided that if I am going to spend the money, that is the way to go.



1. How bad is this guys life? 1. He lives in KCK. 2. He is a criminal 3. He is a dumb criminal

2. Missing a dog? In unrelated news

3. Another father of the year candidate. This jackass kills his kids then calls the front desk of the hotel he was staying at to tell them.

4. Another crappy peace plan is being worked on in Israel this week and both sides report that they are "ready to take steps towards peace". This headline should of been easy to write because it has been written 1000 times in the past. Israel needs to give up on negotiating with these people and attack. We are delaying the inevitable and I am sick of seeing Israel being forced to cater to these extremist groups.

5. The biggest waste of $300,000,000 that you will ever see is about to take place.

6. Has the United States exaggerated its kill count in Iraq?

7. Get a Job you lazy bastards!!!!!!!!!! Let me guess, you are holding out for management positions?

8. Over the past 4 months Bill Clinton has lost any & all power he had in the Democratic Party. What makes him think that people will listen to him?



Friday, March 28, 2008


1. For $40 Sprint could of hired a crack head and ended up with the same result. Instead they gave Forsee $40 million in 2007.
2. I think they should give this survey to their students instead of the teachers. What the hell do you expect them to say? Do they really expect teachers to be accountable for their inability to educate? Holy crap.

3. FINALLY!!! A fight at a bar on Troost that didn't involve guns or knives. These guys should get medals not arrested. The tulips are working!!!!!!!!

4. Maybe Paseo needs some tulips.

5. What did you expect from a community college full of students that have represented themselves in court on more than one occasion? They should be good debaters.

6. If this kid lived in KCMO it would be the norm but since he is in Brazil it is news worthy.

7. Herbal remedy for life is being marketed in Indonesia. This drink is a sure fire cure for living.

8. Some cities in the United States are just as dangerous as those in Iraq. Criminals should sleep peacefully tonight knowing that these are the same planes that have been searching for Bin Laden for the past 7 years.

9. Kids today have better toys than what we had growing up. When I was a kid there was Lazer Tag. These kids have taken that to a whole new level.

10. More proof that papers like the Kansas City Red Star are on their way out.


Sometimes in life the loss of your biggest rivals are those that leave the biggest marks. This can be said without any doubt about the recent passing of my rival over the past 18 years. From the first time we met this rival and I were at odds and although I tried I was never fully able to bring her over to my side.

This rival was a capable and resourceful foe willing to go at any length needed to win. Some of the tactics utilized by this rival were sleep deprevation, tripping down flights of stairs, chemical weapons, excessive noise, nagging and emotional warfare. I often sat and wondered if this rival had received torture training from the CIA. The skill that I went up against will never be matched by another foe.

This week saw the end of our epic battle and even though she is gone, I know that she won. She always ended up getting her way and never compromised. These battles are going to be missed. So long ICE and thank you for 13 years of entertainment.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Anytime someone wants to sink money into downtown KCK it is news. It appears that 18th street will get a new grocery store and hotel off of I70. I know that if I were looking to open a grocery store and hotel that this would be my first choice in locations......

The people that are putting this store in either have to be incredibly ignorant OR are getting the whole thing funded by JOCO. Yes I said JOCO. It makes sense doesn't it? What better way to keep KCK residents from entering the dome than to open a grocery store on their side of "the bridge". Also look into who is developing the new Mission shopping area and see if they have ties into the group building what will be the most robbed store in the metro. It just doesn't make sense. Who the hell are they going to get to work there? In a county with the highest unemployment rate in the state the Village West STILL can not fill jobs that have been open for 2 years.

I am sure the good people that were brave enough to open their family run grocery stores up the street are glad to see the competition move in. Seriously I feel bad for those people that for years were the only ones willing to take the risk in that area.


1. Life of a fish is more important than that of Missouri residents. Having just come back from Southern Missouri I can tell you that the people down their are pissed. They can't believe that potential flooding of their lands and possible deaths don't mean as much as this fish.
2. KCMO needs to do a better job when targeting future convention business. Why is it that every freaking major issue this city faces there happens to be a convention of that group coming to the city? This time it is the ZOO. What a freaking joke.
3. I wondered how long it would be before we had unoriginal criminals copy off of the D.C. snipers.
4. Not only will this educator knock you up but he will drive you to get an abortion.
5. This story had the headline "Human Cockfighting"...........No surprise that it is taking place right outside of Joplin, Mo.
6. Yet another shooting on a college campus.
7. And ANOTHER gun situation on a college campus after she killed her kids.
8. When the Chinese aren't killing Monks they are busy making Pandas horny.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Joplin, Missouri.

I had several ideas on my drive back today on how to make this post entertaining but came to my senses halfway through typing it out. The simple fact is that the town sucks. It smells, it is vacant and it is knee deep in WT. Having never been there until today I had no idea what to expect. I like small towns so I went to Joplin (for business) expecting that I would like it. I was picturing a smaller Springfield but what I saw was a ghetto full of white people.

FEMA needs to head down there and hand out checks to people.

I now know why in my 100+ trips to Southwest Missouri that I have never gone through that place and have always taken Highway 13/7.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Charlie Browns Easter - Well sort of

For some reason it is funnier this way.


The blog that this comes from is typically wrong on most predictions so lets hope that this little tidbit falls in line with all of the others.

Tonyskansascity has an "inside" source telling him that KCMO plans on increasing the earnings tax. If this happens it will mark the beginning of the end of KCMO. With vacant offices, better parking, lower crime and less crowding the biggest benefactor of such an action would be Johnson County. The corporate moving vans packing 435 West & I35 South would bring traffic to a standstill.

As a resident of Johnson County you would think that I would be excited about the thought of the sudden shot to our tax base, but you are wrong. It is important for downtown KCMO to be strong and instead of taxing businesses/people more they should be cutting taxes to attract new businesses. Who the hell was the last big corporation to move its HQ to KCMO from a different metro area? That along with the decades of handouts to special interest groups, church's and "civic programs" is the reason that they have no money.

Does KCMO really want to penalize the people that bring money into the city for their inability to manage their books. The companies/people didn't create this problem, THEY DID. Let them be the ones to take the hit.


The NAALCP is going to keep their convention in Kansas City despite their attempts at (pardon the pun) blackmailing the Metro. While others in this town want to make our city out to be South Africa, the NAACP came to their senses and realized that following the lead of "La Raza" would be idiotic.

This along with the failed recall of Funkhouser continue to destroy the credibility of local bloggers who have made Race Baiting & racist attacks their calling card.


I realize that this only matter to those of us willing to pay $10 a month for radio but it is still good news.


Lately I have been getting emails from some pretty legit companies that are seeking to advertise on this blog. Do I want this place to start looking like the outfield wall of a minor league baseball team? It all depends!

I have chosen one to start talking $$$ with to see if it worth wild.


Remember when Villanova's head coach Jay Wright cut Chalmers & Collins from the Pan Am team? Well he hasn't.

Things of note

1. Moving is officially done. With the exception of a few boxes in the garage it is over!
2. Patios are expensive. The first estimate I got was $2500. I know the guy so I think it was pretty accurate, just not what I was expecting. So patio plans are on hold for now until we get a master plan together for the backyard. This could include new deck, patio and outdoor kitchen.
3. We still haven't had a fence bid.
4. The catfish living in my 10 gallon aquarium has been sent packing. He will now be residing at a grade school along with the rest of our fish. This makes room for the return of The Gecko.
5. My car is getting close to 100k in miles (in 3 years). I have to get some repairs done but might look into something new instead.
6. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people in my neighborhood that ride cruiser bikes. I have counted 3 Harley's and 2 foreign cruisers so far.
7. The Cat is still alive & my older dog is nearly deaf.
8. The next couple of weeks will be spent working on putting together some new personal goals. I did this 5 years ago and can finally say that I have hit them all. The three main areas of focus will be retirement, college for the girls & my career path. At some point I would like to go from making millions for others and make them for myself.
9. Along the lines of goals, I will be heading down to Springfield, Mo this week for business. Those of you that know me know that I can hold a grudge. This will be the first step in the getting even process with a man that screwed my family. I will be taking steps over the next few months to steal every ounce of business that this man has down in that area and put him in the same situation that I faced 6 years ago. This won't be a silent campaign. I want him to know exactly who did it. I have had to put this on hold due to noncompete contract issues but those are all gone.
10. The Giant BBQ's that I have had in the past are history. This was a hard decision for me to come to but it has become clear to me in the past several months that it isn't & wasn't worth it.
11. Did they show Charlie Brown's Easter this year? If they did I can't believe I missed it.
12. I can't believe that Jericho was canceled. This was one of the few shows worth watching on TV. I am hoping that a cable channel will pick it up.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This article about the Jayhawks is a must read.


Online Videos by



I have been saying it since before the college basketball season started. There is noway in hell that Kansas State can been taken seriously as a college basketball program. It was funny seeing the HS coach and his one & done players get manhandled by a real basketball team on Saturday.
I am sure that the good folks in Manhattan are already working on a collectible DVD about their epic rise to #3 in the Big 12, the retirement of Beasley's jersey, . Now they can get back to being a um, uh "football school"? I am sure that Ron Prince will not let them down.

Fitting how this photo taken of him pissing down his leg would resemble what his attitude did in the tournament.


On what is one of the most religious days on the planet it is no surprise to find religion in the headlines. Here are a few of the most interesting.

1. Pope helps Muslim come to our side.
2. Muslim now fears life.
3. Clinton campaign calls Richardson, Judas.
4. Chinese blame their slaughter of monks on the Dalai Lama's plan to destroy Olympics.
5. 15 year old nailed to cross.
6. Militant Church Leader now says that Rev. Wright was "LYNCHED" by the media.
7. AntiChristian films are ok but antimuslim films get pulled.


It causes confusion when reading the story on the internet. "The boyfriend of the man" threw me off on this Metro tale of murder. Not that there is anything wrong with homosexuals killing people, it is just not something that you read everyday. It is good to see every segment of the metro chipping in with its push to become the most dangerous metro (per capita) in the nation.


We have all become accustomed to shootings in the metro. They happen from cars, in retail stores, outside of schools, while on the toilet etc... but this year there has been an increase in attacks involving knives. This Easter our local crime underworld has provided us with two more to add to your scorecard.
1. Woman

2. Man

When does the police chief of KCMO start taking some blame? Why is this guy getting a pass? I guess as long as it stays on the East Side the problem really doesn't exist in his eyes.

Friday, March 21, 2008


1. The fact that on Saint Patrick's Day everyone suddenly is part Irish.
2. Crappy automatic car washes. My car should not look worst when I fork over $12 to get it clean.
3. Sick People out in public. Thanks for getting me sick jackass.
4. The cable company replacing technology that works with crap that doesn't. The new box's that Time Warner is using are pieces of crap.
5. Moving - Even when you hire movers it is a pain in the ass. If I ever move again I will be hiring packers as well.
6. People that complain about their comments not being published.
7. Cold weather - I am sick of this crap. Seriously, snow on freaking Easter?
8. Ignorant Sports "Fans".
9. Clutter
10. No more full service gas stations. Why the hell don't we have these things anymore? I would pay a little extra if it meant that I didn't have to get out of the car in the freaking cold. What joy do people get out of pumping their own gas?
11. Slow grocery sackers.
12. 15 minute wait at restaurants. Why is it that it is always 15 minutes?
13. Reality TV Shows.
14. People that make it their goal to remain in you blind spot while driving.
15. 16 year old driving a Lexus.
16. People that leave VM's saying that they called on my cell phone. Most cell phones tell you if you missed a call yet these idiots want you to dial your vm and go through all the menu options just to hear them say "gimme a call".
17. Websites that automatically play music, commercials etc.. when you visit them.
18. Left hand turns.
19. People that hang out at coffee houses.
20. Those that are quick to point out every problem in the world yet never have solutions. I avoid this on my blog, most everything I cover I have at one point or another given solutions to what I consider to be problems. Having read through some local "opinion" blogs in the past few months I rarely see any solutions offered by critics.
21. People that guilt you for not recycling.
22. Subscription cards in magazines. How many of these things do we need? Do the publishers think we are going to hand them out to our friends?
23. Magic acts
24. Bands that still don't have their music on ITunes.
25. Auto Dealerships that put their emblem on the back of your car. They can charge a $200 documentation fee but we get nothing for free advertising?
26. Catholic Charities - These guys are nothing more than shake down artists.
27. Stores that have no guns allowed signs posted on their windows. These stores can usually be seen on the news after a mass shooting has taken place inside there store by someone who must of missed that sign.
28. Unsolicited Advice. If I thought you would give good advice I would probably ask.
29. People that bring their own bags to the grocery store.
30. Claymation - Thanks for sharing your play-doh puppet show.
31. Movies with subtitles & Foreign Films.
32. Tampon & Viagra commercials on TV.
33. Elvis fans. The guy stole 90% of his music.
34. Ring Tones
35. Dane Cook - The most unfunny white guy on the planet.
36. Adults that "Party!" like they are still in college or high school and then have to tell you about it.
37. Applebee's - How this crap hole is still open is beyond me.
38. People that don't get rid of their nose hairs.
39. Rich celebrities flying in private jets, telling me what kind of light bulb to use and to not flush my toilet.
40. People that steal from my blog. If you lack originality at least give me credit. It amazes me how often this has been happening lately.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


And you know if this was a blog stereotyping another minority that there would be hell to pay.



1. Once again violence hits the most overrated community in the Metro.

2. The worst headline I have ever seen for a sports story in media history. "Viking Quest Completed"? The guy that wrote that should be canned.

3. The Kansas City Star continues to cram light rail down our throats. It is almost as if they had an agenda but we all know that isn't possible, right?

4. Are we suppose to feel pity for a bunch of kids that took bad drugs? Give me a freaking break.

5. Will Global Warming be the cause for the sudden aggressiveness of Sting Rays?

6. Cat fight amongst middle school teachers. The lack of pictures for this story is another sign of crappy journalism.

7. Maybe the Chinese Army isn't all that it is hyped to be. What army needs reinforcements to battle monks?

8. Liberals want you to pay more for gas. I couldn't make up this story if I tried.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


According to this story Hillary was at the White House when Monica ruined her Blue Dress. How does this go on without her knowing and approving?


I am going a different route this year and keeping the same bracket in all of my pools except for my title winner.
National Champs
Carolina in 2 brackets & UCLA in 2 brackets
Title Game
Carolina vs UCLA
Final 4
Kansas Pitt Carolina UCLA
Elite 8 Carolina Louisville Kansas Georgetown Pitt Texas UCLA Duke
Sweet 16
Carolina, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tenn, Kansas, Clemson, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Memphis,Pitt, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, Drake, Xavier, Duke

Take these picks to the bank. Bet your life savings. These are can't miss! I hope.


Today someone asked me what my plans were for Easter. I told them that the family and I are going to sit in front of a cave and wait for someone to come out.

I was kidding of course.


1. Another night and yet another shooting. This time in KCK (hard to believe, I know) a man gets shot in the ass and the other guy gets shot in the shoulder. For those of you keeping track at home this is the first ass shooting of the year.

2. Update: The woman that was shot in "the other" Blue Valley died last night.

3. KCK Hooker falls asleep on the job.

4. If you take a look around the KCMO school district you see what a great job that this guy did in desegregating the school district (drove the white kids out). Now Benson wants to run for the School Board.

5. I am typically not in favor of eminent domain but seriously doesn't Sugar Creek need to start over? The people that live in the armpit of the metro should be thankful that someone is willing to buy their homes.

6. Saudi's open lesbian hotel.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In the modern era of air travel (since 9-11) you can't get up and go to the bathroom without an armed escort, you cant bring on a bottle of water and you sure as hell can't bring toothpaste onto the plane. BUT THEY DO ALLOW YOU TO DO THIS UNTIL YOU ARE DONE.

JOCO & KCMO both have a "Blue Valley". Guess which one this shooting took place in?


It is good to see old people getting off their ass's to chip in with Kansas City Crime. Having a city with a high crime rate is not an entitlement for the elderly.

1. Geezer in Independence robs a bank. You have no chance of evading arrest when your get away vehicle is a RASCAL.

2. Grandparents in Blue Springs take gardening to the next level. Her grandkids are going to miss her brownies.


Monday, March 17, 2008


For a party that is getting ready to nominate a black man as a presidential candidate there is an awful lot of racism going on from inside. This time it is an abortion clinic promoting the abortion of "black babies".


You could remove the word "bumper" from the title and it would still hold true.


The stance that the city is taking against the American Flag that Perkins flies is a joke and the Mayor and counsel should be embarrassed. To top it off the Mayor says that the flag is a symbol of PERKINS (not America). Who is this guy and where the hell did he come from? Long gone are the days of Rich Becker


Who woulda thought that a cold rainy day would bring out the competitive spirit? KCK answers North East KCMO with a body of their own. Instead of lugging the body into the woods these guys decided to torch the house.


ST. PATRICK'S DAY won't slow down crime in the North East part of town. These guys got their work in at 7am so that they could catch the parade. However in their rush they forgot to hide the body.


Not only did we get the Big 12 Title but in doing so we landed the #1 seed in the Midwest region.
First games are in Omaha
Where to stay

First game time
11:25 am




Not looking good in the burbs.

1. These two idiots made it a whole 3 blocks before crashing the car that they jacked. I hope those 3 minutes were worth the 10 years that you will be getting.

2. Lee's Summit woman shot by ex boyfriend. Either she was a skank that cheated on him or he was a psycho. I am going to have to go with a combination of both.

3. Knives seem to be the affordable option nowadays when it comes to attempted murder. The gang bangers of this town need to form a bullet coop.

4. Lenexa wannabes want to be like the Varsity in KCMO and have switched to knives.

5. House was burnt but how were the ribs?

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today I woke up and it was a beautiful day. There was a rare Kansas City snow, cold wind, rain of course clouds. On this wonderful Saturday I went over to the old house and loaded up a truck full of crap that was to pathetic to even put on Craigslist and headed North to beautiful Shawnee, Ks. Inside this city lays the most incredible site I have ever seen, the landfill. How have i missed out on this little gem?

After you get weighed by the toothless trash dude that had to work a Saturday you head up the long winding road of filth. As you take this road you get to catch a glimpse of a small trash town sitting in a valley of filth. It must be nice to work there and eat your lunch on the patio on a nice hot summer day. This town however is not the end of the road.

After taking in the scenic town you continue up the mountain (of trash) road to the top of the heap making sure that you follow the "landfill" signs. Once you get to the top it is not what you expect at all. There are thousands of white birds attacking the trash and they even have a nice little trash lake which you can see (lake not pond). I have never seen that many birds in my life. I sat there and thought why the hell are these birds here, they have wings, they can go anywhere that they want yet they hang out at the freaking dump. Then I realized that I was at the dump on a Saturday too.

It took me an hour to clean off the truck but the memories of the landfill will last me a lifetime.

Friday, March 14, 2008


If buying a home is the American dream I would hate to see the nightmares. I worked my ass off for the longest time to get this house and while it is a great house the crap that comes along with it makes the whole thing not worth the effort. After that past 3 weeks there is not a chance in hell that I will ever be happy living here.


I am nearly finished with my new blog and will be making a transition to the new spot over the next few weeks. Those of you that are subscribers to this blog will be sent the link.


It appears that the National Guard has declared war against Tulsa, Oklahoma. The story says that the bomb was a dummy but I think it is safe to say that the pilot was the real dummy.


There are actually good young people that live in KCK. Not only that but they are HEROS. I would like to say thank you to Aaron Williams and Howard Kemper for doing what others wouldn't.


1. This mother urges her 12 year old to off himself.

2. Teacher informs class that a 13 year old girl had a "perky" chest.

3. 19 year old picks fight with 14 month old and wins. This guy will not last a week in prison.

4. Female teacher takes Sex Ed to another level with 14 year old boy.

5. Woman put baby on starvation diet which ends up killing the 11 month old.

6. Father has his 7 year old kill the pet cat with a knife in an attempt to "teach" the kids to kill. I guess they don't make flash cards for that.



Thursday, March 13, 2008


India produces yet another comic book baby. Meet two face.


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






How do teenagers find time for all of their activities nowadays? Take this girl for example. She is 17 years old and has a 2 year old son and yet she still finds time to slang crack and OD her kid on it. Multitasking in the hood.


1. KCK man gets gun shot wound confused with being set on fire.

2. The most overrated part of the city joins the club of local shootings.

3. When the woods and rivers in the Metro are full of corpses murderers are left with little options in hiding the bodies.

4. Anyone who has ever ridden a school bus knows that the people that drive these things are questionable characters yet everyday we load our kids onto them. This incident should give you second thoughts.

5. Selling drugs near a school is no big deal. If speeding in a school zone is twice as bad as speeding on a normal road shouldn't drug dealing in a school zone get you more than probation?

6. Some chicks are just crazy. This is a fact that men deal with on a daily basis. This poor guy obviously wasn't schooled in this fact.

7. If you are fortunate enough to make decent money the Senate hates you (until they want a donation). I can guarantee that if I was able to bring home more of my check I would buy more crap thus creating jobs for others. The liberals rather take it away from me and hand it out to those without jobs. Bright aren't they?


This strand of the flu has to be the worst to hit the area in a long time. I got it on Sunday and am still fighting it off. There are people in my office who had it last week and have gotten it again this week. Is there no freaking cure for this crap???????????????????

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


1. The North Side of Overland Park continues its spiral toward roelandparkdem. Torching cars?

2. The streets around the Sprint Center will be closing tonight. Let's be honest here. If those streets were closed 3 years ago (at night or on the weekends) would anyone have noticed?

3. Having seen some of the people that work for the USDA I think I will pass on their advise on healthy eating.

4. Constipation at its worst?

5. Good news for Royals fans. The all you can eat section has been expanded.

6. Metro Casinos are getting better at taking your money.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Gang Bangers have an incredible work ethic (when it is warm out). The production rate of violent crime in Kansas City's east side is incredible. Let's think about it for a minute....... When was the last time you read this blog that there was no mention of a murder, shooting, car jacking etc....?

These guys turn out crime faster than Fairfax does cars.
Tonight, its Hardesty.


This past week I reached the 10,000 visit mark. I honestly didn't think I would be at 2000 visits at this time when I first opened up shop 6 months ago. Thank you for reading, commenting and all of your emails. And no I still can't figure out the right color scheme!


ESPN2 has picked up the game vs. South Florida. The game will now be on Friday the 12th at 7pm.

GRAB YOUR GAS CANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gas is flowing in liberty. You might not get a chance like this again! Just remember, while looting gas to not smoke, leave your car running or use your cell phone.



I dig the fact that this guy says what is on his mind and isn't a robot like so many other NASCAR drivers.


1. The most despicable family in the United States just happens to live in Topeka, Ks. Today they got a victory in court that will allow them to continue on with their hate towards Americas hero's that payed the ultimate price for our freedom. The legislators in the state of Kansas are idiots.

2. At least the gangsters are starting to drive themselves to the hospital after getting shot. Kudos to them for not tying up the ambulance services for non gang related emergencies. However how is KCMO going to compete for the crown with the recent string of poor aim on the streets? Another team letting the metro down.

3. People in KCK can't drive, this is a fact.

4. The whole key to Downtown Kansas City's revival almost went up in smoke!

5. Is the cloud of meth that hovers over Independence finally starting to take an effect on innocent bystanders?

6. Don't sleep on North East Kansas City. This little metro gem is referred to as Jurassic Park by KCMO police officers because of the danger and they see something new everyday.


A few weeks ago I caught a daytime space shuttle launch on and was impressed with it so much that I dvr'd the night launch last night. It was awesome. I am not a fan of the space shuttle program but if you get a chance to watch a rebroadcast I would recommend catching it.

Monday, March 10, 2008


1. If ever there was a case for someone to get the gas chamber it is this jackass. I am sure that the jury will take all of 3 minutes to decide this one.

2. Since when is a stolen stuffed animal news? I am glad that The Red Star is on the case!

3. The wussification of our kids continues and this time it is a first. It seems that a lawmaker wants to make schools a "smell free zone". Pretty soon there will be no freedom left in this country.

4. If you litter you are going to hell. So it has been written. UNBELIEVABLE!

5. 10 year old dies when his friend bury his head in the sandbox.

6. Dumb people can't find parking at the Sprint Center.



If the state of Missouri is interested in saving the kids of the KCMO school district they will take which of the following actions?

A. Take over the school district
B. Make the recommendation that the school board be dismantled
C. Have a plan to assist the city in improving performance
D. Say "It takes a village" and continue on with its business.

The answer is: D.